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SOFTWAREApplicationBorland C++ Builder Enterprise 5.0 (2000)
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Product Details
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NameBorland C++ Builder Enterprise 5.0 (2000)
File NameBuilder5.iso
Size667,484,160 bytes (636.5 MB)
Product Description

Borland C++ Builder 5 Enterprise is a top-shelf IDE designed for developing Windows applications, services, libraries, and other software in ANSI C and C++. Its user interface is attractive, its object model is intelligent, and its feature set stacks up well against all its competitors. It's a fine choice for Windows development work, particularly for projects that involve n-tier database connectivity, distributed applications, internationalisation, Internet connectivity, or a combination of these.

This latest version of C++ Builder incorporates improvements to its support of database connectivity, Internet applications, and Extensible Markup Language (XML). The editor now features better to-do list management and a variety of little interface improvements, including programmable key mappings. There's support for multithreaded background compilation now. The Enterprise edition also, for the first time, includes support for team-based development work. You'll find versioning, code check-in and checkout, and integration with project-tracking suites like PVCS. Complaints in the developer community seem to centre on Borland's compiler yielding executables that are slightly less speedy (perhaps 5 or 10 percent slower) than the competing compiler in Microsoft Visual C++ 6. In absolute terms, the speed difference will hardly be noticeable in most applications. It's probably a worthwhile sacrifice if you prefer the Borland interface and tool set.

One of the most attractive features of the Enterprise edition is its database connectivity. This product comes with native drivers for Oracle (including Oracle 8I), Sybase, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server (including SQL Server 7), IBM DB2, and InterBase databases, all of which may be distributed as widely as you like under the C++ Builder licence without further royalty payments. The Enterprise edition also comes with several specialised SQL development tools and extensive support for the development of multi-tier database applications. For speeding creation of such systems, this product comes with the MIDAS Development Kit, which includes support for database connectivity over low-speed connections, client-side query formulation and data validation, and server-management operations.

The Enterprise package includes support for the Common Object Request Brokerage Architecture (CORBA). It has facilities for generating the interface stubs you need to share objects across processes, machines, and languages, and is a great way to integrate your Java components with the C++ code you write in C++ Builder. You'll also want Enterprise for internationalised projects. Its internationalisation features are better than those of other versions of C++ Builder and include support for simultaneous development and translation.
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