PC GAMESimulationTheme Hospital (Multi-Language)(1997)
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Product Details
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NameTheme Hospital (Multi-Language)(1997)
LanguagesEnglish, French, Greman, Swedish, Italian, Spanish
File NameHOSPITAL.iso
Size213,028,864 bytes (203.1 MB)
Product Description

This is a fairly old game, but it holds up beautifully even today. It puts the player in charge of managing hospitals. That sounds rather dry, but of all the hospital simulators, this one is the funniest--and the most fun. As the hospital administrator, you are given a hospital with pre-set walls, but you're free to set up rooms within those walls to be as big or as small as you can get away with. You hire doctors, janitors, and receptionists and set their pay as low as you can get away with, and try to have enough specialists to cure worryingly specific illnesses. In between fixing equipment that's getting a bit worn-out and racing against time to train enough doctors in whatever specialties you want them to have, you also have to research new advances. Oh, and you also have to make sure your hospital is clean and smooth-running enough to impress visiting VIPs and prevent hospital-borne epidemics, not to mention handle occasional earthquakes and influxes of epidemic/accident victims. As for the patients, you must also keep them comfortable while they're waiting for their various appointments--with soda machines, bathrooms, potted plants to look at, and radiators to keep them warm. Once a year you're evaluated and awarded cash prizes based on how well you did that previous year.
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