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PC GAMEShootingDelta Force 5 - Black Hawk Down + Team Sabre (2003)(2CD)
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Product Details
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NameDelta Force 5 - Black Hawk Down (2003)
File NameDFBHD.iso
Size729,915,392 bytes (696.1 MB)
NameDelta Force 5 - Black Hawk Down - Team Sabre (Repack)
File NameDFBHDTS.iso
Size326,178,816 bytes (311 MB)
Product Description

The gameplay in Delta Force: Black Hawk Down differs heavily from earlier installments in the series. While all earlier Delta Force games focus on long distance outdoor combat and have open ended mission design, Black Hawk Down focuses on close quarters combat in urban environments with heavily scripted missions more similar to the then-recent Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. Many of the series' trademark features, such as bullet ballistics and later weapon sway, were abandoned in favour of simpler action-focused gameplay. The player is usually accompanied by a squad of three AI-controlled soldiers, whom the player is able to give simple commands such as the order to hold fire, hold position or throw a grenade.

Like in earlier Delta Force games the campaign in Black Hawk Down is divided into distinct missions. While the campaign is linear, most of the time three missions are available at the same time, allowing the player to complete them in any order. Completing a mission saves the campaign progress and usually unlocks a new one. Already completed missions can be accessed from an "instant action" list.
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