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PC GAMEAdventure,PuzzleNine - The Last Resort
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Product Details
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NameNine - The Last Resort
LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Italian, Spanish
File NameNINE.iso
Size684,247,040 bytes (652.5 MB)
Product Description

9: The Last Resort, The premise of the game is that the player has just inherited a hotel, The Last Resort, belonging to his/her deceased uncle, Thurston Last (Christopher Reeve), which is inhabited by 9 muses. As the player enters the hotel, it becomes clear that it is no longer a hospitable place. Its wacky inhabitants live in fear of a pair of squatters known as the Toxic Twins (Steven Tyler and Joe Perry). Only the aeroplane-man Salty (James Belushi) is brave enough to wander around and talk to the player. The player's goal is to reconstruct "The Muse Machine" and banish the Toxic Twins.

9 features a large cast of characters, and is rich in character interaction. The game world is populated by bizarre environments, objects and creatures. The game world is designed to represent the limits of man's imagination. There is a strong musical theme running through the entire game, as evidenced by a majority of the puzzles, including the main recurring puzzle. There is also a strong element of humour in the game.

9 features a large number of puzzles, of varying difficulty. It is considered to be a very difficult game overall. Most of the puzzles relate to the musical theme, provided mainly by Aerosmith. Many of the puzzles are based in a specific musical instrument, such as the drums, guitar, and organ; however, no musical knowledge of these instruments is required to enjoy this game. The gameplay centers on an organ upon which the player can play musical codes. On each "floor" of the resort, the player finds a code sheet containing instructions for playing a short musical piece on the organ. However, each sheet extends the code making it more difficult to interpret. This culminates in the final puzzle in which the player must be thoroughly familiar with the code. This concept has been regarded by players as either a blessing or a curse.

To enter the hotel, key in the following code at the door (Include the "-" symbols as well):

it can only run on 256 colors and 640 x 480 mode
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