CD(Lossless)SoundtracksAladdin 2019 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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NameAladdin 2019 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[03:13]01.Various Artists - Arabian Nights (2019)
[02:55]02.Various Artists - One Jump Ahead
[01:00]03.Various Artists - One Jump Ahead (Reprise)
[01:17]04.Various Artists - Speechless (Part 1)
[02:35]05.Various Artists - Friend Like Me
[03:29]06.Various Artists - Prince Ali
[02:55]07.Various Artists - A Whole New World
[01:06]08.Various Artists - One Jump Ahead (Reprise 2)
[02:24]09.Various Artists - Speechless (Part 2)
[04:02]10.Various Artists - A Whole New World (End Title)
[02:39]11.Various Artists - Friend Like Me (End Title)
[03:28]12.Various Artists - Speechless (Full)
[01:17]13.The Big Ship
[01:53]14.Agrabah Marketplace
[01:55]15.Aladdin's Hideout
[00:34]16.Jasmine Meets Prince Anders
[01:46]17.Breaking In
[00:58]18.Returning the Bracelet
[00:36]19.The Dunes
[00:51]20.Simple Oil Lamp
[02:43]21.The Cave of Wonders
[01:38]22.The Basics
[01:09]23.Escape from the Cave
[02:18]24.Prince Ali's Outfit
[02:03]25.Until Tomorrow
[02:08]26.Aladdin's Second Wish
[02:25]27.Never Called a Master Friend
[02:26]28.Harvest Dance
[00:57]29.Jafar Becomes Sultan
[01:13]30.Hakim's Loyalty Tested
[01:28]31.Most Powerful Sorcerer
[01:49]32.Carpet Chase
[01:20]33.Jafar Summons the Storm
[03:37]34.Jafar's Final Wish
[05:36]35.Genie Set Free
[01:11]36.The Wedding
[01:31]37.Friend Like Me (Finale)
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