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PC GAMEShootingSoldier of Fortune II - Double Helix (2CD)
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Product Details
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NameSoldier of Fortune II - Double Helix (CD1)
File Namesofii_1.iso
Size587,673,600 bytes (560.4 MB)
NameSoldier of Fortune II - Double Helix (CD2)
File Namesofii_2.iso
Size681,424,896 bytes (649.8 MB)
Product Description

The stakes are higher in this sequel to the hit shooter. You, as John Mullins: patriot, weapons specialist and anti-terrorist mercenary, go against a new threat - bio-terrorist organization and their Gemini virus. Your mission is to neuteralize the terrorists before they unleash the virus.

- There are over 55 levels
- All new Random Mission Generator mode
- The game uses the Quake III Team Arena engine with GHOUL II technology to bring a more intense and graphic rich game.
- 36 damage zones along with 16 dismemberment zones.

New Features in the Gold Edition:
- New Demolition game type
- 11 new maps
- New SIG 552 Rifle
- New MP5SD weapon
- New Silver Talon Pistol
- PunkBuster for Anti-Cheat
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