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PC GAMEMiscellaneousIcewind Dale II (3CD)
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Product Details
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NameIcewind Dale II (CD1)
File NameICEWIND2_1.iso
Size717,543,424 bytes (684.3 MB)
NameIcewind Dale II (CD2)
File NameICEWIND2_2.iso
Size710,758,400 bytes (677.8 MB)
NameIcewind Dale II Adventure Pack (Bonus Disc)(CD3)
File NameIWD2_BONUS.iso
Size26,683,392 bytes (25.4 MB)
Product Description

Just a generation after the events depicted in the first Icewind Dale, a new threat has appeared in the Northern region of Forgotten Realms. Something - or somebody - is trying to cut off the Ten Towns area from the rest of the world. Hordes of monsters invade peaceful towns and kill their citizens. A party of adventurers happens to be in the region, and upon their arrival they are requested to help to defend the town of Targos against monster invasion. But once they have accepted the quest, the adventurers realize it will only be the beginning of a long and perilous journey...

Icewind Dale II is a role-playing game that uses the Infinity Engine, first introduced in Baldur's Gate. Like its predecessor, it is more combat-oriented than Baldur's Gate games. The combat flows in real time, but the player is able to pause at any time to give orders to the controlled characters. In the beginning of the game, the player creates the entire party, up to six characters. The game uses the third edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules. There are new character classes (such as monk or sorcerer), new races (e.g. drow) and many new spells. The game features isometric pre-rendered backgrounds, like its predecessors.

Icewind Dale II Bonus Disc contains eleven unique items that have never been seen before in the Forgotten Realms. They also have Heart of Fury mode equivalents so technically there are twenty-one unique items. Below is where you can find them in the game. If you want to know where they are, read on. If you would rather try and find them yourself, please stop now. We really hope you enjoy the bonus items and your adventures in Icewind Dale II. Good hunting.

Tower Store

To find the new store, head to the town of Kuldahar. There you will see a tower in the northwest corner of the map. After entering the tower, you will go into dialogue with an NPC. After you finish this dialogue, go to the air elemental in the the western part of the room. He has all of the unique items for sale, except for one...

The Avarine Decanter

In the Wandering Village, you will meet up with an NPC named Nym. Nym has the Avarine Decanter for sale in his store. It is a very unique item, but it is up to you to decipher its mysteries.
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