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DK - USA Explorer (1999)

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NameDK - USA Explorer (1999)
File NameDKILUSAX.iso
Size541,462,528 bytes (516.3 MB)
Product Description

USA Explorer provides mystery and entertainment along with an in-depth geography lesson. You'll track down clues from coast to coast as you try to deliver an important secret package. Throughout your travels, you'll learn about the history, customs, and cultural practices of every region.

Kids are asked to deliver a package to Joe, a fella who is traveling all over the 50 states. By reading (or listening to) clues, children track Joe down and in the process visit dozens of interesting locations and landmarks. In some locations, the software dishes up historical facts. In others, the program rewards players with stickers of local landmarks or animal inhabitants. When players track Joe down five times, they become official USA Explorers.
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