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Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Resource & Sample for Beta 1

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NameMicrosoft Visual Basic .NET Resource & Sample for Beta 1 (2001)
File NameRESOURCES.iso
Size374,943,744 bytes (357.5 MB)
Product Description

Welcome to the Microsoft Visual Basic.NET Resource and Samples CD!


The Microsoft Visual Basic.NET Resource and Samples CD features the code contributions of many people at Microsoft, consultants, and developers all over the world. The goal of this CD is to provide a broad range of small code samples and interesting demos that demonstrate the true power of Visual Basic.NET, and share these samples with all developers who are using Microsoft Visual Studio.NET Beta 1.

The CDs contents are broken into:

Getting Started with Visual Basic.NET: White papers, walk-throughs, and samples to help you to get started learning the new features of Visual Basic.NET.

Samples: Sample applications and code snippets to help you along the .NET path

Additional Resources: White papers, feature walk-throughs, videos, and other reference information regarding Visual Basic.NET and the .NET Framework

Community/Websites: Links to Microsoft and third-party Web sites dedicated to providing developers with Visual Basic.NET and .NET Framework information

Guided tour: The official Visual Studio.NET Reviewer's Guide and demo application
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