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CD(Lossless)SoundtracksSNK 新世界楽曲雑技団 - The King of Fighters '99 (2CD)(PCCB-00387)
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NameSNK 新世界楽曲雑技団 - The King of Fighters '99 (Original Version)(CD1)(PCCB-00387)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[00:22]01.Burning D.N.A
[01:13]02.Burning D.N.A β
[00:13]05.The Survivor
[03:00]06.176th Street
[03:46]10.Psycho Sonic Trip -Dance At The Paddy Field-
[03:47]12.The way to rebirth
[02:29]15.Sadistic Eyes
[00:54]16.Final Battle?
[03:25]17.Mechanical Bless
[01:13]18.Hello,Good Bye
[04:11]19.Dear Falling Angel
[01:01]20.Escape From The Bass-70599
[00:39]22.Meet Again
[00:24]23.Melting Point
[00:35]24.Silver lining
[00:58]25.Mysterious Drop
[00:45]26.Good Afternoon
[00:50]28.Without Saying Good-Bye
[00:58]29.Will You Marry Me?
[01:45]30.Cross fire
NameSNK 新世界乐曲杂技团 - The King of Fighters '99 (Voice & SE Collection)(CD2)(PCCB-00387)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[03:18]01.K'(ケイダッシュ)/マキシマ/二階堂 紅丸/矢吹 真吾
[02:36]02.テリー.ボガード/アンディ.ボガード/ジョー.ヒガシ/不知火 舞
[03:44]05.麻宮 アテナ/椎 拳崇/鎮 元斎/包(パオ)
[03:19]06.キング/ブルー.マリー/藤堂 香澄/李 香緋
[00:50]08.草薙 京1/草薙 京2
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