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MICROSOFTApplicationMicrosoft Picture It! Publishing Platinum 2001 (7CD)
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Product Details
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NameMicrosoft Picture It! Publishing Platinum 2001 (Setup, Designs, and Art)(CD1)
File NamePIPP_CD1.iso
Size309,637,120 bytes (295.2 MB)
NameMicrosoft Picture It! Publishing Platinum 2001 (Designs and Art)(CD2)
File NamePIPP_CD2.iso
Size580,169,728 bytes (553.2 MB)
NameMicrosoft Picture It! Publishing Platinum 2001 (Photo Designs and Art)(CD3)
File NamePIPP_DES.iso
Size457,486,336 bytes (436.2 MB)
NameMicrosoft Picture It! Publishing Platinum 2001 (Additional Art)(CD4)
File NamePIPART_C.iso
Size632,598,528 bytes (603.2 MB)
NameMicrosoft Picture It! Publishing Platinum 2001 (Additional Art)(CD5)
File NamePIPART_A.iso
Size605,335,552 bytes (577.2 MB)
NameMicrosoft Picture It! Photo Premium 2001(Additional Art)(CD6)
File NamePIPART_B.iso
Size638,889,984 bytes (609.2 MB)
NameMicrosoft Picture It! Publishing Platinum 2001 (Additional Art and ArtToday Clips)(CD7)
File NamePIPP_CD7.iso
Size633,647,104 bytes (604.2 MB)
Product Description

Create exciting print and Web publishing projects with Picture It! Publishing Platinum. The Web-based interface, helpful movies, and step-by-step instructions all along the way make it easy to create like a professional. Impress everyone by making such diverse items as personalized greeting cards, invitations, newsletters, calendars, collages, kid's ID cards, funny money, stickers, business cards, e-greetings, and club Web sites.

Find the perfect template with 250,000 unique images and 15,000 projects from which to choose, including 8,500 sentiments and quotes from more than 200 artists for fantastic and personal greeting cards. Picture It! Publishing Platinum features more text controls to create 3-D text, gradient fills, fancy first letters, jazzy effects, and bends. And, of course, it offers spell checking.

Edit photos from within print projects. Picture It! Publishing products integrate photo editing and print projects in one seamless environment. Share thoughts and memories easily. Share ideas and creations with a color printer, on e-mail, on a Web site, or on MSN Photos--powered by Microsoft Picture It! You can even create a gift design with the CD product, then have MSN Photos develop it professionally for you.
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