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PC GAMESimulationEmperor - Rise of the Middle Kingdom
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Product Details
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NameEmperor - Rise of the Middle Kingdom
File NameEmperorRotMK.iso
Size748,568,688 bytes (713.8 MB)
NameEmperor - Rise of the Middle Kingdom Patch
File Namesi_emperor_update_en_10_1010.exe
Size20,897,158 bytes (19.9 MB)
Name1.0.1.0 NoCD Patch
Size4,047,140 bytes (3.8 MB)
Product Description

Emperor: The Rise of the Middle Kingdom is a game about politics, trade, and city design in ancient China. In Emperor, players progress through 3000 years of Chinese history, facing ever-changing economic, military, and diplomatic challenges as each Chinese dynasty waxes and wanes.

The City Building series is the collective name of a series of historical city-building games for personal computers developed by Impressions Games, BreakAway Games, Tilted Mill Entertainment (following Impressions' demise), and published by Sierra Entertainment. It includes Caesar, Pharaoh, Zeus, Emperor.
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