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PC GAMEShootingEraser - Turnabout (2CD)
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Product Details
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NameEraser - Turnabout (CD1)
File NameERASER_1.iso
Size755,784,624 bytes (720.7 MB)
NameEraser - Turnabout (CD2)
File NameERASER_2.iso
Size649,117,696 bytes (619 MB)
Product Description

This game can only run on WIN98/95/ME

Eraser - Turnabout is the latest interactive cinematic adventure from Imagination Pilots Entertainment, creators of the innovative PC CD ROM games, Blown Away and Panic in the Park. As with our other products, ERASER - TURNABOUT offers groundbreaking new video technology to immerse you in the world of the game. It has action-packed arcade quality video shooting environments; full-screen, full motion video performances by professional actors; and tricks, traps, and puzzles to keep your brain working. But, best of all, ERASER - TURNABOUT features never-before-seen first person video navigation which allows you to move seamlessly through dangerous environments as if you’re really there. No more pixilated enemies. No more corridors and rooms that all look the same. It’s like being in the movies . . . and then some.
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