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Hayao Miyazaki & Joe Hisaishi Soundtrack BOX(FLAC/APE/WAV)(Loseless)

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NameJoe Hisaishi - Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (CD1)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[04:37]01.Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (Kaze no Tani no Naushika) (Opening Theme)
[02:35]02.Stampede of the Ohmu (Ohmu no Boso)
[03:13]03.The Valley of the Wind (Kaze no Tani)
[03:11]04.The Princess Who Love Insects (Mushi Mezuru Hime)
[03:26]05.The Invasion of Kushana (Kushana no Shinryaku)
[03:10]06.Battle (Sento)
[01:39]07.Contact with the Ohmu (Ohmu tono Koryu)
[02:33]08.In the Sea of Corruption (Fukai nite)
[03:50]09.Annihilation of Pejite (Pejite no Zenmetsu)
[01:17]10.The Batle between Mehve and Corvette (Mehve to korubetto no Tatakai)
[03:28]11.The Resurrection of the Giant Warrior (Yomigaeru Kyoshinhei)
[02:55]12.Nausicaä Requiem (Naushika Rekuiemu)
[03:48]13.The Bird Man (Tori no Hito) (Ending Theme)
NameJoe Hisaishi - Castle in the Sky (CD2)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[02:25]01.The Girl Who Fell from the Sky
[03:01]02.Morning in the Slag Ravine
[04:27]03.A Fun Brawl (~Pursuit)
[02:46]04.Memories of Gondoa
[01:44]05.Discouraged Pazu
[02:31]06.Robot Soldier (Resurrection ~ Rescue)
[02:02]07.Carrying You (Chorus version)
[02:03]08.Sheeta's Decision
[02:32]09.On the Tiger Moth
[02:18]10.An Omen to Ruin
[02:33]11.The Moonlit Sea of Cloud
[04:35]12.Laputa: Castle in the Sky
[02:00]13.The Collapse of Laputa
[04:08]14.Carrying You
NameJoe Hisaishi - My Neighbor Totoro (CD3)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[02:43]01.Hey Let's Go - Opening theme
[01:38]02.The Village In May
[01:23]03.A Haunted House!
[01:34]04.Mei And The Dust Bunnies
[01:01]05.Evening Wind
[00:43]06.Not Afraid
[01:22]07.Let`s Go To The Hospital
[03:54]09.A Little Monster
[02:15]11.A Huge Tree In The Tsukamori Forest
[03:48]12.A Lost Child
[03:16]13.The Path Of The Wind (Instrumental)
[02:33]14.A Soaking Wet Monster
[02:05]15.Moonlight Flight
[02:32]16.Mei Is Missing
[02:11]17.Cat Bus
[01:15]18.I`m So Glad
[04:15]19.My Neighbor Totoro - Ending Theme
[02:43]20.Hey Let's Go - With Chorus
NameJoe Hisaishi - Kiki's Delivery Service (CD4)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[02:16]01.On a Clear Day...
[03:00]03.Town Where You Can See The Ocean
[02:09]04.Flying Express Delivery Service
[01:04]05.Helping At The Bakery
[02:15]06.Starting A Job
[02:46]07.Substitute Jiji
[01:17]09.Hectic Kiki
[01:07]10.Late For The Party
[03:01]11.Osono's Favor...
[01:42]12.Propeller Bicycle
[00:46]13.I Can't Fly!
[01:11]14.Heartbroken Kiki
[02:05]15.To Ursula's Cabin
[02:20]16.Mysterious Painting
[01:06]17.Rough-Flying Airship Adventure
[01:59]18.Old Man's Deck Brush
[01:02]19.Rendezvous With A Deck Brush
[01:45]20.Lipstick Message
[03:09]21.If Enveloped In Tenderness
NameJoe Hisaishi - Porco Rosso (CD5)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[02:50]01.The Winds of Time - When A Human Can Be A Human
[01:21]02.Mamma Aiuto
[02:16]04.Bygone Days
[00:47]05.A Picture in Sepia
[01:03]06.Serbian March
[02:36]07.Flying Boatment
[01:23]08.Doom - Trap of Clouds
[01:06]09.Porco e Bella
[02:04]11.Women of Piccolo
[02:39]14.Madness - Flight
[01:50]15.To Rhe Adriatic Sea
[02:18]16.In Search Of The Distant Era
[01:11]17.Love at First Sight in the Wilderness
[01:26]18.At the End of the Summer
[04:11]19.Lost Spirit
[02:10]20.Dog fight
[02:35]21.Porco e Bella ~Ending~
[02:52]22.Les Temps des Cerises (The Time of the Cherries)
[03:57]23.Once in a While, Let's Talk About the Old Days
NameJoe Hisaishi - Princess Mononoke (CD6)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[01:39]01.The Legend Of Ashitaka
[03:49]02.The Demon God
[02:32]03.The Journey To The West
[00:34]04.The Demon Power
[02:59]05.The Land Of The Impure
[00:50]06.The Encounter
[00:38]08.The Forest Of The Gods
[00:39]09.Evening At The Ironworks
[00:56]10.The Demon God II - The Lost Mountains
[02:48]11.Lady Eboshi
[01:27]12.The Tatara Women Work Song
[01:28]13.The Furies
[01:25]14.The Young Man From The East
[00:29]16.Will To Live
[01:39]17.San And Ashitaka In The Forest Of The Deer God
[02:08]18.Princess Mononoke Theme Song (Mononoke-Hime) Instrumental Version
[02:12]19.Requiem II
[03:30]20.Princess Mononoke Theme Song (Mononoke-Hime) Performed By Yoshikazu Mera
[02:45]21.The Battle Drums
[01:25]22.The Battle In Front Of The Ironworks
[02:29]23.The Demon Power II
[00:53]24.Requiem III
[01:30]25.The Retreat
[01:12]26.The Demon God III
[02:08]27.Adagio Of Life And Death
[01:27]28.The World Of The Dead
[01:32]29.The World Of The Dead II
[01:04]30.Adagio Of Life And Death II
[03:09]31.Ashitaka And San
[01:23]32.Princess Mononoke Theme Song (Mononoke-Hime) Performed By Yoshikazu Mera
[05:02]33.The Legend Of Ashitaka Theme (End Credit)
NameJoe Hisaishi - Spirited Away (CD7)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[03:08]01.One Summer's Day
[02:05]02.A Road to Somewhere
[03:14]03.The Empty Restaurant
[01:58]04.Nighttime Coming
[02:11]05.The Dragon Boy
[03:00]07.Procession of the Spirits
[02:02]09.Bathhouse Morning
[03:12]10.Day of the River
[02:25]11.It's Hard Work
[04:01]12.The Stink Spirit
[02:45]13.Sen's Courage
[01:17]14.The Bottomless Pit
[03:44]15.Kaonashi (No Face)
[03:36]16.The Sixth Station
[01:37]17.Yubaba's Panic
[01:28]18.The House at Swamp Bottom
[03:16]20.The Return
[03:35]21.Always With Me
NameJoe Hisaishi - Laputa
Track listing
[02:52]01.Prologue ~ Flaptors Attack
[02:34]02.The Girl Who Fell from the Sky (Main Theme)
[01:20]03.The Levitation Crystal
[01:07]04.Morning in the Mining Village
[01:10]05.Pazu's Fanfare
[03:06]06.The Legend of Laputa
[03:16]07.A Street Brawl
[02:54]08.The Chase
[00:52]09.Floating with the Crystal
[01:24]10.Memories of Gondoa
[03:22]11.Stones Glowing in the Darkness
[04:58]12.Disheartened Pazu
[02:45]13.Robot Soldiers ~Resurrection - Rescue~
[02:11]14.Dola and the Pirates
[02:42]15.Confessions in the Moonlight
[03:30]16.The Dragon's Nest
[01:56]17.The Lost Paradise
[04:39]18.The Forgotten Robot Soldier
[03:21]19.The Invasion of Goliath
[03:23]20.Pazu Fights Back
[02:26]21.The Final Showdown
[02:08]22.The Destruction of Laputa (Choral Version)
[02:46]23.The Eternal Tree of Life
NameJoe Hisaishi - Howl's Moving Castle (CD9)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[02:31]01.Opening: The Merry-go-round of Life
[00:50]02.The Courageous Cavalry
[02:14]03.Stroll Through the Sky
[00:20]04.The Heart Aflutter
[00:58]05.The Witch of the Waste
[04:15]06.Wandering Sophie
[05:25]07.The Magical Door
[00:44]08.The Indelible Curse
[01:22]09.Spring Cleaning
[04:13]10.To the Lake of Stars
[00:27]11.Quiet Feelings
[01:27]12.In the Rain
[03:56]13.Vanity and Friendship
[00:58]14.A 90 Year Old Young Girl
[05:20]15.Suliman's Magic Square: Return to the Castle
[02:32]16.The Secret Cave
[02:56]18.The Flower Garden
[01:09]20.Now That's Love
[02:55]22.Love of War
[02:37]24.Sophie's Castle
[07:28]25.The Boy Who Drank Stars
[06:50]26.The Promise of the World: The Merry-go-round of Life
NameJoe Hisaishi - Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea (CD10)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[04:18]01.Deep Sea Ranch [Shinkai Bokujo]
[02:20]02.Masako Hayashi - Mother Of The Sea [Umi No Okaasan]
[00:31]03.Encounter [Deai]
[02:33]04.Ura Town [Ura No Machi]
[02:05]05.Kumiko [Kumiko-Chan]
[02:16]06.Ponyo And Sosuke [Ponyo To Sosuke]
[01:28]07.Empty Bucket [Karappo No Baketsu]
[02:36]08.Flash Signal [Hakko Shingo]
[01:29]09.I Become Human [Ningen Ni Naru!]
[01:34]10.Fujimoto [Fujimoto]
[01:31]11.Little Sisters [Imouto-Tachi]
[01:41]12.Flight Of Ponyo [Ponyo No Hiko]
[02:20]13.The Sunflower House In The Storm [Arashi No Himawari No Ie]
[03:35]14.Ponyo Of The Fish Of The Wave [Nami No Sakana No Ponyo]
[02:00]15.Ponyo And Sosuke II [Ponyo To Sosuke II]
[03:20]16.Lisa's House [Lisa No Le]
[01:08]17.New Family [Atarashii Kazoku]
[01:29]18.Ponyo's Lullaby [Ponyo No Komori-Uta]
[01:33]19.Lisa's Determination [Risa No Ketsui]
[02:14]20.Gran Mamare [Gran Mamare]
[02:39]21.Night Of The Meteor [Nagareboshi No Yoru]
[01:53]22.Hot-Bulb Engine Ship [Pompom-Sen]
[01:40]23.To The Sea Of The Dipnorhynchus [Dipnorhynchus No Umi E]
[02:26]24.Fleet March [Sendan March]
[00:33]25.Baby And Ponyo [Aka-Chan To Ponyo]
[01:12]26.Fleet March II [Sensan March II]
[02:07]27.Voyage Of Sosuke [Sosuke No Koukai]
[00:59]28.Tears Of Sosuke [Sosuke No Namida]
[02:00]29.Underwater Town [Suichu No Machi]
[00:48]30.Mother's Love [Haha No Ai]
[01:26]31.Tunnel [Tonneru]
[00:47]32.Toki [Toki-San]
[01:38]33.Little Sisters' Activities [Imouto-Tachi No Katsuyaku]
[02:13]34.Song Of Praise For Mother And The Sea [Haha To Umi No Sanka]
[00:44]35.The Grand Finale [Finale]
[01:36]36.Fujioka Fujimaki / Nozomi Ohashi - Ponyo On A Cliff By The Sea (Movie Version) [Gake No Ue No Ponyo]
NameJoe Hisaishi - Mr. Dough and the Egg Princess (CD11)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[01:21]02.1st Variation
[01:54]03.2nd Variation
[01:30]04.3rd Variation
[01:24]05.4th Variation
[01:42]06.5th Variation
NameJoe Hisaishi - Kaze Tachinu (The Wind Rises) (CD12)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[02:54]01.Journey (Dreamy Flight)
[01:37]02.Shooting Star
[01:44]03.Caproni (Engineer's Dream)
[01:09]04.Journey (Determination)
[00:47]05.Naoko (Meeting)
[01:42]08.Caproni (Illusory Giant Machine)
[01:31]10.Journey (Sister)
[01:27]11.Journey (First Day of Work)
[01:33]12.Squad Falcon
[01:44]15.Journey (Wind of Italia)
[01:16]16.Journey (Caproni's Retirement)
[01:43]17.Journey (Meeting at Karuizawa)
[00:45]18.Naoko (Fate)
[01:07]19.Naoko (Rainbow)
[01:07]20.Castorp (The Magic Mountain)
[02:36]22.Paper Airplane
[01:09]23.Naoko (Propose)
[00:58]24.Surveillant Prototype 8
[01:46]25.Castorp (Farewell)
[03:03]26.Naoko (Yearning)
[03:03]27.Naoko (Crossing Paths)
[01:55]28.Journey (Marriage)
[01:00]29.Naoko (Gaze)
[01:17]30.Journey (Farewell)
[03:32]31.Journey (Dreamland)
[03:23]32.Yumi Arai - Vapor Trail
NameJoe Hisaishi - Bonus CD Kiki's Delivery Service (Mini Drama CD)(CD13)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[13:24]01.Seems to be Fine
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映画で使用されたBGMを収録したサントラ盤。「ナウシカ」「ラピュタ」とは一味違った、ほのぼのとした温かさをもつ久石音楽が心ゆくまで楽しめる。オープニング主題歌「さんぽ」、エンディグ主題歌「となりのトトロ」収録。 録音は1988年2 ~3月。










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