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MICROSOFTMSDN Library & TechNetMicrosoft MSDN Library Archive - January 1997
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NameMicrosoft MSDN Library Archive - January 1997
File NameMSDNARC.iso
Size371,288,064 bytes (354 MB)
Product Description


Alpha AXP Programmer's Guide
App Studio User's Guide
Ask Dr. GUI
BackOffice Test Platform Contents
Backgrounders and Whitepapers: Applications
Backgrounders and Whitepapers: Languages
Backgrounders and Whitepapers: Operating System Extensions
Backgrounders and Whitepapers: Operating Systems
C Language Reference
C++ Language Reference
C++ Samples
C/C++ Articles
Chinese Windows Installation and Device Driver Guide
Chinese Windows Intelligent Font Environment
Chinese Windows SDK Extension: Book 1
Chinese Windows SDK Extension: Book 2
Class Library Reference
Class Library User's Guide
CodeView Debugger User's Guide
Command-Line Utilities User's Guide
DDE Samples: Windows (16-bit) Samples
Database Classes
Developer Network Postings
Development Environment Articles
Development Environment: Windows (16-bit) Only
Development Platform Contents
Dr. GUI's Espresso Stand
Driver Articles: Windows (16-Bit) Only
EMM386 I/O Trapping Extensions 4.46
Extended Capabilities Port (ECP) Specifications
Extended Memory Specification (XMS) 3.0
Fields Reference
FoxPro Articles
FoxPro and Visual FoxPro Samples
Framework Samples
GDI Samples
GDI Samples
GDI and OpenGL Articles
GDI and OpenGL: Windows (16-bit) Only
GDI and OpenGL: Windows (16-bit) Samples
Globalization Resource Kit
Hangeul Windows Installation and Device Driver Guide
Hangeul Windows Intelligent Font Environment
Hangeul Windows SDK Extension: Book 1
Hangeul Windows SDK Extension: Book 2
Introducing Visual C++
Iostream Class Library Reference
Kernel Samples: Windows (16-bit) Samples
Kernel/Base: Windows (16-bit) Only
Knowledge Base and Bug Lists
MFC 2.5 Technical Notes
MFC Samples: Windows (16-bit) Samples
MIPS Programmer's Guide
MS-DOS 6.2/V BIOS Technical Reference Guide
MSJ Samples: April 1993 Number 4
MSJ Samples: April 1994 Number 4
MSJ Samples: August 1994 Number 8
MSJ Samples: December 1993 Number 12
MSJ Samples: December 1994 Number 12
MSJ Samples: February 1994 Number 2
MSJ Samples: January 1994 Number 1
MSJ Samples: July 1993 Number 7
MSJ Samples: July 1994 Number 7
MSJ Samples: June 1994 Number 6
MSJ Samples: March 1993 Number 3
MSJ Samples: March 1994 Number 3
MSJ Samples: May 1994 Number 5
MSJ Samples: November 1993 Number 11
MSJ Samples: November 1994 Number 11
MSJ Samples: October 1994 Number 10
MSJ Samples: September 1994 Number 9
MSJ Samples: February 1993 Number 2
MSJ Samples: October 1993 Number 10
MSJ: April 1993 Number 4
MSJ: April 1994 Number 4
MSJ: August 1994 Number 8
MSJ: December 1993 Number 12
MSJ: December 1994 Number 12
MSJ: February 1993 Number 2
MSJ: February 1994 Number 2
MSJ: January 1994 Number 1
MSJ: July 1993 Number 7
MSJ: July 1994 Number 7
MSJ: June 1994 Number 6
MSJ: March 1993 Number 3
MSJ: March 1994 Number 3
MSJ: May 1994 Number 5
MSJ: November 1993 Number 11
MSJ: November 1994 Number 11
MSJ: October 1993 Number 10
MSJ: October 1994 Number 10
MSJ: Selections from Previous Issues
MSJ: September 1994 Number 9
Macro Assembler 6.1 (16-bit)
Macro Assembler 6.1 Samples
Macro Function Reference
Microsoft Access 2.0 Upsizing Tools
Microsoft Access Samples
Microsoft Excel 5.0
Microsoft Excel Articles
Microsoft Excel SDK Samples
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Systems Journal
Microsoft Systems Journal Samples
Microsoft Video for Windows SDK Samples
Microsoft Windows Sockets
Miscellaneous Samples
Multimedia Articles
Multimedia Developer Registration Kit
Multimedia Samples
Multimedia Samples: Windows (16-bit) Samples
Multimedia Standards Update
New Key Support for Microsoft Windows Specification 1.0
ODBC SDK: Programmers Reference
ODBC SDK: Release Notes
OLE 2 Classes
OS/2 to Windows Porting Guide and Tools
Office Developer's Kit 1.0 Samples
Office Test Platform and Development Tools Contents
Ole 2.0: Windows (16-bit) Samples
Open EIS (Enterprise Information System) Pak Samples
Other Postings
Product Tools and Utilities
Programming Techniques
Programming Tools for Windows
Programming Windows 3.1 (Petzold)
Programming Windows 3.1 (Petzold) Samples
Remote Access Service Application Programming Interface 3.11 (16-bit)
Rich-Text Format Specifications
Run-Time Library Reference
SQL Server Benchmark Kit Samples
Source Profiler User's Guide
TCP/IP-32 for Windows for Workgroups 3.11
Tech*Ed, March 1994, Samples
Tech*Ed, March 1994: Microsoft Access
Tech*Ed, March 1994: Microsoft Excel
Tech*Ed, March 1994: Microsoft FoxPro
Tech*Ed, March 1994: Pen
Tech*Ed, March 1994: SQL Server
Tech*Ed, March 1994: Visual Basic
Tech*Ed, March 1994: Visual Basic for Applications
Tech*Ed, March 1994: Visual C++
Tech*Ed, March 1994: Win32
Tech*Ed, March 1994: Windows
Tech*Ed, March 1994: Windows NT
Tech*Ed, March 1994: Word
Tech*Ed, March 1994: Workgroup Applications
Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) Samples
User Interface Articles
User Interface: Windows (16-bit) Only
User Interface: Windows 95 Samples
VC++ 2.0 MIPS: Introducing Visual C++
Video for Windows Development Kit 1.1 Programmer's Guide
Virtual DMA Services (VDS) Specification 1.0
Visual Basic Articles
Visual Basic Samples
Visual C++ 1.0 (16-bit) Articles
Visual C++ 1.0 (32-bit) Articles
Visual C++ 1.5 (16-bit) Articles
Visual Workbench User's Guide
Win31 DDK: Device Driver Adaptation Guide
Win31 DDK: Installation and Update Guide
Win31 DDK: Minidriver Development Guide
Win31 DDK: Multimedia Device Adaptation Guide
Win31 DDK: Printers and Fonts Kit
Win31 DDK: Virtual Device Adaptation Guide
Win31 SDK: Getting Started
Win31 SDK: Guide to Programming
Win31 SDK: Multimedia Programmer's Guide
Win31 SDK: Multimedia Programmer's Reference
Win31 SDK: Programmer's Reference Volume 1: Overview
Win31 SDK: Programmer's Reference Volume 2: Functions
Win31 SDK: Programmer's Reference Volume 3: Messages, Structures, and Macr
Win31 SDK: Programmer's Reference Volume 4: Resources
Win31 SDK: Programming Tools
Win31 SDK: Setup Toolkit for Windows
Win31 SDK: The Windows Interface: An Application Design Guide
Win31 SDK: Windows for Pen Computing Reference
Win31 SDK: Windows for Workgroups Reference
Win32 and Windows NT Samples
Window Manager Samples
Window Manager Samples
Windows 3.1 Arabic: Programmer's Reference
Windows 3.1 Hebrew: Programmer's Reference
Windows 3.1 Resource Kit
Windows 3.1 SDK Thai Edition
Windows 95 Samples
Windows NT for Alpha AXP Calling Standard
Windows Sound System Version 2.0 DDK Release Notes
Windows for Pen 1.1 Japanese: Programmer's Reference
Windows for Pen 1.1 Japanese: Software Developer's Kit
Windows for Pen Computing Articles
Windows for Pen Computing Samples
Windows for Workgroups 3.1 Resource Kit
Windows for Workgroups 3.1 Resource Kit: Addendum for Version 3.11
Windows for Workgroups Articles
Windows for Workgroups Samples
Word for Windows 6.0
WordBasic Articles
Worksheet Function Reference
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