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Empire Interactive - Sheep
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Product Description

You can run it on Windows XP, or Windows XP VMware virtual machine. Maybe won't work on Windows 95 / 98.

Sheep bears some resemblance to the video game Lemmings. The player can choose between 4 herders, the people Adam Halfpint and Bo Peep, and the dogs Motley and Shep.

The player must then guide sheep of 4 types (Factorial, Longwool, NeoGenetic, and Pastoral), actually aliens from the planet Ovis Aries, through a series of obstacles to the finish line in the level.

There are a series of different worlds, starting with Polygon Farm and on to others, such as Village Fete and Lost in Space. If you collect all the golden sheep trophies in a world, you get to play a bonus game, devised from some other, like Snake (in this version, you are riding a sheep, and have to collect the trapped sheep in bubbles).

The obstacles between you and victory vary from world to world, including tractors, knights, archers and demonic chefs. Eventually, you must thwart the schemes of the mad scientist Mr. Pear and his hench-cows.
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