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Mission Impossible 3 (DirectorComments)(NoExtra)(2006)(DVD9)

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NameMission Impossible 3 (Director Comments)(No Extra)(2006)(DVD9)
File NameUNDEFINED.iso
Size8,525,578,240 bytes (7.94 GB)
Product Description

Subtitles: English, English(Director Comments), French, Spanish, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Japanese(Director Comments), Chinese, Chinese(Director Comments)
Languages: English, English(Director Comments), Japanese, French, Thai, Chinese
Run Time: 02:05:17

A man named Owen Davian kills an IMF agent that was sent undercover by the legendary Ethan Hunt, who has retired from combat missions. Hunt now has a fiancé, Julia, who believes that he works for the traffic department when he really trains younger IMF agents to go into combat. He is assigned to his last mission. His mission, should he choose to accept it is to capture Davian, who is selling a toxic weapon called the rabbits foot. But Davian is reckless, cruel, and deadly. He promises Hunt that he will find Julia, hurt her, and Ethan will be too dead to help her. The mission is no more different to others, its dangerous, smart, and impossible; but now it's personal.
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