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Microsoft Pandora's Box
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NameMicrosoft Pandora's Box
File NamePANDORA.iso
Size570,546,176 bytes (544.1 MB)
Product Description

Pandora's Box is a 1999 video game created by the designer of Tetris, Alexey Pajitnov, for Microsoft.

In the game, players must travel around the world to different cities solving various kinds of puzzles to capture the seven "tricksters" - Maui, Puck, Eris, Coyote, Monkey, Anansi and Raven. Each trickster has a challenge puzzle after finding all the missing box pieces, acquired by solving the puzzle with each piece behind it in each city. The location of the pieces is randomized each game. The game offers sporadic bonuses. Hints are used to find where one piece goes if the player needs help figuring it out. Free puzzle tokens solve puzzles for the player if needed. A free puzzle token is awarded for every ten puzzles solved. The game includes the following puzzle types:

• Find and fill
• Focus Point
• Image Hole
• Interlock
• Jesse's Strips
• Lens Bender
• Outer Layer
• Overlap
• Rotascope
• Slices
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