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SimCity 3000

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Product Details
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NameSimCity 3000
LanguagesEnglish, French, Dutch, German, Swedish
File NameSIMCITY3000.iso
Size623,070,672 bytes (594.2 MB)
NameSimCity 3000 Unlimited
File NameSIMCITY3000.iso
Size678,301,696 bytes (646.8 MB)
Product Description

SimCity 3000 is a city building simulation video game released in 1999, and the third major installment in the SimCity series.

With SimCity 3000, you have more power than ever before to build and control your city! Recreate your version of the world's greatest cities using landscapes such as San Francisco or Berlin and landmark buildings like the Empire State Building or Big Ben. To put your stamp on your city, create your own buildings using the SimCity Building Architect Tool. Then zoom in close to your metropolis as it comes to life with people and traffic in living color and full 3-D sound. All new missions and cool disasters test your abilities to run your city or even destroy it. For a greater challenge, negotiate and barter with neighboring cities to strengthen your metropolis. In SimCity 3000, the city is yours.

SimCity 3000 Unlimited is a re-release of the original SimCity 3000, which adds additional features such as 2 new building sets (European and Asian), new scenarios, new disasters, a scenario creator, seasonal city events and the Building Architect Tool.
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