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Microsoft Isaac Asimovs The Ultimate Robot
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NameMicrosoft Isaac Asimovs The Ultimate Robot
File NameASIMOV.iso
Size597,907,456 bytes (570.2 MB)
Product Description

This award-winning CD-ROM is based on the robot stories of Isaac Asimov, and is an expert compilation of text, graphics, audio and video created and constructed by Judson Rosebush Company entirely in-house. The player is instantly immersed in Asimov’s fascinating world of robotics, where one can watch feature film clips, explore hundreds of color photographs, study animations of robot mechanics, read both fact and fiction, and ultimately build a customized robot of one’s own using the robot toolkit by Star Wars production designer Ralph McQuarrie. More than 600 million variations are possible, with the option to animate, save, and print your custom robot designs.
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