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MICROSOFTMSDN Library & TechNetMicrosoft Technet Archive June 1997
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Product Details
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NameMicrosoft Technet Archive June 1997
File NameSOFTLIB.iso
Size519,612,416 bytes (495.5 MB)
Product Description
12/30/96 S20397 qalicen.exe MS ADT Licencing Q&A Available on MSL (95)
12/20/96 S20408 msjfeb97.exe SAMPLE: February 1997 Microsoft Systems Journal Code
12/20/96 S20391 dlmin30c.exe Internet Explorer 3.0 (Browser Only) for Windows 3.1
12/19/96 S20396 ljnbold.exe LJNBOLD.EXE: "Learn Java Now" bolded code samples
12/18/96 S20405 gcdjava.exe SAMPLE: How To Integrate Native Methods in a Java Application
12/18/96 S20390 oljourn.exe OL97: Outlook Journaling White Paper Available on MSL
12/17/96 S20389 olfrmhlp.exe OL97: Microsoft Outlook Forms Help Available on MSL
12/16/96 S20085 we1277.exe Visual Basic for Applications Equivalents for Lotus 1-2-3 Macro Commands
12/13/96 S20387 utility8.exe Viewable Utility.mda Code Available on MSL
12/13/96 S20386 wztool80.exe Viewable Wztool80.mde Code Available on MSL
12/13/96 S20385 wzmain80.exe Viewable Wzmain80.mde Code Available on MSL
12/13/96 S20384 wzlib80.exe Viewable Wzlib80.mde Code Available on MSL
12/11/96 S20426 psview.exe SAMPLE: Property Sheet as the View Window of a CFrameWnd
12/11/96 S20244 msjtwng.exe Updated MSJT3032.DLL, MSWNG300.DLL, MSAJETFS.DLL
12/10/96 S20379 macro97.exe XLMacr8.hlp for Creating Version 4.0 Macros in Microsoft Excel 97
12/10/96 S20380 gltextur.exe SAMPLE: Demonstrates OpenGL Texture-Mapping Capabilities
12/08/96 S20352 dbdao42.exe PATCH: Updated DAO SDK Required for Visual C++ 4.2
12/06/96 S20388 ssaver.exe SAMPLE: How To Write a 32-bit Screen Saver
12/04/96 S15626 wp1250.exe MS Project 95 Workgroup Message Handler for Win 3.x
12/04/96 S20233 dsmfc.exe SAMPLE: MFC Application Demonstrates DirectSound APIs
12/03/96 S20377 isc800.exe Connecting via 800 Number Instead of 950 Number
11/27/96 S20366 frmsampl.exe Microsoft Access 95 Sample Forms
11/25/96 S20192 inole2_4.exe Inside OLE (2ed) VC++ 4.x Update Files
11/25/96 S20371 wwwpage.exe SAMPLE: Visual FoxPro 3.0 WWW Search Page Wizard
11/25/96 S20370 server.exe SAMPLE: Visual FoxPro 3.0 WWW Search Page Wizard
11/22/96 S20369 parsebit.exe PARSEBIT.EXE Directly Accesses the Bits of a DIB Section
11/18/96 S20362 clip3.exe Clipart Formatting Lost When Using Clip Gallery 3.0
11/18/96 S20365 projtm.exe Running MS Project And Team Manager on The Same Machine
11/17/96 S20372 wrd97cnv.exe Microsoft Word 97 Converter
11/15/96 S20360 msjjan97.exe SAMPLE: January 1997 Microsoft System Journal Code
11/13/96 S20374 d3dlight.exe D3DLIGHT.EXE Previews Direct3D Retained Mode Lighting Effects
11/12/96 S20358 eventh.exe SAMPLE: Helper Functions to Add Event Support to Server with Eventh.exe
11/11/96 S20378 daoredis.exe PATCH: Updated DAO Redistributable Components
11/11/96 S20364 win2full.exe Switching Between DirectDraw Windowed and Fullscreen Modes
11/07/96 S20327 isctoll.exe How to Access Intuit Service Center from Canada
11/06/96 S20357 msjdec96.exe SAMPLE: December 1996 Microsoft Systems Journal Code
11/05/96 S20354 wdia204z.exe Internet Assistant for 32-Bit Versions of Word
11/01/96 S20338 anim32_4.exe "Animation Techniques in Win32" VC++ 4.x Update
10/30/96 S20339 e97nwfix.exe Encarta 97 Deluxe/Win3.x/NetWare Disk Swap Patch
10/28/96 S20325 oleupd.exe OLE Update for Windows 95
10/25/96 S20323 vfpie3.exe SAMPLE: Automating Internet Explorer 3.0
10/25/96 S20322 solution.exe SAMPLE: Extending the Visual FoxPro Solutions Sample
10/24/96 S20326 dbdaoawx.exe SAMPLE: Custom AppWizard for the DAO SDK/dbDao Classes
10/23/96 S20351 textin.exe TEXTIN.EXE Sample Reads Text Files into ActiveMovie Graph
10/23/96 S20350 psycho.exe PSYCHO.EXE Sample Demonstrates Simple Palette Animation
10/23/96 S20353 amasync.exe AMASYNC.EXE Connects to ActiveMovie Parser Filters
10/22/96 S20312 nt4dsk1.exe winNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library HP series
10/22/96 S20307 nt4bul24.exe winNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library Bull series
10/22/96 S20321 nt4olive.exe winNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library Olivetti Series
10/22/96 S20320 nt4lexmk.exe winNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library Lexmark Series
10/22/96 S20319 nt4kyoc.exe winNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library Kyocera Series
10/22/96 S20318 nt4ibm.exe winNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library IBM Series
10/22/96 S20313 nt4dsk2.exe winNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library HP series
10/22/96 S20317 nt4gener.exe winNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library
10/22/96 S20316 nt4epsls.exe winNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library Epson series
10/22/96 S20315 nt4eps9.exe winNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library Epson series
10/22/96 S20314 nt4eps24.exe winNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library Epson series
10/22/96 S20311 nt4dpc.exe winNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library Dataproducts series
10/22/96 S20305 nt4bjc.exe winNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library Canon Bubble-Jet
10/22/96 S20310 nt4cnls.exe winNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library Canon series
10/22/96 S20309 nt4bulls.exe winNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library Bull series
10/22/96 S20308 nt4bul9.exe winNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library Bull series
10/22/96 S20306 nt4bro.exe winNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library Brother series
10/21/96 S20290 bdsinet.exe Obtaining Bank Contact Information From Internet
10/18/96 S20138 pnt32upd.exe Updated Pointer Files
10/18/96 S20041 ddconv4.exe Updated Visual SourceSafe 4.0 DDCONV.EXE
10/17/96 S20324 odbcbind.exe SAMPLE: RDO: ODBC API Binds Parameters to Stored Procedures
10/17/96 S20299 dllmove.exe Writer 2: "CWWEB.DLL Not Found" Error Message
10/17/96 S20301 enc97fix.exe Encarta/IntelliPoint Patch for Windows 3.x
10/12/96 S20212 avidd95.exe SAMPLE: AVI Playback (Streaming) onto a DirectDraw Surface
10/11/96 S20288 msgrp5cg.exe SAMPLE: FoxPro Graph Wizard Data Series Display Change
10/11/96 S15716 newscore.exe Soundtracks Express and Melody Maestro Patch
10/03/96 S20271 espanolb.hqx Spanish Object Library Files for the Macintosh
10/03/96 S20273 italolb.hqx Italian Object Library Files for the Macintosh
10/03/96 S20270 deutsolb.hqx German Object Library Files for the Macintosh
10/03/96 S20272 frenolb.hqx French Library Files for the Macintosh
10/03/96 S20375 rfxbinfx.exe BUG: RFX_Binary Updates Unchanged CByteArray Data
10/03/96 S20289 fireev.exe FIREEV.EXE Fires Events from a Second Thread
10/03/96 S15711 exupdusa.exe Microsoft Exchange Inbox Update for Windows 95
10/01/96 S20269 iezoom.exe IEZOOM.EXE Changes the Font Size of the Web Browser Control
10/01/96 S20283 progress.exe How To Use IAuthenticate to Bind to a Secured HTML Page
10/01/96 S20376 paramset.exe BUG: SetFieldNull Asserts or Crashes when Called for Parameter
10/01/96 S20267 we1280.exe Virus Search Add-in, Version 1.2
09/27/96 S20268 helsvc.exe HELSVC.EXE Implements an OLE Server in a Service
09/27/96 S20265 sbfmfix.exe Updated Small Business Financial Manager Drivers
09/26/96 S20278 42bb1b2.exe VC42B.EXE Visual C++ 4.2b Patch
09/26/96 S20279 msdev42b.exe MSDEV42.EXE Visual C++ 4.2b Patch
09/26/96 S20281 vc42b.exe VC42B.EXE Visual C++ 4.2b Patch
09/26/96 S20280 sdk42b.exe SDK42B.EXE
09/25/96 S20263 peachflt.exe Peachtree 3.5 for Windows Small Business Financial Manager Driver
09/25/96 S20262 ie3lpkcn.exe Chinese (Simplified) International Extensions for IE 3.0
09/24/96 S20264 msjnov96.exe SAMPLE: November 1996 Microsoft Systems Journal Code
09/20/96 S20256 ie3lpktw.exe Chinese (Traditional) International Extensions for IE 3.0
09/20/96 S20259 ie3lpkja.exe Japanese International Extensions for IE 3.0
09/20/96 S20258 ie3lpkko.exe Korean International Extensions for IE 3.0
09/20/96 S20257 ie3lpkpe.exe Pan Euro International Extensions for IE 3.0
09/18/96 S20253 ie21fat.hqx Internet Explorer 2.1 in FAT Binary Form
09/18/96 S20251 ie2168k.hqx Internet Explorer 2.1 for 680x0 Macintosh
09/16/96 S20248 srvtools.exe NT 4.0 versions of User Manager and Server Manager
09/16/96 S20247 altpnt.exe Windows Alternative Mouse Pointers
09/16/96 S20246 ppdinst.exe PostScript Printer Description (PPD) files
09/16/96 S20245 cdchnger.exe Updated Drivers for CD-ROM Changers
09/13/96 S20177 dlgx.exe SAMPLE: DLGX.EXE: Dialog Resources in ActiveX Control
09/13/96 S20282 asynczip.exe SAMPLE: Asynchronous Disk I/O on NT Appears to be Synchronous
09/13/96 S14599 wg1001.exe Updated SERIAL.386 for WFWG 3.11
09/10/96 S20234 projsql.exe Projsql.sql Script File Modifies Database Tables
09/10/96 S20241 sep96a.exe September 1996 Encarta Yearbook Builder Update (Windows)
09/10/96 S20255 avirm.exe Playing AVI File on Direct3D Retained Mode Texture
09/09/96 S20232 mthunk32.exe MTHUNK32: HOWTO Use Multimedia Timer Services
09/09/96 S20381 themes.exe Updated Themes.exe version 4.40.311
09/06/96 S20126 ddrm.exe SAMPLE: DDRM.EXE: Mixing 2D DirectDraw Objects with Direct3D
08/30/96 S20224 dlgtpl32.exe SAMPLE: Dialog Templates in Memory
08/28/96 S20254 msisdn11.exe ISDN 1.1 Accelerator Pack
08/28/96 S20229 regaut.exe SAMPLE: Regaut - Registering an Automation Object as Active
08/26/96 S20228 msjoct96.exe SAMPLE: October 1996 Microsoft Systems Journal Code
08/22/96 S20216 tcpipfix.exe Windows NT 3.51 TCPIP HotFix - See Q153596
08/16/96 S15770 pptia.exe Internet Assistant for PowerPoint 7.0
08/16/96 S20214 winbm2fv.exe Bookmarks Converter Tool for Internet Explorer
08/15/96 S20240 aug96a.hqx August 1996 Encarta Yearbook Builder Update (Mac)
08/15/96 S20235 aug96a.exe August 1996 Encarta Yearbook Builder Update (Windows)
08/15/96 S15701 dync32.exe Dynamic Column Binding with MFC ODBC Database
08/15/96 S20211 opengl95.exe opengl95.exe
08/13/96 S20213 prpfont.exe SAMPLE: PRPFONT--How to Set CPropertySheet Fonts
08/12/96 S20201 msjsep96.exe SAMPLE: MSJSEP96: September 1996 Microsoft Systems Journal Code
08/12/96 S20200 msjjul96.exe SAMPLE: MSJJUL96: July 1996 Microsoft Systems Journal Code
08/12/96 S20199 msjaug96.exe SAMPLE: MSJAUG96: August 1996 Microsoft Systems Journal Code
08/08/96 S20195 inetmail.exe Internet Mail Service for Microsoft Exchange
08/07/96 S14369 dirpk.exe Directory with Modified CFileDialog
08/07/96 S14955 mswrd67.hqx Word 6.0/7.0 Converter (for MacWord 5.x Users)
08/02/96 S20190 off95_bb.exe Updated .dll for Office 7.0 Setup on Lan Server 4.0
07/31/96 S20243 vssdll4.exe PRB: 32-bit SSEXP.EXE Doesn't Work but 16-bit SSEXP.EXE Does
07/31/96 S20188 xsnpc.exe Xsnpc.dll for Money 4.0 and NT 4.0
07/31/96 S20187 dispcom.exe DISPCOM: Two-Way Communication Using IDispatch
07/30/96 S20218 rpcrtupd.exe Remote Procedure Call DLL Update for Windows 95
07/30/96 S20135 mfcdrag.exe MFCDRAG Implements Drag&Drop Between CListCtrl & CTree
07/26/96 S20185 wrd60lib.exe Word Type Library for Microsoft Word 6.x for Windows
07/25/96 S20193 vc41b.exe PATCH: Visual C++ Version 4.1b (VC41B.EXE)
07/23/96 S20174 namexpan.exe NAMEXPAN.EXE
07/23/96 S20155 funcwiz.exe Function Template Wizard Available on MSL
07/19/96 S20143 printers.exe SAMPLE: PRINTERS.EXE: Using Printers with Windows 95 Shell
07/19/96 S20142 dialup.exe SAMPLE: DIALUP.EXE: Dial-up Networking Using Windows 95 Shell
07/18/96 S20141 odbcreg.exe ODBC Driver Registry Wizard Available on MSL
07/18/96 S20102 condoc.exe SAMPLE:CONDOC.EXE: Extract Container/Document Info with MFC
07/15/96 S20136 sbfmfltr.exe Additional Small Business Financial Manager Filters
07/15/96 S15924 wiznet.exe Multiuser Wizards Available on MSL
07/11/96 S20242 sep96a.hqx September 1996 Encarta Yearbook Builder Update (Mac)
07/11/96 S20137 d3d.exe D3D.EXE: Enables Interactive 3D Graphics in Windows
07/09/96 S20134 jul96a.hqx July 1996 Encarta Yearbook Builder Update
07/09/96 S20133 jul96a.exe July 1996 Encarta Yearbook Builder Update
07/08/96 S20194 bsckit41.exe BSCKIT41.EXE: VC++ Browser Toolkit for VC++ 4.1
07/08/96 S15292 we1162.exe Sample VB Code for Controlling Dialog Boxes
07/05/96 S15686 dlgdb32.exe SAMPLE: DLGDB32 CDialog Sharing a CRecordset O
07/03/96 S20130 sorted.exe SAMPLE: SORTED.EXE: Sorting Algorithms for Numeric Arrays
07/03/96 S20131 sw3dpro.exe SideWinder 3D Pro Files for Windows 3.x
07/03/96 S16004 ssscc.exe New Version of Ssscc.dll
06/28/96 S20091 gensplit.exe SAMPLE: GENSPLIT.EXE: Putting a Generic CWnd in a Splitter Pane
06/28/96 S20125 keybfont.exe SAMPLE: KEYBFONT.EXE: Input Language and Font Matching
06/27/96 S20178 macia.hqx Internet Assistant for Word for the Macintosh
06/26/96 S20124 mscdx223.exe Microsoft MS-DOS CD-ROM Extensions (MSCDEX) version 2.23
06/26/96 S20119 emm622.exe Updated Emm386.exe & Msd.exe for MS-DOS 6.0, 6.2
06/22/96 S20140 flltest.exe SAMPLE: FLLTEST.EXE: Code to Test a Successful Load of an FLL
06/21/96 S20106 momupdat.hqx momupdat.hqx
06/21/96 S20127 sched.exe SAMPLE:SCHED.EXE:OLE Automation Adds Schedule+ Appointments
06/21/96 S20122 rdo1test.exe RDO1TEST: Test RDO and ODBC Driver Without Writing Code
06/20/96 S20105 dbctl.exe SAMPLE: DBCTL.EXE: Using ODBC in an ActiveX Control
06/20/96 S20103 daoprop.exe SAMPLE:DAOPROP.EXE: Daoprop uses MFC Properties Collection
06/20/96 S20104 clibin.exe SAMPLE: CLIBIN.EXE: Converting COleClientItem into CLongBinary
06/20/96 S20118 setprop.exe SAMPLE: SETPROP.EXE: How to Add Properties at Run Time
06/18/96 S20116 mapiform.exe SAMPLE: MAPIFORM.EXE: Send Mail Messages with MAPI OLE Controls
06/17/96 S20129 msrdo32.exe RDO 1.0b Release Now Available
06/14/96 S15690 daotbl.exe Using DAO Classes to Create Database Objects
06/13/96 S20088 mw0163.hqx Creating Custom Mailing Labels
06/13/96 S20098 jun96z.exe June 96 Encarta Yearbook Builder Update (World English Edition)
06/10/96 S15668 vswap32.exe SAMPLE VSWAP32 Demo Switching Views in SDI App
06/10/96 S20082 prntinit.hqx Word 4.x TrueType Printer INIT
06/10/96 S20077 ppredraw.exe PowerPoint 7.0a Screen Redraw Solution
06/06/96 S20096 jun96a.hqx June 96 Macintosh Encarta Yearbook Builder Update
06/06/96 S20094 jun96a.exe June 1996 Encarta Yearbook Builder Update
06/04/96 S20432 treescrl.exe SAMPLE: TREESCRL Scrolls in a Tree View Control During Drag-and-Drop
06/03/96 S20037 cag20a.exe ClipArt Gallery 2.0a: Update for NT Users Running Office 95 Programs
06/03/96 S20066 cmemdc.exe CMEMDC.EXE: SAMPLE: Memory Bitmap for Scrolling in CscrollV
05/31/96 S20073 dao_ocx.exe SAMPLE:DAO_OCX.EXE: ActiveX Control Uses DAO to Query Database
05/31/96 S15661 crc.exe CRC Checksum Utility for Office 4.3c and 7.0
05/30/96 S20040 tabstrip.exe Implementing Tab Strips in Microsoft Access
05/29/96 S20076 dragd95.exe SAMPLE:DRAGD95.EXE:OLE Drag/Drop in Windows 95 Common Controls
05/28/96 S20186 unsup.exe UNSUP Utility Finds Commands Not Supported by ODBC Drivers
05/28/96 S20067 connpts.exe CONNPTS.EXE: SAMPLE: Implements Connection Points in an MFC App
05/24/96 S20046 licrqst.exe SAMPLE: LicReqst Shows Requesting a License Key from an Object
05/24/96 S16005 overdrv.exe Flight Simulator Incorrect Processor Error Fix
05/23/96 S15926 axplayer.exe PowerPoint Animation Player Extension
05/23/96 S15927 axpub.exe PowerPoint Animation Publisher and Player
05/22/96 S16002 rawiz.exe RAWIZ: Remote Automation Diagnostic Wizard
05/22/96 S16001 sslogin.exe Sslogin.dll Validates UserName and Password
05/22/96 S16000 vb32ras.exe VB32RAS.EXE: Using Win32 RAS Functions from VB
05/20/96 S20058 i_dsnjet.exe WinNT 3.51 (Intel) Driver Library; HP Designjet
05/20/96 S20059 a_dsnjet.exe WinNT 3.51 (Alpha) Driver Library; HP Designjet
05/20/96 S20062 i_lsrjt5.exe WinNT 3.51 (Intel) Driver Library: HP LaserJet 5
05/20/96 S20063 a_lsrjt5.exe WinNT 3.51 (Alpha) Driver Library: HP LaserJet 5
05/20/96 S20047 i_clrlsr.exe WinNT 3.51 (Intel) Driver: HP Color LaserJet
05/20/96 S20052 a_clrlsr.exe WinNT 3.51 (Alpha) Driver HP Color LaserJet
05/20/96 S16003 cdextras.exe PowerPoint CD-ROM Extras Templates
05/17/96 S15995 wzcnf70.exe Viewable Wzcnf70.mda Code Available on MSL
05/17/96 S15997 wizlib70.exe Viewable WizLib70.mda Code Available on MSL
05/17/96 S15998 wzmain70.exe Viewable Wizmain70.mda Code Available on MSL
05/17/96 S14978 wx1051.exe Security Wizard and White Paper for v. 2.0
05/16/96 S20079 wrd95lib.exe Microsoft Word Type Library
05/16/96 S20112 adtlocal.exe Localizing the ADT Setup Wizard Available on MSL
05/16/96 S15993 secure70.exe Security White Paper (95) Available on MSL
05/16/96 S15994 wztool70.exe Viewable WzTool70.mda Code Available on MSL
05/16/96 S15622 replicat.exe Microsoft Jet Replication White Paper
05/16/96 S15624 desgoals.exe Microsoft Access Design Goals
05/16/96 S15623 accport.exe Porting 16-bit Applications to 32-bit
05/15/96 S15662 mspwlupd.exe Enhanced Encryption for Windows 95 Passwords
05/13/96 S15625 w95ir.exe Infrared Data Connectivity for Windows 95
05/13/96 S15996 vc41a.exe PATCH: Visual C++ Version 4.1 Patch
05/10/96 S20097 may96z.exe May Encarta Yearbook Builder Update (World English Edition)
05/10/96 S15981 oleauto7.exe OLE Automation Help File 95 Available on MSL
05/09/96 S20095 may96a.hqx May 1996 Mac Encarta Yearbook Builder Update
05/09/96 S20093 may96a.exe May 96 Encarta Yearbook Builder Update
05/07/96 S15967 gc1039.exe SDK for 16-Bit and 32-Bit Text Converters
05/06/96 S15965 setupwiz.exe Updated Visual FoxPro for Windows Setup Wizard
05/01/96 S15937 savaspp3.exe Add-in to save PowerPoint 7.0 files in 3.0
05/01/96 S15979 glprt.exe GLPRT:Sample App Describes Printing in OpenGL
05/01/96 S15958 biff.exe SAMPLE: How To Create a BIFF5 File
04/30/96 S13690 nokia.exe Win95 Display: Nokia, 445R, 447K/W/Xav, 449M/X
04/30/96 S15962 samsung.exe Win95 Display: Samsung, Samtro, SC,SyncMaster,
04/25/96 S15579 wr1218.exe Frequently Asked Questions: Publisher ver 3.0
04/24/96 S15955 wdlcardv.exe Win95 Modem: Cardinal technologies MVP 288 XV
04/22/96 S15263 rjwpv3.exe Microsoft Jet DB Engine & ODBC White Paper
04/19/96 S15923 params.exe Parameter Typing Utility Available on MSL
04/18/96 S15628 wx1220.exe ODBC Drivers for Win95 Applications
04/18/96 S15638 ge1263.exe Microsoft ODBC Drivers for 32-Bit Programs
04/18/96 S15917 v3perf.exe MS Jet 3.0 Performance Overview Available on MSL
04/18/96 S15918 jetlock.exe Understanding Jet Locking Paper & LDBView
04/18/96 S15920 newdao3.exe DAO 3.0 White Paper Available on MSL
04/18/96 S15921 harness.exe Using Updatable Queries White Paper
04/15/96 S15922 msjjun96.exe SAMPLE: June 1996 MSJ Files
04/15/96 S15990 trm390.exe Win95 Storage: Tekram DC-390 PCI SCSI
04/15/96 S15888 gc0804.hqx WordPerfect 2.0 for the Macintosh Converter
04/15/96 S15892 upsize95.exe MS Access 95 Upsizing Tools Available on MSL
04/12/96 S20225 vfpodbcx.exe Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver
04/12/96 S15887 qtpim.hqx QuickTime Plug-In for Word 5.0
04/12/96 S15916 vbrasapi.exe VBRASAPI Sample App in MSDN Missing a File
04/12/96 S15889 gc0803.hqx MacWrite II Converter Update for the Macintosh
04/11/96 S15901 apr96z.exe April Encarta 96 Yearbook Builder Update Files
04/10/96 S20110 neatcod2.exe Neatcod2.MDB Available on MSL
04/10/96 S15818 vbappt7.exe Integrating PowerPoint 7 Slide Show with VB
04/09/96 S15908 apr96a.hqx April Encarta 96 Yearbook Builder Update Files
04/09/96 S15549 devguid.exe MFC Library Development Guidelines
04/08/96 S15893 apr96a.exe April Encarta 96 Yearbook Builder Update Files
04/08/96 S15925 fadein.exe FADEIN: Fades on Image to Animate Palette
04/05/96 S20111 neatcode.exe Neatcode.mdb Available on MSL
04/02/96 S15928 dlc32upd.exe DLC Update for the MSDLC32 Protocol
03/28/96 S20383 cxprx.exe SAMPLE: Marshaling Code for Connection Point Interfaces
03/28/96 S15966 backupd2.exe Updated Backup.exe for Windows 95
03/27/96 S20115 dsktsupd.exe Disk Type Specific Driver Update for Windows 95
03/26/96 S13994 ga0650.exe Dvorak Keyboard Layouts
03/22/96 S15983 tkp540p1.exe Win95 Printer: Tektronix Phaser 540-PLUS
03/22/96 S15982 tkp480x1.exe Win95 Printer: Tektronix Phaser 480X
03/20/96 S20249 mcicda.exe MCI CD Audio Driver for Windows 3.1
03/20/96 S20108 vba232a.exe Updated Vba232.dll Available on MSL
03/20/96 S20197 iosupd.exe Microsoft SAME IDE Channel N CRROM & Hard Drives
03/15/96 S20083 wt1274.exe DLL to Fix PowerPoint Tools Menu
03/15/96 S15423 streamer.exe Win95 Network: Streamer.exe
03/15/96 S15412 ql510.exe Win95 Storage: Fast ! SCSI PCI Basic
03/14/96 S15902 mar96z.exe March Encarta 96 Yearbook Builder Update Files
03/13/96 S20109 wzdboutl.exe Updated Data Outline Control Wizard Available on MSL
03/13/96 S15510 wd1216.exe Word for Windows 95 Frequently Asked Questions
03/08/96 S15909 mar96a.hqx March Encarta 96 Yearbook Builder Update Files
03/08/96 S15894 mar96a.exe March Encarta 96 Yearbook Builder Update Files
03/08/96 S15991 vb4dll.exe How To Use VB4DLL.TXT to Develop DLLs for VB
03/05/96 S15971 ibmfew.exe Win95 Network: IBM 10/100 PCI Ethernet Adapter
02/27/96 S15287 wmapmf.exe SAMPLE: Read & Write Aldus Placeable Metafiles
02/27/96 S15784 enmeta.exe SAMPLE: How to Use Enhanced Metafiles in Win32
02/26/96 S15919 dblock.exe DBLOCK Utility Available on MSL
02/23/96 S15648 vcpatch.exe PATCH: Visual C++ 4.0 Crash Fixes
02/23/96 S14949 ole2v.exe OLE2View Sample Application
02/21/96 S15984 sidewndr.exe Win95 Misc: Microsoft SideWinder 3D Pro
02/21/96 S15816 hlistbox.exe Horizontal Scrolling List Box in an MFC Class
02/20/96 S15820 wd95vw71.exe Microsoft Word Viewer Version 7.1 (Freeware)
02/19/96 S14987 pw1118.exe Microsoft Win32s Upgrade -- Version 1.30c
02/14/96 S15474 dscrpt.exe Apptools: Slip and Scripting Utility (DSCRPT)
02/14/96 S15148 mhsout.exe Gateway to MHS OUTPOST.EXE Version 3.0.10
02/13/96 S15903 feb96z.exe Feb. Encarta 96 Yearbook Builder Update Files
02/13/96 S15709 xl_hlp.exe Help File: Microsoft Excel 95 KB
02/13/96 S14776 prj4.exe MS Project 4.0 for Windows Help file
02/13/96 S15794 ansinst.exe Microsoft AnswerStation Version 1.0
02/12/96 S15617 msnds.exe MS NetWare Directory Services for Windows 95
02/12/96 S15636 msdlc32.exe MSDLC32 for Windows 95
02/12/96 S15509 off7hlp.exe Office 95 KB Help File
02/09/96 S15910 feb96a.hqx Feb. Encarta 96 Yearbook Builder Update Files
02/09/96 S15895 feb96a.exe Feb Encarta 96 Yearbook Builder Update Files
02/09/96 S15773 vb4mapi.exe Unsupported MAPI DLLs for Use with VB 4.0
02/08/96 S15772 addins.exe Creating and Testing Add-ins Paper
02/06/96 S20044 coverpg.exe Microsoft Fax Cover Page Update
02/06/96 S15771 wrdia20z.exe Internet Assistant 2.0z for Word 95
02/02/96 S15810 i_tally.exe WNTDL 3.51 x86 Driver: Mannesmann Tally T9008
02/02/96 S15811 a_tally.exe WNTDL 3.51 Alpha Driver Mannesmann Tally T9008
02/01/96 S15913 nov95a.hqx Nov. Encarta 96 Yearbook Builder Update Files
02/01/96 S15914 oct95a.hqx Oct. Encarta 96 Yearbook Builder Update Files
02/01/96 S15912 dec95a.hqx Dec. Encarta 96 Yearbook Builder Update Files
02/01/96 S15911 jan96a.hqx Jan. Encarta 96 Yearbook Builder Update Files
02/01/96 S15734 visl0296.exe MSJ Source: Feb. '96 VISL0296.EXE
02/01/96 S15733 oleq0296.exe MSJ Source: Feb. '96 OLEQ0296.EXE
02/01/96 S15732 cppq0296.exe MSJ Source: Feb. '96 CPPQ0296.EXE
02/01/96 S15731 undr0296.exe MSJ Source: Feb. '96 UNDR0296.EXE
02/01/96 S15730 gamespt2.exe MSJ Source: Feb. '96 GAMESPT2.EXE
02/01/96 S15729 webster.exe MSJ Source: Feb. '96 WEBSTER.EXE
02/01/96 S15915 sep95ab.hqx Sept. Encarta 96 Yearbook Builder Update Files
02/01/96 S15728 mfcpart7.exe MSJ Source: Feb. '96 MFCPART7.EXE
02/01/96 S14237 wntdl.txt Windows NT 3.50 Driver Library Contents
01/30/96 S15891 vbkb16.exe VB KB Help File (16-bit) 30-Jan-96
01/30/96 S15739 perfor95.exe Achieving Optimal Performance Paper
01/30/96 S15740 splitmdb.exe Splitting Applications Paper
01/30/96 S15890 vbkb32.exe VB KB Help File (32-bit) 03-Jan-96
01/30/96 S15785 oglfix.exe Sample File Fixes OpenGL's DIB-Resizing Bug
01/30/96 S15814 hp5xx.exe Win95 Printer: Hewlet-Packard DeskJet 540
01/30/96 S15737 tsound.exe Tsound.dll Corrects Short Wave File Playback
01/29/96 S20107 bsckit40.exe Microsoft C/C++ Browser Toolkit for Visual C++
01/29/96 S15736 views.exe One-to-Many Form Using Parameterized View
01/29/96 S15769 fvview.exe CFormView-Based Server Shows Metafile When not
01/26/96 S20038 oc25.exe PATCH: REGSVR.EXE GPFs in Windows 95
01/25/96 S15738 ge1273.hqx ClipArt Gallery Patch, PPC 603/604-based Mac
01/25/96 S15473 lang.exe Multilanguage Support (LANG.EXE)
01/25/96 S15720 sys0.exe SYS0.DLL Retrieves the Novell Machine Name
01/24/96 S15756 i_oki.exe WNTDL 3.51 Intel (x86): Okidata OJ-300C
01/24/96 S15753 a_lexmrk.exe WNTDL 3.51 Alpha: Lexmark ExecJet IIc
01/24/96 S15752 i_lexmrk.exe WNTDL 3.51 Intel (x86): Lexmark ExecJet IIc
01/24/96 S15749 a_dskjet.exe WNTDL 3.51 Alpha: HP DeskJet 320 340 600 660c
01/24/96 S15748 i_dskjet.exe WNTDL 3.51 x86: HP DeskJet 320 340 600 660c
01/24/96 S15757 a_oki.exe WNTDL 3.51 Alpha: Okidata OJ-300C
01/24/96 S15760 i_pcl5.exe WNTDL 3.51 x86: HP LaserJet 5x, CJ, & DJ 1600C
01/24/96 S15761 a_pcl5.exe WNTDL 3.51 Alpha: HP LJ 5x, CJ, & DJ 1600C
01/24/96 S15764 i_pcl5ms.exe WNTDL 3.51 Intel (x86): HP DeskJet 850C, 855C
01/24/96 S15719 dm0244.exe Multiplan 4.2: File-Handling Correction
01/24/96 S15765 a_pcl5ms.exe WNTDL 3.51 Alpha: HP DeskJet 850C, 855C
01/23/96 S15718 cdplayfx.exe Form Shows How to Play Audio CDs Using Visual
01/22/96 S15717 df1269.exe Optimizing Windows 95 for Flight Simulator 5.1
01/22/96 S15735 csexamp.exe Client-Server Data Entry Screen for SQL Server
01/17/96 S15743 nwgendbc.exe Updated GENDBC Available in Microsoft Software
01/17/96 S14831 smtpge.exe Microsoft Mail SMTPGET.EXE Update
01/16/96 S15975 kne-20bt.exe Win95 Network: Kingston Technology EtheRX
01/16/96 S15635 snakb.exe SNA KB Help File for November 1995
01/16/96 S15487 sqlkb.exe SQL Server KB Article Help File
01/16/96 S15904 jan96z.exe Jan. Encarta 96 Yearbook Builder Update Files
01/15/96 S20069 vrml20.exe Microsoft Internet Explorer VRML Add-In
01/15/96 S15976 blutok.exe Win95 Network: Madge Blue 16/4 ISA
01/15/96 S15397 trid94xx.exe Win95 Display: Trident Microsystems TGUI
01/12/96 S15713 vss0831.exe FIX: "Too Many File Handles" in VB Enterprise
01/11/96 S15249 wp1158.exe MS Project 4.0: Updated Timesheet Program Timetrak.exe
01/10/96 S15999 tripplte.exe Win95 Misc: Tripp Lite Smart Series
01/09/96 S15896 jan96a.exe Jan Encarta 96 Yearbook Builder Update Files
01/09/96 S15705 hh1271.exe Updated SideWinder 3D Pro Drivers for Aztech
01/09/96 S15964 el59x.exe Win95 Network: 3C595-TX Fast Etherlink III
01/09/96 S14086 elnk3.exe Win95 Network: #9 Visual 3C509 Etherlink III
01/05/96 S15703 oopintro.exe Intro to Object Oriented Programming in VFP
01/04/96 S15685 wc1270.exe File to Install SBP Without MS Access 7.0
01/02/96 S15970 cnetpcc.exe Win95 Network: Contect Ethernet PC Card C-Net
01/02/96 S15969 cnetp.exe Win95 Network: Contect Ethernet Lan Adapter
01/01/96 S15726 cppq0196.exe MSJ Source: Jan. '96 CPPQ0196.EXE
01/01/96 S15721 speech.exe MSJ Source: Jan. '96 SPEECH.EXE
01/01/96 S15722 daosamp.exe MSJ Source: Jan. '96 DAOSAMP.EXE
01/01/96 S15723 pnppart2.exe MSJ Source: Jan. '96 PNPPART2.EXE
01/01/96 S15725 visl0196.exe MSJ Source: Jan. '96 VIS0196.EXE
01/01/96 S15727 w32q0196.exe MSJ Source: Jan. '96 WIN320196.EXE
01/01/96 S15724 undrthhd.exe MSJ Source: Jan. '96 UNDRTHHD.EXE
12/31/95 S15504 assist.exe Windows 95 Support Assistant
12/31/95 S15793 sp1upd.exe Silent Update
12/31/95 S15792 sp1nsf.exe Network Distribution Folder
12/31/95 S15791 script.exe SLIP &Scripting Support for Dial-Up Networking
12/31/95 S15789 infinstd.exe INF Installation Tool
12/31/95 S15787 batch20.exe Batch Setup Version 2.0
12/29/95 S15697 fw1223.exe FW1223: Components of a Customized Builder
12/27/95 S15702 blocks32.exe Blocks32: Demonstrates CRectTracker Class
12/22/95 S15667 wt1230.exe PowerPoint for Window 95 Batch Converter
12/22/95 S15700 xlclient.exe XLCIENT: Automation Client for Excel
12/21/95 S15692 dlgcbr32.exe Adding Control Bars to Dialog Boxes in MFC
12/21/95 S15978 o100w.exe Win95 Network: Olicom Ethernet PCI 10/100
12/21/95 S15972 eprow.exe Win95 Network: Intel EtherExpress Pro/10
12/21/95 S15640 pp7trans.hqx PPT '95 Translators for Mac PowerPoint 4.0
12/21/95 S15973 e10pw.exe Win95 Network: Intel EtherExpress PCI LAN Adap
12/21/95 S15712 imginst.exe Imaging for Windows 95 Version 1.0
12/21/95 S15694 pptvw32.exe PowerPoint Viewer (32-Bit)
12/20/95 S15680 ptbolb32.exe 32-Bit Portuguese .olb Files; Use with VB Apps
12/20/95 S15678 itlolb32.exe 32-Bit Italian .olb Files for Use with VB Apps
12/20/95 S15677 gerolb32.exe 32-Bit German .olb Files for Use with VB Apps
12/20/95 S15676 frolb32.exe 32-Bit French .olb Files for Use with VB Apps
12/20/95 S15675 finolb32.exe 32-Bit Finnish .olb Files for Use with VB Apps
12/20/95 S15682 swdolb32.exe 32-Bit Swedish .olb Files for Use with VB Apps
12/20/95 S15673 danolb32.exe 32-Bit Danish .olb Files for Use with VB Apps
12/20/95 S15681 spnolb32.exe 32-Bit Spanish .olb Files for Use with VB Apps
12/20/95 S15674 dutolb32.exe 32-Bit Dutch .olb Files for Use with VB Apps
12/20/95 S15714 fcsval32.exe FCSVAL32 Control-by-Control Validation in MFC
12/20/95 S15679 norolb32.exe 32-Bit Norwegian .olb Files; Use with VB Apps
12/19/95 S15950 stbpg64v.exe Win95 Display: STB Systems, PowerGraph 64 V
12/19/95 S15687 shapes32.exe SAMPLE: Deriving an OLE Control from a Base Co
12/19/95 S15683 mswrd32.exe Updated 32-bit Word 6.0/7.0 Converter 9/29/95
12/19/95 S15693 onet32.exe Limiting 32-bit Application to Single Instance
12/19/95 S15689 vwrplc32.exe Replacing a View in a CMDIChildWnd Window
12/19/95 S15945 sisdisp.exe Win95 Display: Silicon Integrated Systems Corp
12/18/95 S15699 richedit.exe Insert OLE Capabilities to RichEdit Control
12/15/95 S20198 split32.exe split32.exe
12/15/95 S15696 bdlg32.exe Drawing a Bitmap in a Foundation Class Dialog
12/15/95 S15691 dlghlp32.exe Context-Sensitive Help in a CDialog Object
12/13/95 S15660 vfkb-ge1.exe Windows 3.x Help File of General KB Articles
12/13/95 S15659 vfkb-pr1.exe Windows 3.x Help File of Programming KB Articl
12/13/95 S15658 vfkbtoo1.exe Window 3.x Help File of Tool KB Articles
12/13/95 S15575 we1254.exe 15-Digit Number Patch for MSExcel 5.0c
12/13/95 S15715 mmfile.exe SAMPLE: MMFILE - Class for Memory-Mapped Files
12/11/95 S15566 smskb.exe Microsoft SMS KB Help File: November 1995
12/11/95 S15644 vfkbtool.exe Tool Topics KB Articles Available in Help File
12/11/95 S15646 vfkb-gen.exe General Topics KB Available in Help File
12/11/95 S15651 ntkb.exe Windows NT KB Help File: November 1995
12/11/95 S15643 vfkb-prg.exe Programming Topics KB Available in Help File
12/11/95 S15768 infcopy.exe .INF Files for VoiceView-Compatible Modems
12/11/95 S15671 vvsetup.exe Microsoft File Transfer Tool
12/11/95 S15688 lstddx32.exe Filling List Box Using MFC's DDX Facility
12/11/95 S14820 mailkb.exe PC Mail KB Help File: November 1995
12/09/95 S15961 hyundai.exe Win95 Display: Hyundai HL5864E 15, HL7864 17
12/08/95 S15905 dec95z.exe Dec. Encarta 96 Yearbook Builder Update Files
12/08/95 S15907 oct95z.exe Oct. Encarta 96 Yearbook Builder Update Files
12/08/95 S15906 nov95z.exe Nov. Encarta 96 Yearbook Builder Update Files
12/08/95 S15898 nov95a.exe Nov Encarta 96 Yearbook Builder Update Files
12/08/95 S15900 sep95a.exe Sep Encarta 96 Yearbook Builder Update Files
12/08/95 S15899 oct95a.exe Oct Encarta 96 Yearbook Builder Update Files
12/08/95 S15897 dec95a.exe Dec Encarta 96 Yearbook Builder Update Files
12/07/95 S15669 plusupd1.exe New Sage.dll Corrects Floating-Point Errors
12/06/95 S15974 e100bw.exe Win95 Network: Intel EtherExpress PRO/100B PCI
12/06/95 S15672 notrunc.exe FIX: Dynaset w/ CLongBinary Throws Exception
12/05/95 S15650 mk1262.hqx Converting Works 1.0 Files to Works 4.0
12/04/95 S15954 wdlatt03.exe Win95 Modem: AT&T 3825 Plus
12/04/95 S15744 i_stylus.exe WNTDL 3.51 x86 Driver: Epson Stylus ESC/P 2
12/04/95 S15745 a_stylus.exe WNTDL 3.51 Alpha Driver: Epson Stylus ESC/P 2
12/01/95 S15608 plgnplay.exe MSJ Source: Dec. '95 PLGNPLAY.EXE
12/01/95 S15610 undr1295.exe MSJ Source: Dec. '95 UNDR1295.EXE
12/01/95 S15612 cppq1295.exe MSJ Source: Dec. '95 CPPQ1295.EXE
12/01/95 S15611 oleq1295.exe MSJ Source: Dec. '95 OLEQ1295.EXE
12/01/95 S15645 mp1264.hqx MS Proj 4.0: Cost Calculation Patch for the Power Macintosh
12/01/95 S15665 mfcdisp.exe SAMPLE: Replace MFC IDispatch Implementation
12/01/95 S15609 mfcpart6.exe MSJ Source: Dec. '95 MFCPART6.EXE
11/28/95 S15641 dbgridub.exe DBGRIDUB: Using DBGRID in Unbound Mode in VB
11/27/95 S15989 ini910.exe Win95 Storage: INI-9100 PCI / INI-9100W PCI
11/27/95 S15670 vredrupd.exe Updated Vredir.vxd File
11/27/95 S15963 elpc3x.exe Win95 Network: 3C562 Etherlink III LAN+Modem
11/22/95 S15404 aic78xx.exe Win95 Storage: AHA 2910A
11/22/95 S15959 daewoo.exe Win95 Display: Daewoo CMC 1423/1427/1502/1505/
11/21/95 S15639 wt1229.exe Controlling PowerPoint Using OLE Automation
11/18/95 S15960 hitachi.exe Win95 Display: NSA SuperScan Elite/Pro/Supreme
11/17/95 S15620 mc1265.hqx Microsoft Office Manager Patch for 7.5.2
11/16/95 S15384 ww1192.exe Novell NetWare Support in Windows 95 Q&A
11/15/95 S14835 odbcdate.exe SAMPLE: Working with Dates in ODBC
11/15/95 S15642 unimodv.exe Win95 Modem: UnImodem/Telephony V
11/15/95 S15664 mfcarray.exe SAMPLE: MFCARRAY Safe Arrays in MFC Automation
11/15/95 S15637 mvfpprnt.exe Mastering Visual FoxPro Print Utility
11/14/95 S15607 wd1253.exe Word Thesaurus Fix - Non-U.S. Windows 95 & NT
11/10/95 S15655 stg.exe SAMPLE: STG: MFC Docfile Viewer
11/09/95 S15627 newfeat.exe ADT 95 Long Feature List
11/09/95 S15621 wm1248.exe Transferring Excel Data to Money 4.0
11/09/95 S15629 prodenh.exe Enhancement Guide for Developers
11/09/95 S15388 mw1222.hqx Macro Virus Protection Tool for Mac Word 6.0
11/09/95 S15634 adtdata.exe Marketing Overview of ADT 95
11/07/95 S15988 advansys.exe Win95 Storage: AdvanSYS ABP940
11/06/95 S14049 wincap.exe WINCAP Sample Application
11/06/95 S15614 mk1258.hqx Installing Works 3.0a: Revised Installation
11/03/95 S15654 rotcln32.exe SAMPLE: ROTCLEAN Tool Removes Stale Monikers
10/31/95 S20128 filedrag.exe How to Support File Drag Server Capabilities
10/31/95 S15616 sqlole.exe DMO C/C++ Headers and Samples
10/31/95 S15653 vtblbind.exe SAMPLE: VTBLBIND OLE Automation Marshaler
10/26/95 S15613 wt1249.exe Pure Black and White Printing Add-in
10/25/95 S15601 frmupd.exe User Setup for Running on Windows NT
10/25/95 S15576 xl15link.exe XL7: 15-Digit, Link, Transpose Patch
10/24/95 S15790 nexus.exe Windows NT Server Management Tools
10/20/95 S15795 ig.exe INF Generator Utility
10/18/95 S15596 fw1180.exe FW1080: Screen Issues in FoxPro for Windows
10/18/95 S15597 drawedge.exe SAMPLE: Demo of the DrawEdge() Function
10/18/95 S15952 vlgx700a.exe Win95 Display: VideoLogic GrafixStar 700
10/18/95 S15951 vlgx300a.exe Win95 Display: VideoLogic GrafixStar 300
10/17/95 S15938 miro.exe Win95 Display: Miro Computer Display Drivers
10/17/95 S15593 vfpmapi.exe Updated VFP for Windows FOXMAPI files
10/17/95 S15592 mefroute.exe Updated MEFROUTE.XLA File
10/17/95 S15594 schedupd.exe SCHDPLUS.EXE Version 1.0.4003 Update
10/16/95 S15599 cautoex.exe SAMPLE: C Automation Component & Controller
10/13/95 S15956 wdlsmpl1.exe Win95 Modem: Simple Tech 28.8 Communicator
10/10/95 S15580 1tomany.exe SAMPLE: Form for One-to-Many Order Entry App
10/10/95 S15604 meyers.exe MSJ Source: Nov. '95 MEYERS.EXE
10/10/95 S15381 wd1215.exe Macro Virus Protection Tool
10/10/95 S15605 hood1195.exe MSJ Source: Nov. '95 HOOD1195.EXE
10/10/95 S15606 cppq1195.exe MSJ Source: Nov. '95 CPPQ1195.EXE
10/10/95 S15602 windonut.exe MSJ Source: Nov. '95 WINDONUT.EXE
10/09/95 S15578 wc1228.exe Office: Overview of New Components/Features
10/05/95 S15953 vlsi.exe Win95 Display: VLSI GraphiCore VL82C975
10/04/95 S15600 shapes2.exe SAMPLE: Deriving One OLE Control from Another
10/02/95 S15968 starlan.exe Win95 Network: AT&T Starlan 10 LanPacer+
10/02/95 S15383 ww1191.exe Upgrading to Windows 95 Setup Q&A
10/02/95 S15385 ww1193.exe The Microsoft Network Questions and Answers
10/01/95 S15532 undr1095.exe MSJ Source: Oct. '95 UNDR1095.EXE
10/01/95 S15531 vb40.exe MSJ Source: Oct. '95 VB40.EXE
10/01/95 S15533 cppq1095.exe MSJ Source: Oct. '95 CPPQ1095.EXE
10/01/95 S15534 oleq1095.exe MSJ Source: Oct. '95 OLEQ1095.EXE
10/01/95 S15530 gmmfsrc.exe MSJ Source: Oct. '95 GMMFSRC.EXE
09/29/95 S15569 wp1231.exe Microsoft Project 4.1 FAQ
09/29/95 S15603 mfcpart5.exe MSJ Source: Nov. '95 MFCPART5.EXE
09/29/95 S15567 ole-cont.exe OLE Controls and Control Containers Guidelines
09/28/95 S14530 ffapiupd.exe Application-Put Executables 3.04.1
09/28/95 S15537 wfwvsrvr.exe Updated VSERVER.386 File for WFW 3.11
09/28/95 S14372 faxgtw.exe Gateway to Fax 3.0.1 Update
09/28/95 S15563 fw-win95.exe Running FoxPro 2.6 Applications in Windows 95
09/28/95 S15564 mailkb16.exe PC Mail 16-Bit KB Help File: September 1995
09/28/95 S15565 gtwykb16.exe Mail Gateway 16-Bit KB Help File: Sept 1995
09/28/95 S15577 ga0604.exe Microsoft Download Service (MSDL) Instructions
09/27/95 S14373 wizard.exe Adding Sharp Wizard Options
09/27/95 S14224 putupd.exe Mail SMTPPUT.EXE 3.04.1 Update
09/27/95 S15561 word7.exe Word for Windows 95 KB Help File
09/26/95 S14736 wp0978.exe MS Project 4.0 Allocate Level Resources
09/26/95 S15562 palman.exe SAMPLE: The Palette Manager How & Why
09/22/95 S14989 rscpat.hqx Mac RSC: ARA 2.0 Compatibility Patch
09/22/95 S15011 oofupd.hqx Out of Office Server Update
09/22/95 S15619 dmn0.exe DMN0.DLL for Visual C++ 2.0 on Windows 95
09/21/95 S14289 pabnsp.exe Mail PABNSP.DLL Update
09/21/95 S14371 attimp.exe AT&T Access Plus Utility
09/20/95 S14568 attmail.exe Mail Remote ATTMAIL.DLL Update
09/20/95 S15957 wdlusr1.exe Win95 Modem: Sportster 14400 External/Internal
09/20/95 S15554 ww1247.exe Microsoft Windows 95 System Check
09/20/95 S15333 undofm.exe Can't Undo/Rollback Main and Subform Changes
09/20/95 S15009 viewer.hqx Mac PowerPoint Viewer
09/19/95 S14881 mailmgr.exe MAILMGR.DLL Update
09/19/95 S15618 ml611d.exe PATCH: MASM 6.11d Patch Available
09/19/95 S15538 wx1200.exe Microsoft ADT Custom Controls Service Pack
09/19/95 S14585 mdrvupd.exe Windows Remote MAILDRV.EXE Update
09/18/95 S15560 we1182.exe Customizing Menu Bars, Menus, and Menu Items
09/18/95 S14573 efsetup.exe E-Forms SETUP.EXE ver. 1.01 Update
09/18/95 S14789 dosmail.exe MS-DOS Client MAIL.EXE 3.0.2 Update
09/18/95 S14674 schdupd.exe Schedule+ SCHDIST.EXE 1.0a.2 Update
09/16/95 S15939 spf.exe Win95 Display: Oak Technology Spitfire 64107D2
09/16/95 S15940 s3_2.exe Win95 Display: S3 Trio64, Trio64V+
09/15/95 S14810 dyncol.exe Dynamic Column Binding With ODBC
09/15/95 S15552 vfp30wiz.exe Updated Visual FoxPro 3.0 for Windows Wizards
09/15/95 S14840 mvusr.exe MOVEUSER.EXE 3.2.8 Update
09/15/95 S15160 maclient.hqx Macintosh Client Version 3.0.6 Update
09/15/95 S14149 rmtupd.exe Remote MAIL.EXE 3.0.2 Update
09/15/95 S15977 oce2xm.exe Win95 Network: OC-2173 Ethernet, OC-2220
09/14/95 S15322 safearay.exe Using Safe Arrays in OLE Automation
09/13/95 S15980 ilanpci.exe Win95 Network: PCI T2/TP/TPO
09/13/95 S15546 wt1217.exe PowerPoint for Windows 95 FAQs
09/13/95 S14996 cnuupd.hqx Connection Name Utility (CNU) 3.4 Update
09/13/95 S15553 glbmp.exe SAMPLE: OpenGL Material Property & Printing
09/13/95 S15004 gwupd.hqx GW 3.2.11 Update
09/13/95 S15400 wdlrock.exe Win95 Modem: Rockwell RCV144ACF
09/12/95 S14913 gc1064.exe Ami Pro 3.0 Converter for WinWord 6.0 or 7.0
09/12/95 S15382 ww1190.exe General Windows 95 Setup Questions and Answers
09/12/95 S15695 pptvw16.exe PowerPoint Viewer and Translator (16-Bit)
09/08/95 S12983 me0185.hqx Using Custom Help
09/08/95 S12985 mw0170.hqx Working with Formulas
09/08/95 S14988 mw1127.hqx Optimizing Your Mac System Config for Word 6.0
09/08/95 S14956 fc1024.hqx Intro to Using FoxPro for Macintosh Wizards
09/08/95 S12987 mw0316.hqx Introduction to PostScript with Word
09/08/95 S15000 xe0962.hqx Equations for Financial Functions
09/08/95 S14850 mw1056.hqx Frequently Asked Q&A: Menu Changes
09/08/95 S14423 mw0711.hqx Word 5.1a for the Macintosh Patcher
09/08/95 S14580 mw0979.hqx Word Speak PIM for Mac Word 5.0/5.1
09/08/95 S14854 mw1055.hqx FastTip: Customizing and Formatting
09/08/95 S14853 mw1054.hqx FastTip: Convert from Other Versions
09/08/95 S14852 mw1053.hqx FastTip: What's New in Mac Word 6.0
09/08/95 S12986 mw0164.hqx Printing Envelopes
09/08/95 S14353 me0858.hqx Generating Smooth Curves in Charts
09/08/95 S14948 cd1065.hqx Art Gallery for Mac Font Fix
09/08/95 S14942 mc1063.hqx Connectix RAM Doubler 1.5.1 for Power Mac
09/07/95 S15317 mc1164.hqx Extension to Prevent Hanging Power Mac Apps
09/07/95 S15167 mw0825.hqx Mailing Labels Questions & Answers
09/07/95 S15320 fm0796.hqx FoxPackage 2.07 Update for FoxBASE+/Mac
09/07/95 S15168 mw0823.hqx Converting Mac Word Docs to Other Versions
09/07/95 S15169 mw0633.hqx Changing Page Numbers with PostScript Codes
09/07/95 S15165 mw0827.hqx Page Numbering Questions and Answers
09/07/95 S15164 mw0828.hqx The 5.1a Patcher Questions & Answers
09/07/95 S15163 mw0829.hqx Unexpected Quitting and Systems Errors: Q&A
09/07/95 S15170 mw0537.hqx Adding Outside Bar Commands
09/07/95 S15151 xe0183.hqx Tips for Manipulating the Data in a Chart
09/07/95 S15298 xd1033.hqx How to Create a Table of Contents Using Word
09/07/95 S15528 mp1166.hqx MS Proj 4.0 (Mac): FastTips: "Upgrading Questions and Answers"
09/07/95 S15266 xd1155.hqx Cross-Platform Differences in WordBasic
09/07/95 S15166 mw0826.hqx Print Merge Questions and Answers
09/07/95 S15527 mp1168.hqx MS Proj. 4.0 (MAC): FastTips: "Printing Questions and Answers"
09/07/95 S15061 mc1139.hqx Offfice 4.2 for Macintosh Installation Facts
09/07/95 S15529 mp1167.hqx MS Proj 4.0 (Mac): FastTips: "Usage Questions And Answers"
09/07/95 S14205 me0802.hqx Excel: Opening and Saving Text File
09/07/95 S15535 we1238.exe JET ERROR HELP FILE (MSJETERR.HLP)
09/05/95 S15550 wdlqds.exe Win95 Modem: QDSActive 144UB/144UF/288UB/288UF
08/31/95 S15010 ww1116.exe WW1116: OLE Version 2.03
08/30/95 S15526 vga.exe Win95 Display: VGA Compatible
08/30/95 S15520 8514.exe Win95 Display: 8514/a Compatible driver
08/29/95 S15519 wfwfiles.exe Windows for Workgroups 3.11 Update Files
08/29/95 S15525 pci.exe 82378 SIO PCI-to-ISA Bridge PCI.EXE
08/29/95 S15524 lpt.exe Win95 Printer: LPT w/bidirect communication
08/29/95 S15523 ob600ss.exe Win95 Miscellaneous: Microsoft HP OmniBook 600
08/29/95 S15522 digispch.exe Microsoft Port*able Sound Digispeech
08/25/95 S15459 cdply.exe CD Player (CDPLY.EXE)
08/25/95 S15542 mny.exe Money Knowledge Base Help File
08/24/95 S14151 vformupd.exe VFORMS.DLL Update
08/23/95 S15541 win95.exe Windows 95 Help File Basic Questions
08/21/95 S15536 macrofun.exe Macrofun.hlp File for Creating Excel 4.0 macro
08/21/95 S15458 lstdrg.exe SAMPLE: Using MFC OLE Drag & Drop to Drag Text
08/21/95 S15313 glfont.exe SAMPLE: Drawing 3-D Text in an OpenGL App
08/17/95 S15500 logvu.exe Logview (LOGVU.EXE)
08/17/95 S15499 eruzip.exe Emergency Recovery Utility (ERUZIP.EXE)
08/17/95 S15498 eptszp.exe Enhanced Printer Diagnostic Utility
08/17/95 S15493 msdzip.exe Microsoft Diagnostic Utility (MSDZIP.EXE)
08/17/95 S15485 winbmp.exe Windows 95 Bitmap (WINBMP.EXE)
08/17/95 S15484 clouds.exe Cloud Bitmap (CLOUDS.EXE)
08/17/95 S15501 cpzip.exe Code Page Utility (CPZIP.EXE)
08/17/95 S15476 lfnb.exe Apptools: Long Filename Utility (LFNB.EXE)
08/17/95 S15482 rpcpp.exe NetTools: Microsoft Remote Procedure Call Print Provider
08/17/95 S15480 prtagt.exe NetTools: Microsoft Print Agent (PRTAGT.EXE)
08/17/95 S15466 mousep.exe Mouse Pointers (MOUSEP.EXE)
08/17/95 S15467 netwch.exe NetWatcher (NETWCH.EXE)
08/17/95 S15483 snmpzp.exe NetTools: SNMP Agent and related files
08/16/95 S15464 utopia.exe Utopia Sound Scheme (UTOPIA.EXE)
08/16/95 S15379 bezier.exe SAMPLE: How to Draw Cubic Bezier Curves
08/16/95 S15495 msback.exe MS-DOS Backup Utility (MSBACK.EXE)
08/16/95 S15494 olddos.exe MS-DOS Utilities (OLDDOS.EXE)
08/16/95 S15472 tour95.exe Windows 95 Tour (TOUR95.EXE)
08/16/95 S15469 quikvu.exe Quick View (QUICKVU.EXE)
08/16/95 S15491 welcm3.exe Windows 95 animated Welcome video (WELCM3.EXE)
08/16/95 S15475 envars.exe Apptools: Environmental Variables Utility (ENVARS.EXE)
08/16/95 S15462 robotz.exe Robotz Sound Scheme (ROBOTZ.EXE)
08/16/95 S15471 sysmn.exe System Monitor (SYSMN.EXE)
08/16/95 S15492 chat.exe Windows Chat Program (CHAT.EXE)
08/16/95 S15460 jungle.exe Jungle Sound Scheme (JUNGLE.EXE)
08/16/95 S15490 welcm2.exe Windows 95 animated Welcome video (WELCM2.EXE)
08/16/95 S15461 musica.exe Musica Sound Scheme (MUSICA.EXE)
08/16/95 S15463 media.exe Sample Sounds (MEDIA.EXE)
08/16/95 S15497 cfgbk.exe Microsoft Configuration Backup Utility
08/16/95 S15478 pwedit.exe Apptools: Password List Editor (PWEDIT.EXE)
08/16/95 S15503 mintel.exe HyperTerminal Fonts for Minitel Emulation
08/16/95 S15502 clipbk.exe Windows ClipBook Viewer Program (CLIPBK.EXE)
08/16/95 S15477 policy.exe Apptools: System Policy Editor (POLICY.EXE)
08/16/95 S15486 welcm1.exe Windows 95 animated Welcome video (WELCM1.EXE)
08/16/95 S15468 uguide.exe Online User's Guide (UGUIDE.EXE)
08/16/95 S15479 netmon.exe NetTools: Network Monitor Agent (NETMON.EXE)
08/16/95 S15465 chrmap.exe Character Map (CHRMAP.EXE)
08/16/95 S15481 remote.exe NetTools: Microsoft Remote Registry Service
08/15/95 S15439 rtl8029.exe Win95 Network: Realtek RTL8029 PCI Ethernet
08/14/95 S15514 we1210.exe FastTips: "Shared Documents Questions and Answ
08/14/95 S15512 we1208.exe FastTips: "Basic Use Questions and Answers"
08/14/95 S15513 we1209.txt FastTips: "Printing Questions and Answers"
08/14/95 S15378 property.exe SAMPLE: How to Use 3 Styles of Property Sheets
08/14/95 S15511 we1207.exe FastTips: "Upgrading Questions and Answers"
08/11/95 S15488 macxw4.exe ATI (Display) macxw4.exe
08/11/95 S15391 ark.exe ARK Logic 1000PV and 2000PV (Display)
08/11/95 S15399 vs950728.exe ViewSonic (display) vs950728.exe
08/10/95 S15369 nt35xkb.exe Windows NT 3.5x Knowledge Base Help File
08/10/95 S15518 wc1206.exe FastTips: "Sharing Information Q&A"
08/10/95 S15368 nt31kb.exe Windows NT 3.1 Knowledge Base Help File
08/10/95 S15517 wc1205.exe FastTips: "Shortcut Bar Questions and Answers"
08/10/95 S15515 wc1202.exe FastTips: "Binder Questions and Answers"
08/10/95 S15387 ww1195.exe Commonly Asked Windows 95 Q&A
08/10/95 S15386 ww1194.exe Windows 95 Networking Questions and Answers
08/10/95 S15516 wc1203.exe FastTips: "Setup Questions and Answers"
08/07/95 S15568 enprop.exe SAMPLE: Enumerated Properties in OLE Control
08/04/95 S15373 cppqa995.exe MSJ Source: Sep. '95 CPPQ995.EXE
08/04/95 S15371 th32demo.exe MSJ Source: Sep. '95 TH32DEMO.EXE
08/04/95 S15375 hood995.exe MSJ Source: Sep. '95 HOOD995.EXE
08/04/95 S15370 mfciv.exe MSJ Source: Sep. '95 MFCIV.EXE
08/04/95 S15374 w32qa995.exe MSJ Source: Sep. '95 W32QA995.EXE
08/04/95 S15372 dcomp.exe MSJ Source: Sep. '95 DCOMP.EXE
08/04/95 S15361 strtmenu.exe SAMPLE: Add to & Delete from Win 95 Start Menu
08/04/95 S15362 appbar.exe SAMPLE: Create an Application Desktop Toolbar
08/04/95 S15363 tooltips.exe SAMPLE: How to Use the ToolTip Common Control
08/01/95 S15353 oleq0895.exe MSJ Source: Aug. '95 OLEQ0895.EXE
08/01/95 S15352 cppq0895.exe MSJ Source: Aug. '95 CPPQ0895.EXE
08/01/95 S15351 ntserver.exe MSJ Source: Aug. '95 NTSERVER.EXE
08/01/95 S15350 sketchsc.exe MSJ Source: Aug. '95 SKETCHSC.EXE
08/01/95 S15346 mfcpart3.exe MSJ Source: Aug. '95 MFCPART3.EXE
07/28/95 S15364 vbdb300.exe Updated VBDB300.DLL
07/26/95 S15360 user32.exe Update to USER32.DBG file on Win NT 3.51 CD
07/26/95 S15356 gc1183.exe WordPerfect Converter for Word for Windows NT
07/25/95 S15539 pc800.exe Win95 Storage: Iomega PC800B
07/25/95 S15355 msrmtcn.exe Mail Remote MSRMTCN.DLL
07/25/95 S15408 cpqfws2e.exe Win95 Storage: Compaq 32-bit FastWide SCSI-2/E
07/25/95 S14365 msrmtui.exe Mail Remote MSRMTUI.DLL
07/25/95 S14675 msrupd.exe Windows Remote MSRMTTR.DLL 3.20.4013 Update
07/25/95 S14684 msrmtsu.exe Win Remote MSRMTSU.DLL 3.20.4013 Update
07/25/95 S14587 msrmt.exe Mail Remote MSRMT.DLL 3.2.4013 Update
07/20/95 S15543 odbc25.exe ODBC 2.5 Administrator & Driver Manager
07/14/95 S15413 rt1600nt.exe Win95 Storage: RT1600
07/14/95 S15359 untl.exe Unitool Version 3.08
07/13/95 S14588 wp695.exe Helpfile: Windows Printing Issues
07/13/95 S14856 tcp32b.exe TCP/IP-32 v. 3.11b for Windows for Workgroups
07/11/95 S15342 devcap.exe SAMPLE: Calling Device Functions in Win32s App
07/10/95 S15470 mdmtelin.exe Telindus (modems) mdmtelin.exe
07/10/95 S15396 i128.exe Number Nine, Imagine 128 (display) I128.exe
07/07/95 S14616 setupk.exe New VB Setup Toolkit & Setup Wizard
07/05/95 S15403 aha1542x.exe Adaptec AHA-1542CP (storage) aha1542x.exe
07/05/95 S15986 aha154x.exe Win95 Storage: SCSI Adapter AHA 1542CP
07/05/95 S15335 vc22xf.exe Increased File Libraries for Visual C++ 2.2
07/04/95 S15395 mga95x64.exe Win95 Display: Matrox MGA Millennium
07/01/95 S15308 gdiobj.exe MSJ Source: July. '95 GDIOBJ.EXE
07/01/95 S15241 cppq0795.exe MSJ Source: July. '95 CPPQ0795.EXE
07/01/95 S15307 mfcmsg.exe MSJ Source: July. '95 MFCMSG.EXE
07/01/95 S15309 w32q0795.exe MSJ Source: July. '95 W32Q0795.EXE
07/01/95 S15310 wqa0795.exe MSJ Source: July. '95 WQA0795.EXE
06/30/95 S15334 tcptsru.exe SMTP: TCPTSR.EXE Utility
06/29/95 S15402 sparrow.exe Win95 Storage: Adaptec AHA-1530P
06/29/95 S15521 atimct.exe ATI Graphics Expression mach64CT [Display]
06/29/95 S14399 olekb.exe OLE Knowledge Base as Help File (June 1995)
06/28/95 S14323 win32kb.exe Win32 SDK Knowledge Base Help File
06/27/95 S14223 smtpgw.exe SMTPGATE.EXE 3.0.9 Update
06/27/95 S14542 word695.exe Winword Help File on Current Issues
06/27/95 S15328 vmga.exe VMGATE.EXE Version 3.40.0042 Update
06/26/95 S15414 wd7296a.exe Win95 Storage: WD7193 / WD7197
06/26/95 S15540 ppa3.exe Win95 Storage: Iomega Zip 100
06/23/95 S15332 wt1175.exe Lotus Freelance Translator for PowerPoint 4.0
06/23/95 S15394 viper.exe Win95 Display: Diamond Viper display adaptors
06/21/95 S15329 ss.exe SourceSafe Knowledge Base as Help File Jun 95
06/21/95 S15323 wp1177.exe MS Proj 4.x: Third Party File Converter
06/21/95 S15324 odlistvw.exe SAMPLE: Highlight an Entire Row in a ListView
06/21/95 S15330 delta.exe Delta Knowledge Base as Help File (June 1995)
06/20/95 S15336 nmake15.exe PATCH: NMAKE on Windows 95 Won't Stop on Error
06/20/95 S15393 stealth.exe Win95 Display: Diamond Stealth 64 Drivers
06/20/95 S15357 blobrfx.exe BLOBRFX.EXE a New RFX_LongBinary()
06/20/95 S15290 wpcnv.exe Supp. WordPerfect 5.x & 6.x Converters Kit
06/18/95 S15318 fw0793.exe Chapter 15 of the "Getting Started" Manual
06/18/95 S15319 fw0969.exe Coordinating Menus &Screens w/ Foundation READ
06/16/95 S15008 decode32.exe SAMPLE: DECODE32: OLE Error Code Decoder Tool
06/15/95 S15339 projit.exe MS Project 4.0 OLB and VB DLL Files (Italian)
06/15/95 S15341 projsv.exe MS Project 4.0 OLB and VB DLL Files (Swedish)
06/15/95 S15340 projes.exe MS Project 4.0 OLB and VB DLL Files (Spanish)
06/15/95 S15338 projde.exe MS Project 4.0 OLB and VB DLL Files (German)
06/14/95 S15440 lexoptra.exe Win95 Printer: Lexmark Optra PS
06/14/95 S15448 tkph4401.exe Win95 Printer: Tektronix Phaser 440
06/14/95 S15433 d32_ms.exe Win95 Printer: PrintServer 32/Net
06/14/95 S15446 tkph3401.exe Win95 Printer: Tektronix Phaser 340
06/14/95 S15444 tkph1401.exe Win95 Printer: Tektronix Phaser 140
06/14/95 S15449 tkph5401.exe Win95 Printer: Tektronix Phaser 540
06/14/95 S15428 d1712_ms.exe Win95 Printer: PrintServer 17/12mb/net
06/14/95 S15434 d40_ms.exe Win95 Printer: PrintServer 40 Plus/Net
06/14/95 S15398 trid96xx.exe Trident Microsystems (display) trid96xx.exe
06/14/95 S15426 d17_ms.exe Win95 Printer: PrintServer 17/Net
06/14/95 S15337 projfr.exe MS Project 4.0 OLB and VB DLL Files (French)
06/14/95 S15436 d5100_ms.exe Win95 Printer: DEC Laser 5100/Net
06/14/95 S15443 tk240171.exe Win95 Printer: Tektronix Phaser 240
06/14/95 S15431 d20_ms.exe Win95 Printer: Turbo PrintServer 20/Net
06/14/95 S15438 dc3500_1.exe Win95 Printer: DEClaser 3500
06/14/95 S15430 d176_ms.exe Win95 Printer: PrintServer 17/600/Net
06/13/95 S15424 olitoken.exe Win95 Network: TokenExpress 32 EISA 16/4
06/13/95 S15429 olitokol.exe Win95 Network: Olicom 32-bit Token Server
06/13/95 S15415 pwrchut.exe Win95 Miscellaneous: Back UPS Pro 280/420/650
06/13/95 S15416 elnkpla.exe Win95 Network: 3Com 3C505 EtherLink Plus
06/13/95 S15437 racalni.exe Win95 Network: Racal ES3210, NI5210, NI6510
06/13/95 S15418 irmadca.exe Win95 Network: IRMAtrac Convertible/HardTop
06/13/95 S15421 hpfend.exe Win95 Network: HPJ2573/77 10/100VG Selectable
06/13/95 S15457 i82593.exe Win95 Network: ZDS A-Note
06/13/95 S15316 wing10.exe WinG SDK 1.0
06/13/95 S15453 ncc16.exe Win95 Network: Tulip NCC-16
06/13/95 S15427 slan.exe Win95 Network: StarCard, StarLAN, WaveLan,
06/13/95 S15454 ubnei.exe Win95 Network: Ungermann BassNIU/NIC/NUI/pcNIU
06/13/95 S15432 pro4a.exe Win95 Network: Proteon ISA Token Ring, proNet
06/13/95 S15455 pe2ndis.exe Win95 Network: Pocket Ethernet I(PE1)/ II(PE2)
06/13/95 S15420 evx16.exe Win95 Network: Everex SpeedLink /PC16
06/12/95 S14211 ole2.exe OLE 2.0: Simple Windows Object
06/05/95 S14187 mssfs.exe MSSFS.DLL Update
06/05/95 S15441 smc8232w.exe SMC 8232 EtherCard Plus Elite32 Ultra
06/05/95 S14571 mailupd.exe MSMAIL.EXE 3.20.4085 Update
06/05/95 S15435 ndis89xr.exe Win95 Network: Proteon P1892 proNET 4/16 Token
06/05/95 S15442 smcpwrw.exe Win95 Network: EtherPower PCI, 2PCI, PCI10/100
06/05/95 S15392 avance.exe Win95 Display: Avance Logic & SPEA V7- Vega
06/05/95 S15425 irmatrac.exe Win95 Network: Microdyne IRMAtrac 16/4,PNP
06/02/95 S15305 win32sj.exe Missing Japanese Win32s-J Version 1.25 Files
06/01/95 S15345 delphiap.exe MSJ Source: June '95 DELPHIAP.EXE
06/01/95 S15347 cqa0695.exe MSJ Source: June '95 CQA0695.EXE
06/01/95 S15348 oqa0695.exe MSJ Source: June '95 OQ0695.EXE
06/01/95 S15349 wqa0695.exe MSJ Source: June '95 WQA0695.EXE
06/01/95 S15344 mfcpart1.exe MSJ Source: June '95 MFCPART1.EXE
06/01/95 S15312 te9521.exe Tech*Ed 95: Integrating MS Project & MS Access
06/01/95 S15302 memdc.exe SAMPLE: Drawing to a Memory Bitmap for Speed
06/01/95 S15301 pen2ctl.exe Custom Controls for Windows 95 Pen Services
06/01/95 S15300 palfade.exe SAMPLE: Fade a Bitmap Using Palette Animation
05/31/95 S15314 optarg.exe OLE Automation and Optional Parameters
05/31/95 S15315 typebld.exe SAMPLE: Using ICreateTypeLib & ICreateTypeInfo
05/31/95 S15299 fixprnt.exe SAMPLE: FIXPAR Fixes Reported Database Errors
05/31/95 S15311 binary.exe SAMPLE: Transfer Binary Data w/ OLE Automation
05/30/95 S15304 mfcinp16.exe SAMPLE: Inproc 16-Bit MFC Automation Object
05/30/95 S15303 mfcinp32.exe SAMPLE: Inproc 32-Bit MFC Automation Object
05/30/95 S15295 lavalamp.exe SAMPLE: Simulating Palette Animation
05/26/95 S15390 vodafax.exe AST Research (Audio) Advantage 2400
05/26/95 S15389 modemwav.exe AST Research (Audio) modemwav.exe
05/26/95 S15331 fpsfix95.exe PATCH: Fortran PowerStation Graphics on Win 95
05/25/95 S15447 skfiw95.exe SysKonnect SK-NET FDDI ISA skfiw95.exe
05/25/95 S15450 skfmw95.exe SysKonnect SK-NET FDDI MCA skfmw95.exe
05/25/95 S15411 ql400.exe Win95 Storage: Fast!SCSI EISA / Fast!SCSI ISA
05/25/95 S15452 sktokw95.exe Win95 Network: SysKonnect SK-NET TR 4/16+
05/25/95 S15407 t338.exe Win95 Storage: Adaptec Trantor T338
05/25/95 S15456 pe3ndis.exe Win95 Network: Pocket Ethernet III (PE3)
05/25/95 S15406 t130.exe Win95 Storage: Adaptec Trantor T130
05/25/95 S15401 mousesys.exe Win95 Misc: Mouse Systems PC Trackball II
05/25/95 S15451 skethw95.exe Win95 Network: SKNET G16 ETHERNET, SK-NET G32+
05/25/95 S15489 ql1000.exe Win95 Storage: Fast!SCSI IQ PCI/SCSI IQ PCI-10
05/25/95 S15417 netflx3.exe Win95 Network: Compaq NetFlex3/P
05/25/95 S15419 ewrk3.exe Win95 Network: DE203/204/205 EtherWORKS 3
05/25/95 S15445 skfew95.exe Win95 Network: SK-NET FDDI EISA/ISA/MCA
05/25/95 S15422 ibmtok4.exe Win95 Network: IBM Auto 16/4 ISA Token Ring
05/25/95 S15405 t128.exe Win95 Storage: Adaptec Trantor T128
05/24/95 S15296 mhsinp.exe MHSINP.EXE Version 3.0.9 Update
05/22/95 S15293 gm1170.exe Golf: Improving Swing Control
05/22/95 S15294 fontinst.exe SAMPLE: Adding TrueType, Raster, Vector Fonts
05/22/95 S14529 x400ga.exe X400GATE.EXE 3.2.17 Update
05/18/95 S15306 tmrproc.exe SAMPLE: Using a TimerProc Function in MFC App
05/18/95 S15291 pwasetup.exe PROFS: PWASETUP 3.4a.041 Update
05/17/95 S15297 xd1033.exe How to Create a Table of Contents Using Word
05/10/95 S15289 schmsg.exe Mail SCHEDMSG.DLL Version 3.2.4086 Update
05/05/95 S14582 extupd.exe Mail EXTERNAL.EXE 3.2.18 Update
05/04/95 S14570 impupd.exe Mail IMPORT.EXE 3.2.18 Update
05/04/95 S14532 setupd.exe Run Windows Client from Network
05/04/95 S15288 mar95hcl.exe WinNT3.5 March 95 Hardware Compatability List
05/04/95 s14078 mapiupd.exe Simple MAPI Update
05/01/95 S15240 wqa0595.exe MSJ Source: May. '95 WQA0595.EXE
05/01/95 S15236 win95vxd.exe MSJ Source: May. '95 WIN95VXD.EXE
05/01/95 S15238 cqa0595.exe MSJ Source: May. '95 CQA0595.EXE
05/01/95 S15237 oleauto.exe MSJ Source: May. '95 OLEAUTO.EXE
05/01/95 S15036 accsvc.exe Microsoft Access version 2.0 Service Pack
05/01/95 S15239 dqa0595.exe MSJ Source: May. '95 DQA0595.EXE
04/28/95 S14758 splus.exe SPLUS.DLL 1.00.4002 Update and SAL Files
04/28/95 S15282 te9520.exe Tech*Ed 95: Building an Application
04/28/95 S15280 te9519.exe Tech*Ed 95: Using OLE Controls
04/27/95 S15281 te9518.exe Tech*Ed 95: Designing Reports
04/27/95 S15285 te9515.exe Tech*Ed 95: Upsizing Applications
04/27/95 S15270 te9504.exe Tech*Ed 95: Data Access Objects Fundamentals
04/27/95 S15283 te9516.exe Tech*Ed 95: Database Optimization Techniques
04/27/95 S15284 te9514.exe Tech*Ed 95: Client-Server App. Development
04/27/95 S15286 te9517.exe Tech*Ed 95: Accessing External Data
04/27/95 S15279 te9511.exe Tech*Ed 95: Query Tips and Tricks
04/27/95 S15274 te9507.exe Tech*Ed 95: Managing MS Access Security
04/27/95 S15269 te9503.exe Tech*Ed 95: Microsoft Access DAO Programming
04/27/95 S15268 te9501.exe Tech*Ed 95: Relational Database Design
04/27/95 S15267 te9502.exe Tech*Ed 95: Access Basic Code
04/27/95 S15271 te9510.exe Tech*Ed 95: Using MS Access Forms
04/27/95 S15272 te9505.exe Tech*Ed 95: Database Building Blocks
04/27/95 S15273 te9506.exe Tech*Ed 95: MS Office Integration Techniques
04/27/95 S15278 te9512.exe Tech*Ed 95: Using MS Query and ODBC
04/27/95 S15275 te9509.exe Tech*Ed 95: Writing MS Access Wizards
04/27/95 S15276 te9508.exe Tech*Ed 95: Creating Multiuser Applications
04/27/95 S15277 te9513.exe Tech*Ed 95: Advanced Data Access Objects
04/25/95 S14638 vbhc505.exe Updated Help Compilers for Word 6.0
04/25/95 S14344 hc505.exe Latest Version of 3.1 Help Compiler
04/25/95 S14636 what6.exe Windows Help Authoring Tool 6.0 (WHAT6)
04/24/95 S14531 admupd.exe ADMIN.EXE 3.2.17 Update
04/20/95 S13134 ww0440.exe DrWatson and MSD Diagnostics
04/19/95 S15264 nnet.exe Updated NET.EXE for Basic Redirector Problem
04/17/95 S13354 wdl.txt WDL: Win 3.1 Driver Library Listing
04/16/95 S15257 escp2c.exe Win3.x: Epson ESC/P2c 2.21
04/16/95 S15258 cp2-72x4.exe Win3.x: Seiko ColorPoint 2 PSF 2.1.1
04/16/95 S15247 wordia.exe Internet Assistant for Word
04/16/95 S15260 visvideo.exe Win3.x: Visionetics MPEG Master 3.1
04/10/95 S15250 barsdi.exe Customizing the Toolbar Control
04/06/95 S15252 choose.exe Choosing Database Tools White Paper
04/06/95 S15254 oc1016.exe OLE Custom Controls DLL
04/06/95 S15256 vbagrp.exe Microsoft Graph VBA Help File
04/06/95 S15261 rushmr.exe Rushmore Query Optimization
04/06/95 S15262 upsize.exe Upsizing Tools Information
04/06/95 S15251 adtlic.exe Updated ADT License Agreement
04/04/95 S14979 office.exe Office: Help File on Office Setup Issues
04/01/95 S15214 wqa0495.exe MSJ Source: Apr. '95 WQA0495.EXE
04/01/95 S15212 cqa0495.exe MSJ Source: Apr. '95 CQA0495.EXE
04/01/95 S15213 wn320495.exe MSJ Source: Apr. '95 WN320495.EXE
03/31/95 S15265 xd1155.exe Cross-Platform Differences in WordBasic
03/29/95 S15245 wv1160.exe Video 1.1e for Windows Run-Time Edition
03/29/95 S15246 ftpsmx.exe FTPSMX.EXE Download File for Windows NT 3.5
03/28/95 S15244 glthread.exe SAMPLE: Using Multiple Threads in OpenGL App
03/27/95 S15243 textfx.exe SAMPLE: Using Paths to Create Text Effects
03/24/95 S15819 wordvu.txt Microsoft Word Viewer Version 6.0 (Overview)
03/23/95 S15220 sevnt022.exe New Version of SNDEVNTS.DRV File Fixes Bug
03/22/95 S15242 vcfdiv.exe Pentium FDIV Patch for Visual C++ 2.0
03/21/95 S15358 gotcha.exe MSJ Source: Apr. '95 GOTCHA.EXE
03/20/95 S15496 wordvu.exe Microsoft Word Viewer Version 6.0 (Freeware)
03/20/95 S15209 containr.exe MSJ Source: Apr. '95 CONTAINR.EXE
03/20/95 S13372 dmldemo.exe Sample Code Demonstrates DDEML
03/17/95 S15219 lnk563.exe PATCH: Link.exe Version 5.60.339
03/16/95 S15216 mfcogl.exe Code Sample Demonstrates Using OpenGL with MFC
03/14/95 S15215 demo.exe Scenes 2.0 Demonstration
03/13/95 S15208 dig.exe Scenes: Add Your Own Photos Order Form
03/10/95 S15123 dynset.exe Using Dynasets w/ 16-Bit MFC Database Classes
03/08/95 S14663 position.exe FILE: Help File for VB OLE Automation w/Word for Windows
03/07/95 S14590 ww1000.exe Updated VSHARE.386 for Windows
03/07/95 S15207 mfc252a.exe MFC 2.52 Patch for Database Classes
03/07/95 S15325 winfaq.exe Windows FAQ Help File
03/06/95 S15180 dosq0395.exe MSJ Source: Mar. '95 DOSQ0395.EXE
03/06/95 S15210 memman.exe MSJ Source: Apr. '95 MEMMAN.EXE
03/06/95 S15211 multilin.exe MSJ Source: Apr. '95 MULTILIN.EXE
03/02/95 S15063 shared.hqx PowerPoint 3.0 Shared Code Manager
03/02/95 S15062 pptexg.hqx PowerPoint Apple File Exchange Translator
02/28/95 S15206 vc287p.exe Patch for Visual C++ Math Routines on 287
02/28/95 S12665 dkey.exe Using Stored DATETIME Key for Data Retrieval
02/28/95 S13551 we0500.exe A Practical Guide to Using Q+E
02/27/95 S14235 cpavga.exe WNTDL: Compaq AVGA
02/24/95 S15194 dma.exe SAMPLE: Using APIs to Run Slave DMA for Device
02/24/95 S14994 mfc31wp.exe Microsoft Foundation Classes 3.0 White Paper
02/24/95 S15195 async.exe SAMPLE: Async Notification from Kernel Mode
02/24/95 S14586 srvupd.exe Mail SRVMAIN.EXE 3.2.14 Update
02/23/95 S15192 getupd.exe LGTWGET and LMACGET Version 3.4.6 Update
02/23/95 S14544 xl0295.exe Help File: Microsoft Excel 100 Top Articles
02/23/95 S14584 rebupd.exe REBUILD.EXE Version 3.2.16 Update
02/23/95 S14888 wd0295.exe Word Top 100 KB Articles
02/21/95 S15191 portio.exe PORTIO Code Sample for Generic Port I/O Driver
02/21/95 S15190 zwcf.exe SAMPLE: Using ZwCreateFile() to Open File
02/21/95 S14830 mmfutil.exe MMFCLEAN.EXE Utility
02/17/95 S15189 escp2ms.exe Printer Epson Stylus ESC/P 2 3.51
02/17/95 S15188 migrat.exe FoxPro Migration Application
02/16/95 S15217 dcscsi.exe Windows NT 3.5 SCSI Tekram DC-820C EISA Driver
02/15/95 S14704 wd1015.exe Optimizing Performance of Word 6 for Windows
02/14/95 S14461 mtdll.exe Multithreaded DLL Sample
02/10/95 S15187 c320tnta.exe Net NT3.5 CISCO CDDI/FDDI EISA 1.4
02/10/95 S15186 defeaa.exe Net NT3.5 DEC CDDI/FDDI EISA
02/08/95 S15161 nt6sup.exe Word 6.0 for Windows NT Supp. Converters
02/08/95 S15173 wx1121.exe Overview of Events for MS Access
02/08/95 S14420 mswrd6.exe Word 6.0 Converter for WinWord 2.x
02/07/95 S15172 progps.exe Automap: Global Positioning System Drivers (2)
02/07/95 S15259 glide.exe Win3.x: GlidePoint Trackpad 9.00a
02/03/95 S15179 cppq0395.exe MSJ Source: Mar. '95 CPPQ0395.EXE
02/03/95 S15178 bocole.exe MSJ Source: Mar. '95 BOCOLE.EXE
02/03/95 S15181 shellex.exe MSJ Source: Mar. '95 SHELLEX.EXE
02/03/95 S15193 tvwstate.exe Multiple selection tree-view control
02/02/95 S15150 xe0183.exe Tips for Manipulating the Data in a Chart
02/02/95 S15157 ww1140.exe Windows Solution for Faulty Pentium FPU
01/30/95 S15152 skfmnt.exe Net: SysKonnect FDDI MCA 2.10
01/30/95 S15176 vccrt1.exe C/C++ 7.0 or Visual C++ 1.x Run-Time Sources
01/30/95 S15153 skfint.exe Net SysKonnect FDDI ISA 2.10
01/30/95 S15177 vccrt2.exe C/C++ 7.0 or Visual C++ 1.x Run-Time Sources
01/30/95 S15154 skfent.exe Net SysKonnect FDDI EISA 2.10
01/30/95 S15174 c7crt1.exe C/C++ 7.0 or Visual C++ 1.x Run-Time Sources
01/30/95 S14909 smcpci.exe Net: SMC SMCPWR Ethernet PCI 1.1 for NT3.5
01/30/95 S15155 ncrtok.exe Net: NCR StartLAN 16/4 TR v3.1.1 for NT3.5
01/30/95 S15158 zlxp-e1.exe Video: DEC ZLXp-E1 TGA 3.5-1.0
01/30/95 S15156 at1700nt.exe Net: Allied Telesyn AT1700 Ethernet v3.10
01/30/95 S14626 smc32.exe Net: SMC Ultra32 Ethernet EISA 1.05 for NT3.5
01/30/95 S15159 cl54xx.exe Video: Cirrus CL54xx 1.0
01/30/95 S14953 de300x.exe Net: DEC DE300 FDDI EISA 1.54
01/30/95 S14354 c320nt.exe Net: Cisco C320 FDDI/CDDI EISA v1.4 for NT 3.5
01/30/95 S14304 octk16.exe Net: Olicom 16/4 TR Family v3.01 for NT3.5
01/30/95 S15175 c7crt2.exe C/C++ 7.0 or Visual C++ 1.x Run-Time Sources
01/30/95 S15138 wsetup.exe Mail SETUP.INF for WFWG 3.11
01/30/95 S15185 bsc200.exe Microsoft C/C++ Browser Toolkit for Visual C++
01/27/95 S15140 bwest.exe Automap: Best Western Hotel Database
01/27/95 S15144 map.exe Automap: Road Atlas Replacement Map
01/27/95 S15141 andre.exe Automap: San Andreas Fault
01/27/95 S15145 pro.exe Automap Pro Upgrade File
01/26/95 S15149 wd1153.exe Word Viewer Technical White Paper
01/25/95 S15133 wsa16.exe Sockets Applications on Windows Platform
01/25/95 S15132 seedib.exe 16 and 32 Bits-Per-Pel Bitmap Formats
01/25/95 S15134 pw1016.exe MS Multimedia Viewer 2.0 Compiler Update
01/25/95 S15075 ww1138.exe Updated Calculator Accessory for Windows
01/24/95 S15130 wx1050.exe Microsoft Access Database Structure Wizard
01/24/95 S15131 wg1129.exe WG1129: Updated Files from Window NT 3.5 CD
01/23/95 S15129 mhsainst.exe MHS Gateway Access INSTALL.EXE 3.0.1 Update
01/23/95 S15128 mhsginst.exe MHS Gateway INSTALL.EXE 3.0.1 Update
01/19/95 S15135 wa0883.exe MS Mail PO Diagnostics Utility Version 3.2.1
01/18/95 S15124 hp4v.txt HP 4V Drivers Don't Install Off Floppy Disk
01/15/95 S15230 status.exe Microsoft Workgroup Templates 1.1 (Status)
01/15/95 S15234 wbmapi.exe Microsoft Workgroup Templates 1.1 (WBMAPI)
01/15/95 S15228 service.exe Microsoft Workgroup Templates 1.1 (Service)
01/15/95 S15235 xlmapi.exe Microsoft Workgroup Templates 1.1 (XLMAPI)
01/15/95 S15222 expense.exe Microsoft Workgroup Templates 1.1 (Expense)
01/15/95 S15232 travel.exe Microsoft Workgroup Templates 1.1 (Travel)
01/15/95 S15231 supply.exe Microsoft Workgroup Templates 1.1 (Supply)
01/15/95 S15233 vbasmapi.exe Microsoft Workgroup Templates 1.1 (VBASMAPI)
01/15/95 S15229 spluslib.exe Microsoft Workgroup Templates 1.1 (SPlusLib)
01/15/95 S15227 rquery.exe Microsoft Workgroup Templates 1.1 (Rquery)
01/15/95 S15226 report.exe Microsoft Workgroup Templates 1.1 (Report)
01/15/95 S15225 meeting.exe Microsoft Workgroup Templates 1.1 (Meeting)
01/15/95 S15224 helpdesk.exe Microsoft Workgroup Templates 1.1 (Helpdesk)
01/15/95 S15223 expert.exe Microsoft Workgroup Templates 1.1 (Expert)
01/13/95 S15119 winnttlc.exe Windows NT Technical Library Catalog
01/13/95 S15221 customer.exe Microsoft Workgroup Templates 1.1 (Customer)
01/12/95 S15118 svolb.exe Visual Basic and Excel Object Library Swedish
01/12/95 S15117 itolb.exe Visual Basic and Excel Object Library Italian
01/12/95 S15127 netbeui.exe Updated NETBEUI.386 Fixes Slow Data Transfers
01/10/95 S15093 fw1125.exe APPNOTE: Combine Browse Window with Get Fields
01/10/95 S15096 frolb.exe Visual Basic and Excel OLB Files - French
01/10/95 S15097 spolb.exe Visual Basic and Excel Object Library - Span
01/10/95 S15099 brolb.exe Visual Basic and Excel Object Library Brazil
01/06/95 S14230 gwput.exe Gateway-Put Executables Update
01/06/95 S15098 grolb.exe Visual Basic and Excel Object Library German
01/06/95 S15125 gc1133.exe Converter: Lotus 1-2-3 v 2.0-5.0 to WinWord 6
01/04/95 S14760 vbapps.exe VB for Applications helpfile
01/04/95 S15068 stepup.exe MS-DOS Step-up Kit US version
01/01/95 S15028 games.exe MSJ Source: Jan. 1995 GAMES.exe
01/01/95 S15027 winq0195.exe MSJ Source: Jan. 1995 WINQ0195.exe
01/01/95 S15026 cppq0195.exe MSJ Source: Jan. 1995 cppq0195.exe
01/01/95 S15029 cartoon.exe MSJ Source: Jan. 1995 CARTOON.exe
01/01/95 S15030 vfwmfc.exe MSJ Source: Jan. 1995 VFWMFC.exe
12/29/94 S15071 steppor.exe MS-DOS Step-up Portuguese version
12/29/94 S15059 oa94doc.exe OLE Automation '94 Documentation
12/29/94 S15067 reskit.exe Windows 3.1 Resource Kit Files
12/29/94 S15070 stepger.exe MS-DOS Step-up Kit German version
12/29/94 S15072 stepspa.exe MS-DOS Step-up Kit Spanish version
12/29/94 S15069 stepfrn.exe MS-DOS Step-up Kit French version
12/28/94 S15136 vc20crta.exe Visual C++ 2.0 Run-Time Library Sources
12/27/94 S15065 testwp.exe How to Simplify Testing Windows-Based Apps
12/27/94 S15064 testware.exe File Explains Why Automated Testing Is Better
12/27/94 S14815 longname.exe MSJ Source: Aug '94 longname.exe
12/22/94 S15051 pd0321.exe PD0321: Removing Non-DOS Partitions with Debug
12/22/94 S14127 pd0771.exe PD0771: Repartitioning a Hard Disk
12/22/94 S13673 ww0654.exe WW0654: Windows 3.1 and Serial Communications
12/21/94 S15122 ntsvev.exe MS Windows NT 3.5 Server Evaluation Guide
12/21/94 S15121 ntwkev.exe MS Windows NT 3.5 Workstation Evaluation Guide
12/21/94 S15050 vc1wxf.exe Increased File Handles Libs, VC++ and Win Apps
12/21/94 S15049 ppt30qa.hqx PowerPoint 3.0: Answers to Common Questions
12/20/94 S13206 pd0470.exe System Fails When Using EMM386
12/20/94 S13675 wg0667.exe WG0667: Peer-to-Peer vs. Client-Server
12/20/94 S15039 we1136.exe Pentium FPU Patch for Use with Microsoft Excel
12/19/94 S13676 wg0666.exe WG0666: Setup Information
12/19/94 S15045 ibmtokr.exe Updated IBMTOK.DOS Corrects Error 5736
12/19/94 S15001 we1130.exe Lotus 1-2-3 WK4 File Converter
12/16/94 S15053 controls.exe MSJ Source: Feb. '95 CONTROLS.EXE
12/16/94 S15058 wp1043.exe MS Proj 4.x: Constants for Project and VB
12/16/94 S15057 w32q0295.exe MSJ Source: Feb. '95 W32Q0295.EXE
12/16/94 S15056 winq0295.exe MSJ Source: Feb. '95 WINQ0295.EXE
12/16/94 S15052 opengl3.exe MSJ Source: Feb. '95 OPENGL3.EXE
12/16/94 S15054 synchro.exe MSJ Source: Feb. '95 SYNCRO.EXE
12/16/94 S15055 cppq0295.exe MSJ Source: Feb. '95 CPPQ0295.EXE
12/15/94 S15076 vcntxf.exe Increased File Libraries for Visual C++ 1.0
12/15/94 S15077 vc20xf.exe Increased File Libraries for Visual C++ 2.0
12/14/94 S15038 wd1025.exe Supplemental Macros for Word 6.0 for Windows
12/14/94 S15043 wd1114.exe List of Shortcut Keys for Word 6.0 for Windows
12/13/94 S15042 hpcljaxp.exe Printer HP Color LJ 1.0 ALPHA
12/13/94 S15040 hpcljmip.exe Printer HP Color LJ 1.0 MIPS
12/13/94 S15041 hpclji38.exe Printer HP Color LJ 1.0 X86
12/12/94 S15218 dlgdb.exe SAMPLE: DLGDB CDialog Shares CRecordset Object
12/10/94 S15046 vc20crtl.exe Visual C++ 2.0 Run-Time Library Source Code
12/09/94 S14766 wfw12.exe Help file: Top articles for WFWG
12/07/94 S15037 resize.exe RESIZE Sample Code to Resize Window by Jumps
12/01/94 S14982 unicode.exe MSJ Source: Dec '94 UNICODE.EXE
12/01/94 S14983 ttychic.exe MSJ Source: Dec '94 TTYCHIC.EXE
12/01/94 S15034 fixfre.exe Tool Fixes Database Errors Reported by ANALYZE
12/01/94 S14984 wqa1294.exe MSJ Source: Dec '94 WQA1294.EXE
12/01/94 S14985 w32q1294.exe MSJ Source: Dec '94 W32Q1294.EXE
12/01/94 S15035 ddcon.exe Corrected SourceSafe DDCONV.EXE File
12/01/94 S14986 cqa1294.exe MSJ Source: Dec '94 CQA1294.EXE
12/01/94 S14981 win32spy.exe MSJ Source: Dec '94 WIN32SPY.EXE
12/01/94 S15033 fixproj.exe FIXPRJ Fixes Project Errors for SourceSafe
11/30/94 S15024 vc1lxf.exe Increased File Handles Libs, VC++ and Win DLLs
11/30/94 S13147 dynaccel.exe Dynamic Accelerator Table Source
11/30/94 S15019 c6dsxf.exe Increased File Handles for MSC 6.0 and MS-DOS
11/30/94 S15020 c6osxf.exe Increased File Handles Libs, MSC 6.0 and OS/2
11/30/94 S15021 c7dsxf.exe Increased File Handles Libs, C/C++ 7.0, MS-DOS
11/30/94 S15023 vc1dxf.exe Increased File Handles Libs, VC++ and MS-DOS
11/30/94 S14798 vbmci.exe Using MCI Commands in VB
11/30/94 S15022 c7whnd.exe Increased File Handles, C/C++ 7.0, Win Apps
11/29/94 S15014 hp4v_axp.exe Printer HP 4V/4MV ALPHA 1.0
11/29/94 S15015 hp4vmips.exe Printer HP 4V/4MV MIPS 1.0
11/29/94 S15017 artz-pad.exe Wacom ArtZ/ArtPad Tablets 1.0
11/29/94 S15031 artpad.exe Wacom ArtPad Tablet 1.0
11/29/94 S15032 artz.exe Wacom ArtZ Tablet 1.0
11/29/94 S15016 hp4vi386.exe Printer HP 4V/4MV X86 1.0
11/28/94 S14527 datapr.exe Data Products LZR Printer Driver
11/28/94 S15012 dlgcbr.exe SAMPLE: Adds Control Bar to MFC Dialog
11/28/94 S15013 xlodbc.exe Version 5.0c XLODBC.XLA and XLODBC.DLL Files
11/17/94 S15005 drgdrpt.exe SAMPLE: DRGDRPT: OLE Drag-Drop Target
11/17/94 S15006 drgdrps.exe SAMPLE: DRGDRPS: OLE Drag-Drop Source
11/17/94 S15007 decode16.exe SAMPLE: DECODE16: OLE Error Code Decoder Tool
11/15/94 S13580 sqlstres.exe Sample DB-Lib Application for Windows NT
11/14/94 S14822 xe0962_w.exe Equations for Financial Functions
11/14/94 S15025 mfcvbx.exe MFCVBX Sample VBX Control Created with MFC
11/11/94 S14997 mfc_mig.exe MFC Migration Toolkit
11/11/94 S14998 fileasso.exe SAMPLE: How to Use File Associations
11/10/94 S15018 odlist2.exe Right Aligning Substring of Digits in Listbox
11/08/94 S14993 wg1126.exe WG1126: Updated AWFAXIO.DLL Fixes System Hang
11/08/94 S14821 mailkbi.exe Full-Text Search for KB Help Files
11/08/94 S13377 pvtdlg.exe Private Dialog Class Sample Code
11/08/94 S13692 cddeml.exe Sample: DDEML Using MFC
11/04/94 S14990 lnk100.exe Updated 32 Bit Linker for Windows NT 3.5
11/04/94 S14796 mcimpg.exe MPEG Command Set for MCI
11/04/94 S14991 lnk562.exe Updated 16 Bit Linker for Windows NT 3.5
11/02/94 S14898 matrox.exe Video Matrox MGA-PCI PCI 2.01
11/01/94 S14869 tabdlg.exe MSJ Source: Oct 1994 tabdlg.exe
11/01/94 S14935 dosq1194.exe MSJ Source: Nov. 1994 dosq1194.exe
11/01/94 S14933 cppq1194.exe MSJ Source: Nov. 1994 cppq1194.exe
11/01/94 S14932 cubes.exe MSJ Source: Nov. 1994 cubes.exe
11/01/94 S14934 winq1194.exe MSJ Source: Nov. 1994 winq1194.exe
10/26/94 S14980 mssfs32.exe Updated MSSFS32.EXE for MS Windows NT 3.5
10/20/94 S14965 sp3_38.exe U.S. Service Pack 3 for Windows NT version 3.1
10/20/94 S14966 sp3_39.exe U.S. Service Pack 3 for Windows NT version 3.1
10/20/94 S14967 sp3_51.exe U.S. Service Pack 3 for Windows NT version 3.1
10/20/94 S14968 sp3_52.exe U.S. Service Pack 3 for Windows NT version 3.1
10/20/94 S14969 sp3_53.exe U.S. Service Pack 3 for Windows NT version 3.1
10/20/94 S14970 sp3_54.exe U.S. Service Pack 3 for Windows NT version 3.1
10/20/94 S14971 sp3_55.exe U.S. Service Pack 3 for Windows NT version 3.1
10/20/94 S14972 sp3_56.exe U.S. Service Pack 3 for Windows NT version 3.1
10/20/94 S14975 sp3_59.exe U.S. Service Pack 3 for Windows NT version 3.1
10/20/94 S14977 sp3_5b.exe U.S. Service Pack 3 for Windows NT version 3.1
10/20/94 S14964 sp3_37.exe U.S. Service Pack 3 for Windows NT version 3.1
10/20/94 S14974 sp3_58.exe U.S. Service Pack 3 for Windows NT version 3.1
10/20/94 S14075 wa0725.exe Directory Synchronization (Dir-Sync)
10/20/94 S14973 sp3_57.exe U.S. Service Pack 3 for Windows NT version 3.1
10/20/94 S14958 sp3_31.exe U.S. Service Pack 3 for Windows NT version 3.1
10/20/94 S14963 sp3_36.exe U.S. Service Pack 3 for Windows NT version 3.1
10/20/94 S14976 sp3_5a.exe U.S. Service Pack 3 for Windows NT version 3.1
10/20/94 S14959 sp3_32.exe U.S. Service Pack 3 for Windows NT version 3.1
10/20/94 S14961 sp3_34.exe U.S. Service Pack 3 for Windows NT version 3.1
10/20/94 S14962 sp3_35.exe U.S. Service Pack 3 for Windows NT version 3.1
10/20/94 S14960 sp3_33.exe U.S. Service Pack 3 for Windows NT version 3.1
10/19/94 S14227 810cqa.exe MSJ 10/93: C/C++ Q & A
10/19/94 S14228 taskwind.exe MSJ 10/93: Windows and Tasks
10/19/94 S14229 events.exe MSJ 10/93: Using Events
10/19/94 S14226 810winqa.exe MSJ 10/93: Windows Q & A
10/18/94 S14992 fpsntu01.exe FORTRAN PowerStation 32 Update for Win NT 3.5
10/18/94 S14621 fl32nt.exe NT Net Intel Flash32 ETH EISA 1.5
10/18/94 S14952 de300a.exe Net: DEC DE300 FDDI EISA for ALPHA v1.50
10/18/94 S14950 art35.exe NT Video Artist Graphics ISA 1.5
10/12/94 S14946 xe0872.exe Creating a Crosstab with Crosstab ReportWizard
10/12/94 S14947 newmib.exe Two .MIB Files Missing from Win32 SDK
10/11/94 S13617 wp0612.exe Microsoft Project 3.0 and Networks
10/10/94 S14471 ee16nt.exe Net Intel EE16 ETH ISA 3.50
10/07/94 S14944 hf1047.exe Using FORTRAN 5.1 with Visual Basic
10/07/94 S13203 pd0466.exe How to Repartition with FDISK
10/07/94 S13543 win31qa2.exe Windows 3.1 Top 10 Q & A
10/05/94 S14174 winqa85.exe MSJ Source: May 1993 winqa85.exe
10/05/94 S14175 ring0.exe MSJ Source: May 1993 ring0.exe
10/05/94 S14188 wormhole.exe MSJ Source: July 1993 wormhole.exe
10/05/94 S14189 liposuct.exe MSJ Source: July 1993 liposuct.exe
10/05/94 S14190 dosqa87.exe MSJ Source: July 1993 dosqa87.exe
10/05/94 S14201 threads2.exe Sync Win32 Threads threads2.exe
10/05/94 S14034 wg0772.exe Banyan VINES 5.00 Support
10/05/94 S14212 vb3.exe VB 3.0 Database Access, vb3.exe
10/05/94 S14027 wg0768.exe WG0768: Banyan VINES 4.11 Support
10/05/94 S14005 wg0670.exe WG0670: Intel SOFTSET Utility
10/05/94 S13993 wg0673.exe NetWare Not Supported w/ArcNet Cards
10/05/94 S14213 vbdist.exe MSJ: VB Distribution Disk vbdist.exe
10/05/94 S13983 diag.exe MSJ Source: March 1993 diag.exe
10/05/94 S13878 vxd1.exe MSJ Source: February 1993 vxd1.exe
10/05/94 S13877 winqa82.exe MSJ Source: February 1993 winqa82.ex
10/05/94 S14035 wg0773.exe WG0773: Banyan VINES 5.50 Support
10/04/94 S14938 cpqnfx.exe Net Compaq NetFlex Family 3.11
10/04/94 S14827 titok.exe Net TI TMS380/2000 16/4 TR 1.12
10/04/94 S14937 rictok.exe Net Racal 16/4 Token-Ring 2.16
10/04/94 S14824 ractok.exe Net Racore 16/4 Token-Ring 2.16
10/04/94 S14939 andtok2.exe Net Andrew MasterSeries TR 1.0
10/04/94 S14940 icleth.exe Net ICL EtherTeam Family Eth 1.0
10/04/94 S14203 88dosqa.exe MSJ: DOS Q & A
10/04/94 S14457 nscpcm.exe Net NSC InfoMover Eth PCMCIA 1.9
10/04/94 S14202 88winqa.exe MSJ Windows Q&A 88winqa.exe
10/04/94 S14936 radtok.exe Net RAD 16/4 Token-Ring 2.16
10/03/94 S14916 sndplay.exe SNDPLAY Sample Code Plays a Sound File
10/03/94 S14779 ddrec.exe Direct-to-Disk Recorder with ACM
10/03/94 S14918 midisx.exe App Demos MIDI System Exclusive Communication
10/01/94 S14868 opengl.exe MSJ Source: Oct. 1994 opengl.exe
10/01/94 S14872 winq1094.exe MSJ Source: Oct. 1994 winq1094.exe
10/01/94 S14871 cppq1094.exe MSJ Source: Oct. 1994 cppq1094.exe
10/01/94 S14870 sphere.exe MSJ Source: Oct. 1994 sphere.exe
09/29/94 S15162 mw6sup.hqx Supplemental File Converters
09/29/94 S14917 midiio.exe Sample Code to Demonstrate MIDI Input/Output
09/29/94 S14889 msdndemo.exe Microsoft Development Library Demo
09/28/94 S14479 fpwhlp.exe FoxPro 2.6a Patch File
09/28/94 S14923 fpd_dk.exe FoxPro 2.6a Patch File
09/28/94 S14929 gens.exe FoxPro 2.6a Patch File
09/28/94 S14921 fpw_dk.exe FoxPro 2.6a Patch File
09/28/94 S14930 wizcat.exe FoxPro 2.6a Patch File
09/28/94 S14928 genpd.exe FoxPro 2.6a Patch File
09/28/94 S14927 foxapp.exe FoxPro 2.6a Patch File
09/28/94 S14926 dbhlpw.exe FoxPro 2.6a Patch File
09/28/94 S14925 dbhlpd.exe FoxPro 2.6a Patch File
09/28/94 S14924 ck.exe FoxPro 2.6a Patch File
09/28/94 S14922 fpd.exe FoxPro 2.6a Patch File
09/28/94 S14920 fpw.exe FoxPro 2.6a Patch File
09/28/94 S14919 apps.exe FoxPro 2.6a Patch File
09/27/94 S13368 ww0532.exe Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)
09/26/94 S14914 xe0800.exe Excel AppNote: Most Frequently Asked Questions
09/26/94 S14761 comlyr.exe Jet 2.0/VB 3.0 Compatibility Layer
09/26/94 S14915 netshar.exe NetShare Utility for Workgroup Add-On
09/23/94 S14906 hpvge.exe Net HP 100VG ETH EISA 3.10
09/23/94 S14470 prxel.exe SCSI Procom Xelerator ISA 3.10
09/23/94 S14305 octk32.exe Net Olicom Server TR EISA 2.0
09/23/94 S14300 3c770.exe Net 3Com 3C77x FDDI EISA 1.16
09/23/94 S14911 xpe3.exe Net Xircom PE3 ETH PARPORT 3.10
09/23/94 S14908 epront.exe Net Intel EEPRO ETH ISA 1.13
09/23/94 S14907 ibm32.exe Net IBM LANStreamer TR MCA 1.30
09/23/94 S14892 ibmrad.exe SCSI IBMRAID MCA 3.10
09/23/94 S14357 hpmca.exe Net HP Ethertwist ETH MCA 3.10
09/23/94 S14358 hpisa.exe Net HP Ethertwist ETH ISA 3.11
09/23/94 S14895 avga.exe Video Compaq AVGA EISA 3.50
09/23/94 S14896 cpq200.exe Video Compaq QVision2000 PCI 2.00
09/23/94 S14910 xpe2.exe Net Xircom PE2 ETH PARPORT 3.10
09/23/94 S14897 cpq-qv.exe Video Compaq QVision EISA 1.10
09/23/94 S14625 smc16.exe Net SMC EtherCard ETH Family 1.09
09/23/94 S14624 ctf70.exe Net Cabletron F70XX FDDI EISA 1.00.06
09/23/94 S14905 hpvgi.exe Net HP 100VG ETH ISA 3.10
09/23/94 S14904 de435.exe Net DEC DE435 ETH PCI 6.0
09/23/94 S14903 cte21.exe Net Cabletron CTE21 ETH ISA 1.00.06
09/23/94 S14902 andtok.exe Net Andrew IIA TR ISA 1.02
09/23/94 S14622 ctf30.exe Net Cabletron F30XX FDDI MCA 1.00.06
09/23/94 S14891 asp.exe SCSI ASP ABP-842 VLB 3.10
09/23/94 S14899 cirrus.exe Video DEC 5422 Embedded 3.50
09/23/94 S14900 atint.exe Video ATI GraphWonderXL24 ISA 3.50
09/23/94 S14901 pcnet.exe Net AMD PCnet ETH Family 1.99
09/23/94 S14893 qlpci.exe SCSI QLogic Fast!SCSI PCI 3.5
09/23/94 S14522 ami48.exe SCSI AMI Series48 EISA 1.03
09/23/94 S14627 tctok.exe Net Thomas-Conrad TC404x TR Family 1.0
09/23/94 S14489 irmant.exe Net DCA IRMAtrac TR ISA/MCA 4.0c
09/23/94 S14912 xce10.exe Net Xircom CreditCard ETH PCMCIA
09/23/94 S14783 qlogic.exe SCSI QLogic Fast!SCSI Family 3.10
09/23/94 S14297 madgnt.exe Net Madge Ringnode TR Family 1.02.02
09/23/94 S14894 rancho.exe SCSI Rancho RT1600-5 ISA 2.10
09/23/94 S14629 cmd600.exe SCSI CMD CSA-6000F EISA 1.1
09/23/94 S14890 amd.exe SCSI AMD PCNet/SCSI Embedded 1.95
09/23/94 S14628 ctt20.exe Net Cabletron T20XX TR ISA 1.00.03
09/19/94 S14125 childmnu.exe Creating Child Window with Menus
09/16/94 S13262 sqlwin.exe Small Windows DB-LIBRARY Application
09/16/94 S14610 wn0789.exe Access Pack for Windows NT
09/16/94 S14887 vbaxlhlp.exe XL5: Visual Basic for Applications Help File
09/16/94 S14886 cp0982.exe CP0982: MICROSOFT SETUP TOOLKIT FOR VISUAL C++
09/15/94 S14691 tech03.exe Tech-Ed 94 Forms in MS Access 2.0
09/14/94 S13971 shed.exe SHED.EXE Version 3.50.784
09/14/94 S13525 winaux.exe Redirect Debugging Output
09/14/94 S12972 hf0304.exe Increasing the Number of File Handles
09/14/94 S13733 pw0519.exe Virtual DMA Services Appnote
09/14/94 S13875 subfunc.exe Functions & Subroutines in MSSETUP
09/14/94 S13472 ss0288.exe Relocatable Object Module Format
09/14/94 S14208 split.exe Replacing a View in a Splitter Windo
09/14/94 S14016 copytest.exe Windows Code Module to Copy a File
09/14/94 S13956 bsclib.exe Microsoft C/C++ Browser Toolkit
09/14/94 S14209 vwrplc.exe Replacing a View in a CMDIChildWnd
09/14/94 S13239 hf0484.exe Patch: Mix Language Windows Programs
09/14/94 S14084 fileedit.exe FILEEDIT - Sample Application
09/14/94 S13292 multinst.exe Multiple Instance DLL Sample
09/14/94 S13369 dataval.exe Validate Contents of Edit Control
09/14/94 S14182 simple.exe SAMPLE: Simple OLE 2.0 Container
09/14/94 S14155 newheap.exe Heap Walker Update
09/14/94 S14158 showmem.exe Creating Child with Menus
09/14/94 S13012 hf0405.exe Calling DOS/BIOS Interrupts w/ FORTRAN/MASM
09/14/94 S14207 lstddx.exe Listboxes & DDX Sample
09/14/94 S14880 wmvcup.exe Updated Viewer Compiler for Word 6.0 Titles
09/14/94 S13563 pw0562.exe Printer Compatibility Testing Appnote
09/14/94 S13567 toolkit.exe OLE Toolkit for Developers
09/14/94 S13594 bttncur.exe Buttons and Cursors Information
09/14/94 S13562 pw0563.exe Display Driver Compatibility Testing
09/14/94 S13596 nudbwin.exe Modified DBWIN Sample Application
09/14/94 S13597 pshlp.exe Windows 3.1 DDK PostScript Driver Sources
09/14/94 S13542 lzfile.exe File Decompression Sample Code
09/14/94 S13618 vhotkeyd.exe Hot Keys in Enhanced Mode Windows
09/14/94 S14200 porting.exe Port 16-Bit Apps to Win NT
09/14/94 S13191 hf0483.exe FORTRAN 5.1 Setup Batch Files
09/14/94 S14115 erraddr.exe Finding Error's Module Name & Addr
09/14/94 S13409 wnbdemo.exe NetBIOS Demonstration Code
09/14/94 S14882 mail32as.exe Mail for PC Networks 3.2a Server Update
09/14/94 S14883 mail32ac.exe Mail for PC Networks 3.2a Client Update
09/14/94 S13176 hf0450.exe Options to Terminate QuickWin Program
09/14/94 S12195 dllinst.exe Track Which Instance is Calling a DLL
09/14/94 S14884 mail32am.exe Mail for PC Networks 3.2a Macintosh Client Upd
09/14/94 S13180 bcpicsav.exe PICEM Example, Four Plane BLOAD/BSAVE
09/14/94 S13541 odvhlb.exe Owner-Draw Variable-Height List Box
09/14/94 S14885 fp1023.exe Intro to Using FoxPro for MS-DOS Wizards
09/14/94 S13137 hf0221.exe FORTRAN EXEC Function for 4.x, 5.x
09/14/94 S13621 settlkit.exe Setup Toolkit Tutorial
09/14/94 S13304 ecovrwrt.exe Edit Control Overwrite Mode
09/13/94 S14876 zap10.exe ZAP.EXE Finds Duped DLLs and VBXs
09/07/94 S14807 mdrk.exe Multimedia Registration Packet
09/03/94 S14954 wd1026.exe "Troubleshooting Printing Problems" Help File
09/02/94 S14941 vbamapi.exe Files to Implement MAPI in VBApp Application
08/31/94 S14875 msregman.exe REGMAN.EXE: OLE Registration Management Util.
08/29/94 S14931 chg26a.txt FoxPro 2.6a Patch File
08/27/94 S14710 pd0747.txt MS-DOS 6.0 Configuration Q&A
08/24/94 S13364 ww0524.exe Troubleshooting GP Faults (UAEs)
08/23/94 S14873 win32oct.exe MSJ Source: Oct. 1994 win32oct.exe
08/23/94 S14862 wp1060.exe WP1060: MS Project 4.0 Workgroup Message Handler
08/20/94 S14865 hd1061.exe HD1061: POINTER.DLL Fixes GP Fault
08/20/94 S14510 wg0974.exe VKDA.386 Corrects Keyboard Problems
08/17/94 S14858 loadprof.exe MSJ Sept '94 loadprof.exe
08/17/94 S14859 cpq&a894.exe MSJ Sept '94 cpq&a894.exe
08/17/94 S14860 hpmon.exe Windows NT 3.1 Update for HPMON.DLL
08/17/94 S14857 smile.exe MSJ Source: Sep. 1994 smile.exe
08/16/94 S14847 wc1046.exe AppNote: Custom Installation Scripts
08/15/94 S14855 pciatdsk.exe Windows NT 3.1 Upgrade for PCI IDE
08/15/94 S14849 avisampl.exe Sample AVIs: WNDSURF1 and SAMPLE
08/12/94 S14863 sdknames.exe Unresolved Symbols: CRTDLL & MSVCRT
08/11/94 S14848 fw1040.exe Database Design (Relational)
08/11/94 S14617 bj200e.exe WDL: Canon BJ-200e Printer Driver
08/11/94 S14851 mw1052.hqx FastTip: Optimum Setup & Performance
08/10/94 S14864 mailmerg.exe VB Mail Merge Through OLE
08/05/94 S14804 ge1031.exe ClipArt: Updated ARTGALRY.EXE
08/04/94 S14845 we0821.exe Practical Guide to Q+E, Part II
08/01/94 S14844 fw1022.exe Using FoxPro for Windows Wizards
08/01/94 S14874 rasbry.exe RASberry: an RAS API Demonstration
07/27/94 S14600 fw1003.exe FoxPro for Windows Resource Kit
07/26/94 S14841 fl32.exe WDL: Intel EtherExpress Flash32 EISA
07/26/94 S14842 epro.exe WDL: Intel EtherExpress Pro Netcard
07/25/94 S12734 picema.exe Views Graphics Files, Saves in BSAVE
07/25/94 S14064 termwait.exe TERMWAIT Sample Application
07/25/94 S12805 bb0364.exe BASIC PDS 7.10 Quick INSTALL.EXE
07/25/94 S12780 uidemos2.exe BASIC PDS UI Toolbox Mod. for OS/2
07/25/94 S12778 bb0345.exe Link BASIC 7.1 w/C, FORTRAN, Pascal
07/21/94 S14846 winhits.exe Help file for Windows 3.1 top issues
07/20/94 S14866 vbxc.exe Sample: VBX Controls in Non-MFC Apps
07/20/94 S14843 dw0710.txt Printing & Print Merge Q&A
07/20/94 S12422 pmbasi.exe Writing MS OS/2 Programs in BASIC
07/19/94 S14836 srvenm.exe Sample: ServerEnumDialog DLL
07/19/94 S14838 wg1049.exe WG1049:Updated Files Stop Extra Page
07/18/94 S14805 fpsqlcs.exe FoxPro Client-Server Architecture
07/13/94 S14829 ractlm.exe NDIS2.01 Racore 16/4 Token Ring
07/13/94 S14825 raclmd.exe WDL: NDIS2.01 Racore TokenLite M8116
07/13/94 S14828 raclmo.exe NDIS2.01 Racore 16/4 Token Ring
07/13/94 S14826 silcom.exe WDL: NDIS2.01 SILCOM Direct 16 TR
07/12/94 S12351 qb4crit.exe CALL INTERRUPT Correction for QB 4.x
07/12/94 S12416 nocom450.exe NOCOM.OBJ for QuickBASIC 4.50
07/12/94 S12420 hmake100.exe HELPMAKE for QuickBASIC 4.50
07/12/94 S12192 bcos2que.exe BASIC Demonstration of OS/2 Queues
07/12/94 S12320 qcards.exe QuickBASIC 4.50 QCARDS.BAS Tutorial
07/12/94 S12191 bcos2api.exe API Function Calls for OS/2 Queues
07/11/94 S12059 remline.exe Program to Remove Unused Line Nos.
07/11/94 S12534 dw0077.exe Word 5.0 Video/Keyboard Drivers
07/06/94 S14819 cppq&a.exe MSJ Source: Aug. 1994 cppq&a.exe
07/06/94 S14834 gedit.exe CEdit Derived Uses Global Heap
07/06/94 S14818 win32qa.exe MSJ Source: August 94 Win32QA.exe
07/06/94 S14817 winq&a.exe MSJ August 94 WinQ&A.exe
07/06/94 S14816 control2.exe MSJ Source: Aug '94 control2.exe
06/30/94 S13712 wincpic.exe Win CPI-C API for 16- & 32-bit Win
06/30/94 S13713 winlua.exe Windows LUA API for 16 & 32-bit Win
06/30/94 S14183 netcon.exe Connect Net Drive FileMan Extension
06/30/94 S14170 annoprnt.exe Ink Annotation and Printing Sample
06/30/94 S13710 winappc.exe Windows APPC for 16- and 32-bit Win
06/30/94 S14192 trainem.exe Training Techniques for a Recognizer
06/30/94 S14167 framewrk.exe Modified Framework Sample
06/30/94 S13714 wincsv.exe Windows CSV API for 16 & 32-bit Win
06/30/94 S13711 ink2h.exe Passing Ink Between Hedit Controls
06/30/94 S14193 xtenaccl.exe Accelerators for FM Extensions
06/30/94 S13706 hidapp.exe HIDAPP Sample
06/30/94 S13708 blockout.exe Minidriver Sample Code
06/30/94 S14195 ioport.exe Port Trapping in Windows 3.0/3.1
06/29/94 S14812 cksamp.exe CKSAMPLE.APP Source Code
06/29/94 S14814 sup622.exe MS-DOS 6.22 Supplemental Disk
06/29/94 S14813 sup621.exe MS-DOS 6.21 Supplemental Disk
06/27/94 S14809 rfxdte.exe RFX_Date() func for TIMESTAMP STRUCT
06/23/94 S14811 wc1038.exe MOM 4.2c (U.S.) to Customize Menu
06/21/94 S14808 odkpr4.exe MS Project 4.0 Files for ODK Encore
06/21/94 S13520 wd0521.exe Using the SEQ Field
06/20/94 S14801 foxswap.exe The FoxSwap Utility
06/20/94 S14802 fbprntsp.exe Closing the FoxBASE+ Print Spooler
06/20/94 S14799 foxcen.exe FoxCentral Update
06/20/94 S14797 spindib.exe SPINDIB Does 90-deg DIB Rotation
06/20/94 S14800 fb386prt.exe FoxBASE+/386 Printing Patch File
06/17/94 S14795 msbb94ol.exe Baseball COM Port Correction
06/16/94 S14794 fcsval.exe Control-by-Control Validation in MFC
06/16/94 S13145 pd0455.exe PD0455: ADAPTEC.SYS Driver
06/14/94 S13378 largeapp.exe Large-Model Extra Data Segment
06/14/94 S13384 plyvideo.exe Sample Code Plays a Videodisc
06/14/94 S13387 dragdrop.exe Implementing Drag-Drop Protocol
06/14/94 S13422 proton.exe DPMI Under Windows Sample Code
06/14/94 S14803 btr200.exe Unexpected Error from Btrieve DLL
06/13/94 S13168 enumport.exe Enumerate COM Ports in Enhanced Mode
06/13/94 S13170 vfood.exe A Basic Windows Virtual Device
06/13/94 S13178 hookall.exe Sample Code Demonstrates Win Hooks
06/13/94 S13181 myfont.exe Create Custom Font with LINK
06/13/94 S13263 dpmi0301.exe Simulate Real Mode Interrupts Sample
06/13/94 S13234 ddemeta.exe Use DDEML to Pass Windows Metafiles
06/13/94 S13198 masmwin.exe Sample Windows Program in MASM
06/13/94 S13314 playcd.exe Sample Application Plays CDs
06/13/94 S13310 nommdll.exe App Detects Multimedia Extensions
06/13/94 S13312 plycdno.exe Sample Code Plays CDs
06/11/94 S13432 ga0363.exe Microsoft Diagnostics Utility (MSD)
06/11/94 S14792 wg1027.exe Updated NWLINK.386 for Cisco Router
06/11/94 S14370 wg0949.txt WG0949: WFWG 3.11 Setup Information
06/11/94 S14793 wc1032.exe Update for Intl Compliance Checker
06/10/94 S14787 usawks3b.exe Works 3.0b Update for U.S. Versions
06/09/94 S13133 xmswin.exe TSR to Share XMS Memory Between VMs
06/09/94 S13093 mmbackww.exe Multimedia Personal Computing (WinW)
06/09/94 S13019 winmem32.exe Updated WINMEM32.DLL
06/09/94 S14068 annotate.exe ANNOTATE Sample Application
06/09/94 S14067 alckey.exe ALCKEY Sample Application
06/09/94 S12683 intlapps.exe Writing International Apps for Win31
06/09/94 S12684 windos.exe Windows INT 21H and NetBIOS Support
06/09/94 S12690 network.exe Developing Windows 3.00 Network Apps
06/09/94 S13088 mmback.exe Multimedia Personal Computing (Text)
06/09/94 S14785 ex2501.exe WNTDL: Exabyte 2501 SCSI Tape Driver
06/09/94 S13156 timesmp.exe High-Res Timing Services Sample
06/09/94 S13135 repmgr.exe Report Manager Sample Code
06/09/94 S13099 subapp.exe Appending Menu Items to Other Apps
06/06/94 S12786 handlcnt.exe Increase File Handlee Limit
06/06/94 S14780 getver.exe PRB: Check Version of Driver Manager
06/02/94 S14775 aviwin.exe Multiple AVI and MCI_PUT Usage Demo
05/31/94 S14773 97cqa.exe MSJ 7/94 C/C++ Q & A
05/31/94 S14768 97winqa.exe MSJ 7/94 Windows Q & A
05/31/94 S14769 97dosqa.exe MSJ 7/94 MS-DOS Q & A
05/31/94 S14770 gadget1.exe MSJ 7/94 Chicago's Interface Gadgets
05/31/94 S14771 vc20.exe MSJ 7/94 Visual C++ 2.0
05/31/94 S14823 dblconv.exe MS-DOS DoubleSpace Conversion Kit
05/31/94 S14772 inter2.exe MSJ 7/94 Internationalization in NT
05/25/94 S14609 ww0786.txt Win 3.0 for Individ w/Disabilities
05/25/94 S14608 wg0788.txt WFWG for Individuals w/Disabilities
05/25/94 S14607 ww0787.txt Win 3.1 for Individ w/ Disabilities
05/23/94 S14765 reattach.exe Automatically Reattaching Tables
05/20/94 S14637 ora110.exe SQORA.DLL Oracle ODBC Driver
05/19/94 S14508 wg0973.exe WG0973: RMM.D32 Corrects Delay
05/19/94 S13150 vbcomdem.exe Windows COM Port Example for VB 1.00
05/19/94 S13227 vbapi.exe VB CDK VBAPI.LIB Without CodeView
05/19/94 S14762 winapi.exe WINAPI.TXT for VB for Windows
05/18/94 S14166 epson.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Printer Epson ESC/P 2
05/12/94 S13216 macrohlp.exe Help Macros Demonstration File
05/12/94 S13157 repaint.exe Draw Ink with Appearance of Original
05/12/94 S14512 onetime.exe One Instance of an MFC Application
05/11/94 S14705 ndkwiz.exe Latest Version of DKSETUP.PRG File
05/09/94 S14757 sdkbugs.exe Windows 3.1 SDK Bug/Fix List
05/06/94 S14752 verify.exe Dialog Box Edit Control Verification
05/06/94 S14754 wp1013.exe MS Proj 4.0: Complete Contents of VB Help File
05/05/94 S14753 wa0940.exe Recommendations, Better Performance
05/03/94 S14759 vwrhook.exe Viewer Hook DLL Sample
05/02/94 S14728 findprt.exe VB Code Sample: FindFirst on Strings
05/02/94 S14751 foxkb.exe Update: Fox Knowledge Base Help File
05/02/94 S14727 db-xl.exe VB Code Sample: from DB to Excel
05/02/94 S14729 focusprb.exe VB Code Sample: Tracking Controls
05/02/94 S14730 lstgrid.exe VB Code Sample: from List to Grid
05/02/94 S14731 outlndrg.exe VB Code Sample: from Outline to List
05/02/94 S14732 prtprev.exe VB Code Sample: Add Print Preview
05/02/94 S14733 seeklst.exe VB Code Sample: Seeking w/ Table Obj
05/02/94 S14734 sqlsmts.exe VB Code Sample: Using SQL from List
05/02/94 S14725 bndread.exe VB Code Sample: Bound Read-Only Text
04/29/94 S14738 wp1011.exe Microsoft Project 4.0 Usage Q&A
04/29/94 S14737 wp1010.exe Microsoft Project 4.0 Upgrading Q&A
04/28/94 S14745 servdll.exe MSJ 6/94 Server DLLs with MFC & OWL
04/28/94 S14746 frcan60a.exe Word 6.0a Patch: Fran嘺is/Canadien
04/28/94 S14747 gthunks.exe Generic Thunk Demonstration
04/28/94 S14744 96cqa.exe MSJ 6/94 C/C++ Q & A
04/28/94 S14743 genthunk.exe MSJ 6/94 WOW Layer & Generic Thunk
04/28/94 S14742 96w32qa.exe MSJ 6/94 Win32 Q & A
04/27/94 S14521 ctl3d.exe Adding 3-D Appearance to Controls
04/26/94 S14741 office42.txt Error: "Cannot Find CTL3D.DLL"
04/26/94 S14740 vc1501.exe Visual C++ 1.5 Patch
04/26/94 S14756 stphlp.exe Setup Toolkit Tutorial and FAQ
04/26/94 S13245 wp0453.exe Allocating and Leveling Resources
04/25/94 S14635 datamgr.exe VB Data Manager Source Code
04/22/94 S14719 ctrt20.exe WDL-Cabletron T2100 Series TokenRing
04/22/94 S14723 olit32.exe WDL: Olicom Token-RIng Server 16/4
04/22/94 S14718 ctre31.exe WDL: Cabletron E3100 Series Ethernet
04/22/94 S14716 ctre21.exe WDL: Cabletron E2100 Series Ethernet
04/22/94 S14720 intfl3.exe WDL: Intel EtherExpress Flash32 EISA
04/22/94 S14721 dec425.exe WDL: DEC EtherWorks Turbo EISA Adapt
04/22/94 S13648 everex.exe WDL: Netcard - Everex SpeedLink /P16
04/22/94 S14717 ctre30.exe WDL: Cabletron E3000 Series Ethernet
04/22/94 S14722 intt32.exe WDL-Intel Token Express 32 TokenRing
04/22/94 S14724 amdpcn.exe WDL: AMD PCNET Family Adapter
04/22/94 S13021 blandmdi.exe Minimal Windows MDI Source
04/21/94 S14735 vbextdev.exe VB Code Sample: Call Printer Driver
04/20/94 S14767 tech12.exe Tech-Ed 94 Converting 1.x DB to 2.0
04/19/94 S15253 jetwp.exe Jet Database Engine Version 2.0 White Paper
04/19/94 S14687 tech01.exe Tech-Ed 94 Getting Started in v. 2.0
04/15/94 S14706 mbf2ieee.exe DLL to Convert MBF to IEEE in VB
04/13/94 S14686 pptdll.exe Updated POWERPNT.DLL for Office 4.2
04/08/94 S13404 wd0522.exe Using EQ Fields in Formulas
04/07/94 S14708 pd0745.txt MS-DOS 6.0 DoubleSpace Q&A
04/07/94 S14436 mltmt.exe Supp. Converters: Multimate
04/07/94 S14435 wkswin.exe Supp. Converters: Works for Win. 2.0
04/07/94 S14434 wksdos.exe Supp. Converters: Works for MS-DOS
04/07/94 S14433 wwin1.exe Supp. Converters: Word for Windows
04/07/94 S14432 gloss.exe Supp. Converters MS Word for MS-DOS
04/07/94 S14431 mspub2.exe Supp. Converter MS Publisher 2.0
04/07/94 S14429 dspwrt.exe Supp. Converter for DisplayWrite
04/07/94 S14709 pd0746.txt MS-DOS 6.0 MemMaker Q&A
04/07/94 S14440 dxf.exe Supp. Converters: AutoCAD DXF
04/07/94 S14707 pd0744.txt MS-DOS 6.0 General Installation Q&A
04/07/94 S14711 pd0748.txt MS-DOS 6.0 Backup/Miscellaneous Q&A
04/07/94 S14446 tga.exe Supp. Converters: Truevision Targa
04/07/94 S14750 wks3wn.exe Supp. Converters: Works for Win. 3.0
04/07/94 S14438 wpft4.exe Supp. Converters: WordPerfect
04/07/94 S14437 mltpln.exe Supp. Converters: Multiplan
04/07/94 S14445 pic.exe Supp. Converters: Lotus 1-2-3 PIC
04/07/94 S14444 pcd.exe Supp. Converters: Kodak Photo CD PCD
04/07/94 S14443 hpgl.exe Supp. Converters: HP Graphics (HPGL)
04/07/94 S14442 cdr.exe Supp. Converters: Corel DRAW 3.0
04/07/94 S14441 adi.exe Supp. Converters: AutoCAD ADI
04/07/94 S14439 wstar.exe Supp. Converters: WordStar
04/05/94 S14071 pw0778.exe Printing Self-Study Module
04/05/94 S14069 pw0777.exe Palettes Self-Study Module
04/05/94 S14046 pw0775.exe DIBs Self-Study Module
04/05/94 S14057 pw0776.exe MDI Self-Study Module
04/04/94 S14033 pw0740.exe Common Dialogs Self-Study Module
03/31/94 S14712 ddl110.exe Data Definition Language DLL
03/31/94 S14715 spt110.exe SQL Pass-Through DLL v. 1.10
03/31/94 S14713 tech07.exe Tech-Ed 94: Multiuser Issues
03/31/94 S14714 spt100.exe SQL Pass-Through DLL v. 1.00
03/31/94 S14690 tech02.exe Tech-Ed 94 Queries in MS Access 2.0
03/31/94 S14703 btr110a.exe Update for the Btrieve ISAM Driver
03/31/94 S14688 tech10.exe Tech-Ed 94 MS Access 2.0 Security
03/31/94 S14689 tech08.exe Tech-Ed 94 OLE and DDE in v. 2.0
03/31/94 S12443 alerts.exe Use OS/2 LAN Manager Alerts
03/31/94 S14692 tech04.exe Tech-Ed 94 Reports in MS Access 2.0
03/31/94 S14693 tech11.exe Tech-Ed 94 Advanced Topics
03/31/94 S14694 tech06.exe Tech-Ed 94 Modules & Access Basic
03/31/94 S14695 tech05.exe Tech-Ed 94 Macros in MS Access 2.0
03/31/94 S14697 ora110a.exe Updated Oracle ODBC Driver
03/31/94 S14702 timer.exe Sample Timer DLL for MS Access 1.x
03/31/94 S14698 output.exe OutputAs Library Utility
03/31/94 S14699 ddl100.exe Data Definition Language (DDL) DLL
03/31/94 S14700 sql100.exe INSTCAT.SQL File for MS Access 1.0
03/31/94 S14701 util.exe MS Access 1.1 UTILITY.MDA File
03/31/94 S14696 tech09.exe Tech-Ed 94 ODBC Issues in v. 2.0
03/30/94 S14250 vbfileio.exe VBFILEIO - Sample Application
03/30/94 S12852 lboxsbar.exe Controlling Horizontal Bar on List B
03/30/94 S14272 jigsaw.exe GDI Region, Clipping, and Bmp Fnctns
03/30/94 S14270 flip.exe BitBlt and StretchBlt Animation Demo
03/30/94 S14268 edtinfo.exe Retrieving Text Box Status
03/30/94 S12914 isdialog.exe Window Simulates a Dialog Box
03/30/94 S12916 dlldlg.exe Dialog Resource from DLL
03/30/94 S14253 soundcli.exe Sample DDE Client Over Network
03/30/94 S14251 netbones.exe Sample for DDE Network Communication
03/30/94 S12998 setkbd.exe SETKBD Keyboard DLL Modification
03/30/94 S14598 toolbar.exe TOOLBAR Sample Application
03/30/94 S13087 logo.exe Logo Files & RLE Format in Win 3.0
03/30/94 S14273 kwikzone.exe File I/O in Visual Basic
03/30/94 S14248 smallcap.exe SMALLCAP Sample Application
03/30/94 S13297 moushook.exe Mouse Hook Sample Code
03/30/94 S13183 wsscanf.exe Replacement sscanf() Function for DL
03/30/94 S14249 vbcobsql.exe VBCOBSQL - Sample Application
03/30/94 S12257 userctl.exe HELLO Program with User-Defined Con
03/30/94 S14678 outvbx.exe Using MSOUTLIN.VBX with MFC
03/30/94 S10062 journal.exe Demo Source Code for Windows Journal
03/30/94 S14291 subvbx.exe Subclassing VBX Grid Control in MFC
03/30/94 S12027 expand.exe How to Make a Dialog Box Expand
03/30/94 S13207 msgmode.exe Message Mode Services Sample Code
03/30/94 S13267 trackpop.exe Pop-up Menu Sample Application
03/30/94 S14276 shuffle.exe Using BitBlts to Shuffle on Screen
03/30/94 S14462 gridfix.exe Sample Fixes GRID Scrolling
03/30/94 S14274 mkegroup.exe Using DDE to Create Progman Groups
03/30/94 S12670 vds.exe DMA in Windows 3.00
03/30/94 S12370 talk.exe Share Global Memory
03/30/94 S13291 kbhook2.exe Windows 3.1 Keyboard Hook Code
03/30/94 S12885 handler.exe Sample Interrupt Service Routine
03/30/94 S12662 qsrtwin.exe QuickSort Example for Windows
03/30/94 S14246 ripwatch.exe Trapping System RIPs & Other Msgs.
03/30/94 S12671 hpclip.exe GETSCALINGFACTOR & Clipping Region
03/30/94 S12785 tabstops.exe Setting Tab Stops in a List Box
03/30/94 S12797 dlgpatch.exe Patch for Windows 3.0 Dialog Editor
03/30/94 S12803 listhscr.exe Sources for DLL List Box Support Fun
03/30/94 S14216 dllstrt2.exe Designing DLLs for Mult Client Apps
03/29/94 S14320 iscdrom.exe ISCDROM - Sample Application
03/29/94 S12829 vwfd.exe Sample VxD Code
03/29/94 S13758 winfloat.exe WINFLOAT Sample and Technical Articl
03/29/94 S14682 listdlg.exe Creating a List Box of Dialog Boxes
03/29/94 S14681 ttplot.exe Plotting TrueType Characters
03/29/94 S14222 ezprint.exe EZPRINT Sample and Technical Article
03/29/94 S12877 vfintd.exe Sample Windows Interrupt Capture VxD
03/29/94 S14238 flicker.exe FLICKER Sample and Technical Article
03/29/94 S14239 sprites.exe SPRITES Sample and Technical Article
03/29/94 S13091 vpostd.exe Calling PostMessage() from a VxD
03/29/94 S13375 dispdib.exe DisplayDib Function Executable Code
03/28/94 S14130 hierlist.exe HIERLIST Sample and Technical Articl
03/28/94 S14136 ppdebug.exe PPDEBUG Sample and Technical Article
03/28/94 S14142 ddeexec.exe DDEEXEC Sample and Technical Article
03/28/94 S13684 zusammen.exe Using MS C Compiler Options w/ Win31
03/28/94 S13146 wextmem.exe Windows DLL Reports Extended Memory
03/28/94 S13151 admenu.exe Adding Options to System Menus
03/28/94 S12886 vdialog.exe Sample I/O Serialization VxD
03/28/94 S14133 ddlist.exe DDLIST.RTF - Technical Article
03/28/94 S14241 singacd.exe SINGACD Sample and Technical Article
03/28/94 S12887 vitd.exe Accurate Windows Time VxD
03/28/94 S12920 devvirts.exe I/O Device Serialization & Virtualiz
03/28/94 S13680 smart.exe Using _fmalloc() Sample Program
03/28/94 S14593 wg1004.exe MSODINSUP Fixes Issue w/3Com MLID
03/28/94 S14676 multicon.exe Sample Demonstrates Dynamic Icons
03/28/94 S14782 inole2.exe Updated Sources for "Inside OLE 2"
03/27/94 S14221 vdrivers.exe VDRIVERS Sample and Technical Articl
03/27/94 S13903 styles.exe STYLES Sample and Technical Article
03/27/94 S12196 fastblt.exe Demonstrates Smooth Movement of a Bi
03/27/94 S14131 fontutil.exe FONTUTIL Sample and Technical Articl
03/27/94 S13441 statbar.exe Window Status Bar Sample Code
03/27/94 S13742 vlb.exe VLB Sample and Technical Article
03/23/94 S14671 pubhelp.exe Current Publisher Issues Help File
03/22/94 S14666 95dosqa.exe MSJ: MS-DOS Q & A
03/22/94 S13915 minmax.exe MINMAX Sample and Technical Article
03/22/94 S14665 95cqa.exe MSJ: C/C++ Q & A
03/22/94 S14664 95winqa.exe MSJ: Windows Q & A
03/22/94 S13285 oclient.exe OLE Client Implementation Guide
03/22/94 S13286 patron.exe OLE Client Sample Source Code
03/22/94 S13287 oserver.exe OLE Server Implementation Guide
03/22/94 S13288 schmoo.exe OLE Server Sample Source Code
03/22/94 S13265 signon.exe Application Sign-On Screen Sample
03/22/94 S14667 injlib.exe MSJ: Load 32-Bit DLL Using INJLIB
03/22/94 S14668 wll.exe MSJ: Extend Word 6.0 with WLLs
03/22/94 S13406 hotkeyed.exe Shortcut-Key Edit Control
03/21/94 S14017 palaware.exe PALAWARE Sample & Technical Article
03/21/94 S14003 glyph.exe GLYPH Sample and Technical Article
03/21/94 S12788 winset2.exe Windows-Basaed Application Installat
03/21/94 S13475 winsockw.exe Windows Sockets API Spec (W4W .DOC)
03/21/94 S13474 winsock.exe Windows Sockets API Spec (ASCII .TXT
03/21/94 S14143 ddeserv.exe DDESERV Sample Program
03/21/94 S14039 transblt.exe TRANSBLT Sample & Technical Article
03/18/94 S14539 ww0981.exe Windows 3.11 Refresh Files
03/17/94 S14649 extdev2.exe ExtDeviceMode() and Printer Settings
03/16/94 S14648 ausoff6a.exe Word 6.0a Patch: Australian Office
03/16/94 S14614 auswrd6a.exe WinWord 6.0a Patch: Australian
03/16/94 S14652 we1009.exe MAPI-to-VIM Translation MAPIVIM.DLL
03/15/94 S13289 prndrv.exe DeviceCapabilities Function Sample
03/14/94 S14428 autodll.exe OLE Automation Inproc Object Sample
03/14/94 S14011 metafile.exe Metafiles Discussion
03/14/94 S14013 mti.exe Modules, Instances, and Tasks
03/14/94 S14038 timer2.exe Timers and Timing in Windows
03/14/94 S13167 sysbit.exe System Bitmap Viewer Application
03/14/94 S14647 odvarlb.exe Page-Down in an Owner-Draw List Box
03/14/94 S12110 rcdata.exe Binary Data in Windows Resource File
03/14/94 S14646 sclbldlg.exe Demos Scaleable Controls in Dialog
03/14/94 S14645 dyndll.exe Dynamic Link to DLL By Using a Class
03/13/94 S13997 dibs2.exe DIBs and Their Uses
03/12/94 S14672 canw60a.exe Word 6.0a Patch: English/Canadian
03/12/94 S14540 wfwptp.exe WFWG 3.11 PTP Server Update
03/11/94 S14630 sankyo.exe Sankyo SCSI Tape Driver
03/11/94 S14619 nmceth.exe WDL: New Media PCMCIA Netcard
03/11/94 S14618 lws360.exe WDL: Apple LWS 360 Printer Driver
03/11/94 S13548 hppjet.exe WDL: HP PaintJet Printer Driver
03/11/94 S14620 nflex.exe WINNT Compaq NetFlex Adapters
03/11/94 S14623 ctt30.exe WINNT Cabletron T30XX Token Ring DNI
03/11/94 S13651 ibmpcm.exe WDL: IBM PCMCIA Network Card
03/10/94 S14613 uk60a.exe Word 6.0a for Windows Patch: UK/Engl
03/09/94 S14572 word60a.exe Word 6.0a for Windows Patch: US/Engl
03/09/94 S14497 wg0971.exe WG0971: NDIS2SUP.386
03/08/94 S14605 mci.exe MSJ: Media Control Interface
03/08/94 S14603 94winqa.exe MSJ: Windows Q & A
03/08/94 S14604 ntperf.exe MSJ: NT Performance Tuning
03/08/94 S14596 fs500a.exe Flight Simulator 5.0a Update
03/08/94 S14642 mscomm.exe Updated MSCOMM.VBX Control for VB
03/08/94 S14602 94w32qa.exe MSJ: Win32 Q & A
03/08/94 S14683 npclnt.exe WFW Named Pipe Client
03/08/94 S14680 prmany.exe Printing Multiple Topics from Viewer
03/07/94 S14641 msajt110.exe Updated Microsoft Access Engine .DLL
03/07/94 S14634 generic.exe GENERIC Sample Files
03/07/94 S14653 text.exe Text Output Using CScrollView
03/07/94 S14643 vbgrid.exe Updated GRID.VBX Control for VB
03/07/94 S14631 vbrun300.exe Updated VBRUN300.DLL File
03/07/94 S14644 xbs110.exe New XBase IISAM Driver XBS110.DLL
03/07/94 S14639 btr110.exe Updated Btrieve Driver BTRV110.DLL
03/07/94 S14640 dataindx.exe VB Data Access Guide Index
03/05/94 S14601 hct.exe HCT for Modems
03/04/94 S14611 cd0986.exe Updating Fonts for Cinemania 1994
03/04/94 S12917 repmkr.exe Windows Code to Print Text Reports
03/04/94 S13383 uphelp.exe Windows Help File Navigation
03/04/94 S13129 btnbar.exe Button Bar Sample Code
03/04/94 S13568 hlpgloss.exe Help Glossary Button Sample
03/03/94 S12379 defbtn.exe Change the Status of a Push Button
03/03/94 S12688 exefmt.exe Executable-File Header Format
03/03/94 S12687 fontfmt.exe Font-File Format
03/02/94 S12939 winqsort.exe Windows qsort() Code
03/02/94 S14597 fs500a.txt Changes to Flight Simulator 5.0a
03/02/94 S12718 mdistat.exe Status Bar in MDI Frame Window
03/02/94 S14612 wd0264.exe Word 2.x Template Fix for Word 6.0
02/28/94 S13282 format12.exe Format Disk w/ INT 21H, IOCTL 440DH
02/26/94 S14591 wg1002.exe SCHEDMSG.DLL Corrects French Headers
02/23/94 S14592 wg0990.exe ELNK3.386 Corrects Hangs w/Non-802.3
02/23/94 S14114 fp0779.exe FP0779.EXE: ISDISKIN Utility
02/18/94 S14578 wg0991.exe WG0991: Updated NE2000.386
02/17/94 S14579 wg0988.exe WG0988: IBMTOK.386 Driver
02/17/94 S14577 wg0992.exe WG0992: Updated MS AW FAX Files
02/16/94 S14576 fw0983.exe FoxPro Error Messages Help File
02/04/94 S14520 herc311.exe Hercules Display Driver for WFW 3.11
02/04/94 S14519 ega311.exe WFWG 3.11 CGA & EGA Display Drivers
02/03/94 S14566 runme5.exe U.S. Service Pack 3 for Windows NT version 3.1
02/03/94 S14556 runme3.exe U.S. Service Pack 3 for Windows NT version 3.1
02/02/94 S14535 93winqa.exe MSJ: Windows Q&A
02/02/94 S14536 93cqa.exe MSJ: C/C++ Q&A
02/02/94 S14537 pe.exe MSJ: Portable Executable File Format
02/02/94 S14538 dyndlg.exe MSJ: Dynamic Dialog Boxes
02/01/94 S13677 wp0662.exe MS Project 3.0 Environment Space Patch
01/31/94 S14528 bj600.exe Canon BJ-600 Printer Driver
01/31/94 S15666 vswap.exe SAMPLE VSWAP: Demos Switching Views in SDI App
01/31/94 S14525 apxwli.exe Apexx Technology WinLAN Adapter ISA
01/31/94 S14526 apxwlp.exe Appexx Tech. Packet WinLAN Adapter
01/28/94 S14595 lm22b.exe Microsoft LAN Manager 2.2b Patch
01/27/94 S20356 vm.exe Microsoft C/C++ Virtual Memory Run-Time Source Available
01/27/94 S14749 wfwtcp.exe MS TCP/IP Protocol for WFWG 3.11
01/26/94 S14517 bigbit.exe Using High Color Resolution Devices
01/26/94 S14516 appexec.exe Windows Apps Launching Windows Apps
01/26/94 S14518 client.exe OLE Client Implementation Guide 1.02
01/24/94 S15184 bsc32.exe Microsoft C/C++ Browser Toolkit for Visual C++
01/18/94 S14515 msgblast.exe MSGBLAST.VBX and Example Files
01/17/94 S14197 pmddeml.exe Shell DDE Using DDEML
01/17/94 S14184 mdiwinmn.exe SAMPLE: Customizing MDI Window Menu
01/17/94 S13961 bmutil.exe Bitmap Manipulation Techniques Demo
01/17/94 S13405 notitle.exe Adding/Removing Window Caption
01/17/94 S13439 lbchange.exe Simulate List Box Style Change
01/17/94 S14044 dragbmp.exe DRAGBMP Sample Application
01/17/94 S13473 splitwin.exe Split Window Sample
01/17/94 S13440 supermdi.exe Superclass MDI Client Window Sample
01/14/94 S14050 backgrnd.exe BACKGRND Sample Application
01/14/94 S12833 twins.exe RegisterWindowMessage to Communicate
01/14/94 S13380 f1cdhelp.exe Help Access Sample Code
01/14/94 S12937 winres.exe Extract Icons from Windows EXE Files
01/14/94 S12969 wintime.exe Windows International Time Functions
01/14/94 S12971 menubmp.exe Bitmaps in Menus Sample Code
01/14/94 S13080 mditile.exe Alternate MDI Tiling Scheme
01/14/94 S13302 bkgnd.exe Background Processing Sample Code
01/14/94 S12795 kbhook.exe Sample Code for a Keyboard Filter
01/14/94 S13281 noswitch.exe Preventing Task Switch Sample
01/14/94 S13379 mdirest.exe Save/Restore Window State Sample
01/14/94 S13130 parent.exe Code to Change a Window's Parent
01/14/94 S13283 chgaccl.exe Change Accelerator Tables
01/14/94 S13131 mdisubcl.exe Changing MDI Client Window Color
01/14/94 S13303 sysparam.exe Modify Windows System Parameters
01/14/94 S12832 menutemp.exe Windows Menu Template Sample
01/14/94 S13295 exeview.exe Resource Extraction Sample Code
01/13/94 S13449 rroedit.exe Read-only Edit Control Sample Code
01/13/94 S14748 wfwdlc.exe Microsoft DLC Protocol for WFWG 3.11
01/13/94 S13279 expedit.exe Dynamically Change Edit Control Size
01/13/94 S13438 xpanddlg.exe Expanding Dialog Box Sample Code
01/13/94 S13984 dynbedit.exe DYNBEDIT Sample Application
01/13/94 S12229 dumpdesc.exe Accessing .EXE File Header Info
01/13/94 S14294 iniheadr.exe Read Section Headers from .INI File
01/13/94 S13410 dlgs.exe Dialog Type Interactions Sample
01/13/94 S13200 glbedit.exe Edit Control Can Use Global Buffer
01/13/94 S13386 ddexl.exe DDE with Microsoft Excel Sample Code
01/13/94 S12794 dropshad.exe Draw Custom Border Around Control
01/13/94 S12831 muscroll.exe MicroScroll Custom Control
01/13/94 S12070 addmenu.exe Make Pop-up Menu Dynamically at R.T.
01/13/94 S12159 mdlmdls.exe Combining Modal and Modeless Dialogs
01/13/94 S13376 flshedit.exe Flashing an Edit Control
01/13/94 S13308 toolbox.exe Tool Box Window Sample Code
01/13/94 S13724 dlgtab.exe Tabbing in a Dialog Box
01/13/94 S13305 owncombo.exe Owner-Draw Combo Box Sample Code
01/13/94 S14513 roedit.exe Making an Edit Control Read-Only
01/13/94 S12064 blink.exe Use SetTimer to Make Flashing Chars
01/13/94 S13408 dbmenu.exe Dialog Box Menus
01/13/94 S13136 formedit.exe Implementing Sizable Form Fields
01/13/94 S12056 tab.exe Modal/Modeless Dialog Sample Code
01/13/94 S12834 custcont.exe Sample Code for Custom Control
01/13/94 S13138 scroldlg.exe Scrolling Dialog Sample Code
01/13/94 S13007 mleenter.exe Use ENTER in Dialog Box MLE
01/13/94 S14186 msgcolor.exe SAMPLE: Changing Message Box Color
01/13/94 S14194 alphsort.exe Sort Order of lstrcmp and lstrcmpi
01/13/94 S10036 dde.exe Windows Dynamic Data Exchange Sample
01/13/94 S12913 movecc.exe Drag and Drop for Custom Controls
01/13/94 S12882 dlgmain.exe Modeless Dialog as Main Window
01/13/94 S12879 spdsheet.exe Spreadsheet Sample Application
01/13/94 S13117 dlgicons.exe Dynamically Change Icon in Modal Dlg
01/12/94 S13006 setvol.exe Write Volume Labels from Win Apps
01/12/94 S12007 supercls.exe Superclassing Sample Code
01/12/94 S14168 patpoly.exe Demo Fills Polygon w/ Dithered Color
01/12/94 S12663 rightjus.exe Right Justify Number in List Box
01/12/94 S14120 unloader.exe Windows Application to Unload DLLs
01/12/94 S12668 odlist.exe Owner-Draw WM_DRAWITEM Message
01/12/94 S14060 dllskel.exe DLLSKEL Sample Application
01/12/94 S13721 stktrace.exe Sample App Produces Stack Trace
01/12/94 S13148 hf0451.exe Patch, FORTRAN 5.1 I/O Memory Leak
01/12/94 S13152 wmapmode.exe Windows Mapping Mode Sample Code
01/12/94 S13266 arnie.exe Spawn an Application and Wait
01/12/94 S12796 edalign.exe Change Text Alignmnet in Edit Contro
01/12/94 S14283 nsetup.exe MSSetup Reboot on User Request
01/12/94 S14284 multidlg.exe SAMPLE: Dynamic Child Dialogs
01/12/94 S13371 gdirsrcs.exe Resource Conversion Sample Code
01/12/94 S13199 bit2mono.exe Convert Color Bitmaps to Monochrome
01/12/94 S14123 deltest.exe Windows Code Module to Delete Files
01/12/94 S13293 prncdlg.exe Print Common Dialog Sample Code
01/12/94 S12912 path.exe Environment Variable Parsing Example
01/12/94 S13123 animate.exe Palette Animation in Windows
01/12/94 S13483 blocks.exe Graphical Objects and MFC Sample
01/12/94 S13484 multfont.exe Choose Multiple Fonts Sample Code
01/12/94 S13128 cwheel.exe Color Wheel Palette Management Demo
01/12/94 S13723 fontest.exe Windows SDK FONTEST Corrections
01/12/94 S13437 fixdicon.exe Fixed Icon Position Sample Code
01/12/94 S12881 dragrect.exe Dragging a Frame Rectangle
01/12/94 S12669 odbutton.exe Owner-Draw 3-D Push Button
01/12/94 S13081 toolhelp.exe Open Tools TOOLHELP DLL for Windows
01/12/94 S12127 creatdlg.exe Using Main Window Edit Menu w/ Dialo
01/12/94 S12804 listhorz.exe List Box w/ Horizontal Scroll Bar
01/11/94 S14346 dial.exe Dialing a Modem in Windows 3.1
01/11/94 S14214 bootsec.exe SAMPLE: Reading Boot Sector of Drive
01/11/94 S14311 ropopup.exe Read-Only Popup with Shadow
01/11/94 S14296 ww0863.exe WW0863: System Hangs Novell & Window
01/11/94 S14285 movelst.exe SAMPLE: Drag and Drop List Box Items
01/11/94 S13107 shapes.exe SHAPES Sample Program
01/05/94 S14505 dw6qu0.exe Supp. .PRD for Qume Printers
01/05/94 S14506 dw6ko0.exe Supp. .PRD Kodak Diconix Printers
01/05/94 S14507 dw6ge0.exe Supp. .PRD for Generic Printers
01/05/94 S14385 dw6ci0.exe Supp. .PRD for C. Itoh Printers
01/05/94 S14499 dw6cq0.exe Supp. .PRD for Compaq Printers
01/05/94 S14502 dw6ep0.exe Supp. .PRD for Epson Printers
01/05/94 S14500 dw6cz0.exe Supp. .PRD for Citizen Printers
01/05/94 S14498 dw6co0.exe Supp. .PRD for Cordata Printers
01/04/94 S14496 wg0970.exe WG0970: VNETBIOS.386
12/29/93 S14546 win31.exe Windows Help File on Current Issues
12/28/93 S14469 xirpe3.exe WDL: Xircom Pocket Ethernet III
12/28/93 S14468 ne200p.exe WDL: Novel NE2000 Plus Adapter
12/28/93 S14467 kne210.exe WDL: Kingston Tech EtherRx Adapter
12/28/93 S14466 cnt561.exe WDL: Chips & Tech. MK561 Adapter
12/28/93 S14465 smc900.exe WDL: SMC 9000 Ethernet Adapter
12/28/93 S14464 ub5000.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Ungermann-Bass PC5000
12/28/93 S14463 decwav.exe Win 3.1 WDL: DEC WaveLAN Adapters
12/21/93 S14491 92winqa.exe MSJ: Windows Q & A
12/21/93 S14494 vba.exe MSJ: Application Interoperability
12/21/93 S14490 92w32qa.exe MSJ: Win32 Q & A
12/21/93 S14492 cqa.exe MSJ: C/C++ Q & A
12/21/93 S14493 chictips.exe MSJ: Prepare Apps for Chicago
12/21/93 S14495 owl.exe MSJ: OWL 2.0 Class Library
12/20/93 S14569 dlghlp.exe Context Sensitive Help in Dialog Box
12/15/93 S15087 wd0911.txt Setup Questions and Answers
12/14/93 S14459 prochook.exe ProcHook DLL
12/14/93 S14458 91winqa.exe Windows Q & A
12/13/93 S14097 netflx.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Compaq NetFlex
12/13/93 S14453 at1700.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Allied Telesis 1700
12/13/93 S14456 xirpcm.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Xircom CreditCard
12/13/93 S13664 tiara.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Tiara Ethernet Star Lan
12/13/93 S14449 dcatok.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard DCAtrac TR
12/13/93 S14454 icl16i.exe Win 3.1 WDL: ICL EtherTeam 16i
12/13/93 S14102 exp16.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Intel EtherExpress 16
12/13/93 S14450 de220.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard D-Link 220
12/13/93 S14452 ibmlan.exe Win 3.1 WDL: IBM LanStreamer Server
12/13/93 S14108 ni6510.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Racal-DataCom NI6510
12/13/93 S14451 ibmtr2.exe Win 3.1 WDL: IBM TR 16/4 Adapter II
12/13/93 S14455 intpcm.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard Intel PCMCIA
12/09/93 S14448 mswgcn.exe Microsoft Network Client - Workgroup
12/08/93 S14488 wx0964.exe SecurityWizard and White Paper
12/01/93 S14427 simpauto.exe Simple OLE Automation Object Sample
12/01/93 S15084 wd0659.txt Questions about SHARE.EXE
12/01/93 S15086 wd0910.txt Text Conversions Questions and Answers
12/01/93 S14426 dos62sp.exe MS-DOS 6.2 Supplemental Disk Util.
11/30/93 S14424 collect.exe OLE Automation Collection Sample
11/30/93 S14421 bdlg.exe Draw a Bitmap in an MFC Dialog
11/30/93 S14425 multling.exe OLE Automation Controller Sample
11/22/93 S14406 dw6ca0.exe Supp. .PRD Canon Printers
11/22/93 S14410 dw6hp3.exe Supp. .PRD Hewlett Packard Printers
11/22/93 S14413 dw6ti0.exe Supp. .PRD TI Printers
11/22/93 S14401 dw6ib0.exe Supp. .PRD IBM Printers
11/22/93 S14404 dw6nc0.exe Supp. .PRD NCR Printers
11/22/93 S14416 dw6xe0.exe Supp. .PRD Xerox Printers
11/22/93 S14405 dw6pa0.exe Supp. .PRD Panasonic Printers
11/22/93 S14402 dw6ky0.exe Supp. .PRD Kyocera Printers
11/22/93 S14501 dw6ae0.exe Supp. .PRD for AEG Printers
11/22/93 S14407 dw6ne0.exe Supp. .PRD NEC Printers
11/22/93 S13970 view.exe VIEW Sample Application
11/22/93 S14415 dw6un0.exe Supp. .PRD Unisys Printers
11/22/93 S14414 dw6to0.exe Supp. .PRD Toshiba Printers
11/22/93 S14409 dw6hp2.exe Supp. .PRD Hewlett Packard Printers
11/22/93 S14411 dw6hp4.exe Supp. .PRD Hewlett Packard Printers
11/22/93 S14408 dw6hp0.exe Supp. .PRD Hewlett Packard Printers
11/22/93 S14412 dw6ta0.exe Supp. .PRD Tandy Printers
11/22/93 S14503 dw6hp1.exe Supp. .PRD Hewlett Packard Printers
11/22/93 S14504 dw6st0.exe Supp. .PRD Star Printers
11/18/93 S14059 dllfloat.exe DLLFLOAT Sample Application
11/18/93 S14053 verstamp.exe VERSTAMP Sample Application
11/17/93 S14375 dlgskb.exe Knowledge Base for Windows SDK
11/17/93 S14417 dw0208.exe Replacement .DAT for IBM XL24, 4019
11/17/93 S14418 dw0580.exe Additional Epson Printer Support
11/10/93 S13560 bounce.exe Bouncing Ball DDEML Demo App
11/10/93 S13403 windbg.exe CodeView 3.05 and Windows 3.1
11/10/93 S13679 asmclock.exe MASM 6.0 Windows Programming Sample
11/10/93 S13593 bouncet.exe DDE Management Library Article Text
11/10/93 S13294 hookall2.exe Hook Function Sample Code
11/10/93 S13678 callb.exe Handling Callbacks w/ Member Functio
11/09/93 S12367 playmeta.exe Play Back Metafiles
11/09/93 S12255 editcnt.exe Determine Line Number in Edit Ctrl
11/05/93 S13703 wg0668.exe WG0668: Mail/Schedule+ Help Files
11/04/93 S12119 iconlib.exe Using Libraries to Share Icons, Menu
11/04/93 S12035 raw.exe Sending Raw Data to the Printer
11/04/93 S12211 devmode.exe Bring Up Current Printer Dialog Box
11/04/93 S10007 maze.exe Sh
11/04/93 S12005 ox.exe Redirect AUX I/O to Keyboard and Dis
11/03/93 S13260 oneedit.exe Control Reuse Sample Code
11/03/93 S12026 dialog.exe Dialog Box Template Sample Code
11/02/93 S14364 autoctrl.exe OLE Automation Controller Sample
11/01/93 S13347 unidrv.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Universal Printer Drive
11/01/93 S13344 pscrip.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER - PostScript
11/01/93 S13116 pd0415.exe FIXSHIFT.COM for QBasic
11/01/93 S14367 s3-924.exe Win 3.1 WDL: DISPLAY-S3-924 Driver
11/01/93 S13218 pd0495.exe PRINTFIX.COM for MS-DOS
11/01/93 S14368 s3-801.exe Win 3.1 WDL: DISPLAY-S3-801 Driver
11/01/93 S14363 spsymb.exe Serv Pack 1 Windows NT Symbols
11/01/93 S14366 s3-928.exe Win 3.1 WDL: DISPLAY-S3-928 Driver
10/27/93 S14352 we0820.exe Generating Smooth Curves in Charts
10/27/93 S14355 82595.exe Intel PCLA82xx Ethernet Adapter
10/27/93 S14356 wavlan.exe NCR WaveLAN AT & MCA Adapters
10/26/93 S14351 sprite.exe MSJ Source: Dec '93 sprite.exe
10/26/93 S14348 812winqa.exe MSJ Source: Dec '93 812winqa.exe
10/26/93 S14350 ole20_3.exe MSJ Source: Dec '93 ole20_3.exe
10/22/93 S13583 privdlg.exe MFC Dialog with Custom Icon
10/20/93 S15088 wd0912.txt What's New in Word 6.0?
10/20/93 S15085 wd0909.txt Printers and Printing Questions and Answers
10/20/93 S15083 wd0150.txt Screen Display Questions and Answers
10/19/93 S14345 runwait.exe SpawnAndWait DLL Service Library
10/14/93 S14343 hook5a.exe TSR to Create Temporary Files
10/08/93 S14328 winnet.exe MSJ: Network Programming Interfaces
10/04/93 S14395 dw6se0.exe Supp. .PRD for Seikosha Printers
10/04/93 S14396 dw6si0.exe Supp. .PRD for Silver Reed Printers
10/04/93 S14394 dw6ri0.exe Supp. .PRD for Ricoh Printers
10/04/93 S14393 dw6qm0.exe Supp. .PRD for QMS Printers
10/04/93 S14390 dw6ps0.exe Supp. .PRD for Postscript Printers
09/30/93 S14777 vwr20a.exe Viewer 2.0a Update
09/29/93 S14392 dw6qd0.exe Supp. .PRD for Quadram Printers
09/29/93 S14389 dw6ol0.exe Supp. .PRD for Olivetti Printers
09/27/93 S14303 p199x.exe Proteon P199x Token Ring Adapter
09/27/93 S14306 tkxp32.exe Intel 32-Bit Token Ring Server
09/27/93 S14307 tkxp16.exe Intel 16-bit Token Ring Adapter
09/27/93 S14299 3c527.exe 3Com Etherlink/MC 32 Ethernet
09/27/93 S14301 p189x.exe Proteon P189x Token Ring Adapter
09/27/93 S14302 p139xx.exe Proteon P139x Token Ring Adapter
09/22/93 S14326 mfctips.exe MSJ: C++ Class Libraries for Windows
09/22/93 S14325 811winqa.exe MSJ 11/93: Windows Q & A
09/22/93 S14324 811cqa.exe MSJ 11/93: C/C++ Q & A
09/22/93 S14298 wg0904.exe WG0904: Novell Netware 4.0 Support
09/22/93 S14295 we0801.exe Opening and Saving Text Files
09/22/93 S14327 thunk.exe MSJ 11/93 Win32s Universal Thunk
09/20/93 S14403 dw6mt0.exe Supp. .PRD Mannesmann Tally Printers
09/20/93 S14378 dw6ap0.exe Supplemental .PRD for Apple Printers
09/20/93 S14379 dw6as0.exe Supplemental .PRD for AST Printers
09/20/93 S14380 dw6br0.exe Supp. .PRD for Brothers Printers
09/20/93 S14381 dw6bu0.exe Supp. .PRD for Businessland Printers
09/20/93 S14386 dw6de0.exe Supp. .PRD for DEC LN03 Printers
09/20/93 S14391 dw6ok0.exe Supp. .PRD for Okidata Printers
09/20/93 S14388 dw6fu0.exe Supp. .PRD for Fujitsu Printers
09/20/93 S14387 dw6di0.exe Supp. .PRD for Diablo Printers
09/20/93 S14377 dw6an0.exe Supplemental .PRD for Anadex Printer
09/20/93 S14376 dw6al0.exe Supplemental .PRD for Alps Printer
09/20/93 S14374 dw6ac0.exe Supplemental .PRD for Acer Printers
09/13/93 S14292 afxvbx.exe Using VBX Controls in _AFXDLL Dialog
09/13/93 S14764 sqlupdt.exe Old Version of SQLSRVR.DLL
08/31/93 S13577 hppcl.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER - HP LaserJet
08/30/93 S14329 dw0892.exe How to Switch to Bright White Text
08/20/93 S14233 mkecr.exe WNTDL: Panasonic CD-ROM
08/20/93 S14234 s31am.exe WNTDL: Sony 31A MIPS Driver
08/19/93 S14225 cornst.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Display Cornerstone
08/12/93 S13715 dw0644.exe HP LaserJet 4 Printer Driver
07/28/93 S14199 fw0844.exe FoxDoc Default Template Files
07/27/93 S14632 vbrun200.exe VBRUN200.DLL File
07/27/93 S14633 vbrun100.exe VBRUN100.DLL File
07/21/93 S13549 hpdjet.exe WDL: HP DeskJet Printer
07/16/93 S15183 browse.exe Microsoft C/C++ Browser Toolkit for Visual C++
07/12/93 S13430 wd0523.exe WordBasic Macro Examples
07/01/93 S13556 ps2000.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER - QMS-PS 2000
07/01/93 S13346 tiomni.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER - TI Omnilaser
07/01/93 S14165 tektro.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER - TEKTRONIX
07/01/93 S14031 ps4104.exe WDL: Seiko 4104 Printer
07/01/93 S13574 ok830.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER-Okidata OL-830
07/01/93 S14028 fj10w2.exe WDL: Fujitsu 10 and 10W Printers
07/01/93 S14160 apple.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER - APPLE
07/01/93 S14030 ch5514.exe WDL: Seiko 5514 Printer
07/01/93 S14029 fj10w3.exe WDL: Fujitsu 10 & 10W Printers
07/01/93 S13730 seiko2.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINT-Seiko Clrpnt
07/01/93 S13521 lino.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER - Linotronic
06/24/93 S13694 hpcl5e.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINT-HP LaserJet 4
06/18/93 S14739 driver.exe Files Needed to Use Printer Drivers
06/18/93 S14191 pd0805.exe PD0805: SMARTDRIVE VERSION 4.2
06/14/93 S14475 doshlp.exe Update to MS-DOS 2.5x Help File
06/10/93 S14185 fk0818.exe Corrected Version of SetupWizard
06/01/93 S13420 gc0545.exe Word for Windows 2.0 Conversion
05/20/93 S14181 wfwadd.exe WDL: WFWG ACCESSORY FILES
05/18/93 S15048 hgt101.exe PowerPoint 3.0: Harvard Graphics Translator
05/13/93 S20078 gc0651.exe Word 2.x: MS LineDraw (TrueType) Font
05/13/93 S13431 gc0546.exe MultiMate Converter Update
05/12/93 S15089 dw0706.txt Setup Questions & Answers
04/30/93 S13658 proteo.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Network Card - PROTEON
04/30/93 S14159 svga.exe Win 3.1 WDL: DISPLAY - SUPER VGA
04/30/93 S14162 bj230.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER - CANON BJ230
04/30/93 S14163 compaq.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER - COMPAQ
04/30/93 S14164 minolt.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER - MINOLTA
04/30/93 S14161 bj10.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER - CANON BJ10SX
04/19/93 S15090 dw0707.txt Formatting Questions & Answers
04/16/93 S15092 dw0708.txt File Conversion and General Usage Questions
04/08/93 S13727 fp0660.exe Updated Microsoft FoxDoc File
04/06/93 S15073 dos6supp.exe MS-DOS 6.0 Supplemental Files
04/02/93 S13656 waveln.exe Win 3.1 WDL:Net Card-NCR & Pure Data
04/02/93 S14092 am2100.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard AMD AM2100
04/02/93 S14091 ne1000.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard Novell NE1000
04/02/93 S14088 elnkmc.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard 3COM Elnk MC
04/02/93 S14096 ctron.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard Cabletron E2000/E2100
04/02/93 S14085 elnk16.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard 3COM Elnk 16
04/02/93 S14090 ne2000.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard Novell NE2000
04/02/93 S13728 ibmtok.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Network Card - IBM
04/02/93 S14087 elnkii.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard 3COM Elnk II
04/02/93 S14103 imlm.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard Zentih Z-Note
04/02/93 S13644 cttok.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Net Card-Cabletron TR
04/02/93 S14109 smcarc.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard SMC Arcnet
04/02/93 S14107 p139x.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard Proteon P1390 P1392
04/02/93 S14105 strn.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard NCR StarLAN
04/02/93 S14104 olitok.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard Olitok Token Ring
04/02/93 S14110 smc3.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard SMC 3000 Series
04/02/93 S14111 smcmac.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard SMC 8000 Series
04/02/93 S14099 depca.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard DEC EtherWorks
03/12/93 S13576 ep9.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER-Epson 9 pin
03/12/93 S13662 tccarc.exe Win 3.1 WDL:Net Card- Thomas Conrad
03/12/93 S14098 cresdo.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard Crescendo C321M
03/12/93 S13643 cteth.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Net Card-Cabletron ETH
03/12/93 S13647 irma.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Net Card - DCA IRMAtrac
03/12/93 S14101 hplan2.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard HP EtherTwist MCA
03/12/93 S13666 ub.exe Win 3.1 WDL:Net Card-Ungermann-Bass
03/12/93 S14093 at1500.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard Allied Telesis AT1500
03/12/93 S14095 eth596.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard Apricot w/ i82596
03/12/93 S14094 eth592.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard Apricot w/ i82592
03/12/93 S13654 natsem.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Network Card- Natl Semi
03/12/93 S13353 accp.exe Win 3.1 WDL: MISC - Access Pack
03/12/93 S13667 xircom.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Network Card - XIRCOM
03/12/93 S14100 gether.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard Gateway Etherne
03/12/93 S14106 pro4at.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetCard Proteon P1346 P1347
02/09/93 S13627 necp24.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Printer - NEC 24 Pin
02/09/93 S13628 pan9.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Printer-Panasonic 9 Pin
02/06/93 S14070 ww0764.exe WW0764:Updated SNDSYS.DRV for Win Sound System
02/03/93 S13946 hpult.exe Win 3.1 WDL: HP Display
02/03/93 S13328 dec1.exe WDL: Digital/DEC Printers
02/03/93 S13342 olive.exe WDL: Olivetti Printers
02/03/93 S13949 gendrv.exe WDL: Generic Printer Driver
02/03/93 S13947 wd9030.exe WDL: Western Digital 90C30 Display
02/03/93 S13350 ib4029.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER -IBM Laser 4029
02/03/93 S13324 seiko.exe WDL: Seiko Printers
02/03/93 S13948 wd9031.exe WDL: Western Digital 90C31 Display
01/15/93 S13945 hpdj21.exe Win 3.1 WDL: IBM Printer
01/04/93 S15044 ww0340.exe WW0340: MACH 20 1.02 Update
12/12/92 S13731 pd0646.exe Updated CHKDSK.EXE and UNDELETE.EXE
12/09/92 S13695 jp350.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINT-Misc Printers
12/09/92 S13624 fuji24.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Printer-Fujitsu 24 Pin
12/09/92 S13557 pan24.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER-Panasonic 24pin
11/16/92 S13696 olipg.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINT-Olivetti PG
11/16/92 S13689 3com.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Network Card - 3Com
11/16/92 S13697 qwiii.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINT-IBM QW III
11/16/92 S13625 ib5204.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Printer-IBM 5204
11/16/92 S13601 hppcl5.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINT-HP LaserJet III
10/28/92 S13649 hplan.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Network Card - HP
10/27/92 S13645 compex.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Network Card - Compex
10/27/92 S13635 chitz.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Misc - Chitz Wallpaper
10/27/92 S13636 chord.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Misc - Chord Sound File
10/27/92 S13637 marble.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Misc- Marble Wallpaper
10/27/92 S13639 sphelp.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Misc-Schedule Plus Help
10/27/92 S13634 arches.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Misc - Arches Wallpaper
10/27/92 S13642 tartan.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Misc - Tartan Wallpaper
10/27/92 S13646 dca586.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Network Card - DCA
10/27/92 S13652 inthub.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Network Card - Intel
10/27/92 S13653 madge.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Network Card - Madge
10/27/92 S13640 ssmyst.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Misc - Mystify Screen Saver
10/27/92 S13657 pdieth.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Network Card- Pure Data
10/27/92 S13659 proxim.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Network Card - PROXIM
10/27/92 S13660 racal.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Network Card - Racal
10/27/92 S13663 tcctok.exe Win 3.1 WDL:Net Card- Thomas Conrad
10/27/92 S13665 tulip.exe Win 3.1 WDL:Net Card- Tulip NCC-16
10/27/92 S13655 ncrstr.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Network Card - NCR
10/27/92 S13641 tada.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Misc - TADA Sound File
10/27/92 S13668 chips.exe Win 3.1 WDL:Display-Chips&Tech 655XX
10/20/92 S13626 prop24.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Printer-Proprinter 24 pin
10/20/92 S13623 diconx.exe Win 3.1 WDL:Printer-Diconex 150 Plus
10/20/92 S13622 canon2.exe Win 3.1 WDL:Printer-Canon BJ 300/330
10/20/92 S13590 fuji9.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER - Fujitsu 9 Pin
10/20/92 S13418 pankx.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Printer-Panasonic KX-P
10/15/92 S13672 ww0653.exe WW0653: Using Automated Setup: Setup /H
10/13/92 S20080 wwconv.exe Supplemental File Conversions Disk
10/13/92 S13729 canon3.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINT-Canon BJ-200
10/08/92 S13357 dgis30.exe Win 3.1 WDL: DISPLAY-DGIS 3.0
10/08/92 S13348 uni24.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER - Unisys AP
10/08/92 S13349 unilz.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER - Unisys Laser
10/08/92 S13413 un1371.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Printer-Unisys AP-1371
10/08/92 S13589 prop9.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINT-Proprinter 9 Pin
10/08/92 S13588 cit9.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER-Citizen 9 pin
10/08/92 S13587 cit24.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER-Citizen 24 pin
10/08/92 S13575 ep24.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER-Epson 24 pin
10/08/92 S13412 eplq.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Printer - Epson LQ
10/08/92 S13415 hpqjet.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Printer - HP Quietjet
10/08/92 S13416 mannt.exe Win 3.1 WDL:Printer-Mannesmann Tally
10/08/92 S13417 necpin.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Printer - NEC Pinwriter
10/08/92 S13419 sharp.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Printer - Sharp JX
10/08/92 S13411 bull.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Printer-Bull Compuprint
10/08/92 S13336 canon.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER - CANON
10/08/92 S13345 star.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER -STAR Printers
10/08/92 S13333 bro9.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER - Brother 9 Pin
10/08/92 S13334 brohl.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER - Brother HL
10/08/92 S13335 bro24.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER -Brother 24 Pin
10/08/92 S13337 eplzr.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER - Epson Laser
10/08/92 S13339 exprss.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER-Toshiba Drivers
10/08/92 S13340 ib2390.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Printer - IBM Personal
10/08/92 S13343 p351sx.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER -Toshiba P351SX
10/08/92 S13341 okiled.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER - Okidata OL
10/08/92 S13579 oki24.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER-Okidata 24 pin
09/21/92 S13674 ww0634.exe WW0634: Updated LANMAN21.DRV File
09/08/92 S15047 wr0587.exe Word Text Conversion Filter for Publisher 1.0
09/08/92 S12506 pd0255.exe Patch for MS-DOS 4.00/4.01 & 32 MB Files
08/12/92 S13578 tosh24.exe Win 3.1 WDL: PRINTER-Toshiba 24 pin
08/12/92 S13317 msexe.exe Windows 3.1 WDL: MISC. - MSDOS.EXE
07/22/92 S13566 wr0552.exe Revised Avery Label template
07/20/92 S13559 ww0553.exe WW0553: HP Plotter Driver
07/10/92 S13320 novell.exe Win 3.1 WDL: NetWare, IPX Upgrades
07/10/92 S13316 cdext.exe WDL: MSCDEX for MS-DOS 5.0 Only
07/10/92 S13318 revers.exe Windows 3.1 WDL: MISC - REVERSI
07/10/92 S13319 vpd386.exe Windows 3.1 WDL: MISC. - VPD.386
07/10/92 S13565 we0107.exe Windows 3.1 HPPCL Driver (1992)
07/10/92 S13315 mono.exe Win 3.1 WDL: MISC. - MONOUMB.386
07/10/92 S13321 wri.exe Win 3.1 WDL: SYSINI.WRI, WININI.WRI
07/10/92 S13327 cdfont.exe Win 3.1 WDL: MISC. C-D Printer Fonts
06/29/92 S14837 ibm.exe WDL: IBM M-Audio Adapter
06/19/92 S13463 tsen1a.exe Win3.1 WDL: DISP-TSENG 16 Cl/640x480
06/19/92 S13464 tsen1b.exe Win3.1 WDL: DISP-TSENG 16 Cl/800x600
06/19/92 S13465 tsen1c.exe Win3.1 WDL: DISP-TSENG 16/1024X768
06/19/92 S13466 tsen1d.exe Win3.1 WDL: DISP-TSENG 16/1280X1024
06/19/92 S13467 tsen2a.exe Win3.1 WDL: DISP-TSENG 256/640X480
06/19/92 S13468 tsen2b.exe Win3.1 WDL: DISP-TSENG 256/800X600
06/19/92 S13469 tsen2c.exe Win3.1 WDL: DISP-TSENG 256/1024X768
06/19/92 S13522 ati.exe Win 3.1 WDL: DISPLAY-ATI Drivers
06/19/92 S13323 artis.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Artisoft Sounding Board
06/19/92 S13352 cga.exe Windows 3.1 WDL: DISPLAY - CGA Driver
06/19/92 S13355 rgdi.exe Win 3.1 WDL: DISPLAY-Appian RGDI
06/19/92 S13359 tseng4.exe Win 3.1 WDL: DISPLAY-TSENG 64k Color
06/19/92 S13362 tseng3.exe Win 3.1 WDL: DISPLAY-TSENG 32K Color
06/19/92 S13330 mmdisp.exe Win 3.1 WDL: DISPLAY-MM Display Drvs
06/19/92 S13325 thundr.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Audio -Thunderboard
06/19/92 S13351 speak.exe Win 3.1 WDL: Audio - PC Speaker
06/15/92 S13460 ww0550.exe Running Windows with DR DOS
06/05/92 S15066 xms.exe XMS 3.0 Specification
06/04/92 S13539 ww0548.exe WW0548: WIN87EM.DLL Patch for Intel 80387
05/20/92 S14833 greatest.exe PowerPoint 3.0 Viewer Sample Files
04/27/92 S15081 dw0226.exe Hewlett-Packard (HP) LaserJet III Support
04/17/92 S15074 win31dsk.exe Improving Windows 31 Disk Access
04/10/92 S15078 dw0051.exe Word Disk Full Patch
04/09/92 S13374 ww0530.exe WW0530: SMARTDrive & 32-Bit Disk Access
04/07/92 S12782 ww0335.exe Memory Management with Windows
04/03/92 S13373 ww0526.exe WW0526: Windows Setup
04/03/92 S13367 ww0528.exe WW0528: A Guide to Windows 3.1 Fonts
04/03/92 S13366 ww0527.exe WW0527: New Features in Windows 3.1
04/03/92 S13365 ww0525.exe 386 Enhanced Mode Problems
03/31/92 S12923 we0404.exe Microsoft Excel Custom Help Conversion Utility
03/31/92 S13363 dw0520.exe HP LJ Drivers: Print Queue Printing
03/16/92 S13217 pd0489.exe MS-DOS 5.0 Messages Reference
03/16/92 S13249 pd0315.exe MS-DOS Backup/Restore Supplemental Utilities
03/16/92 S13470 pd0488.exe 8514 Video Driver for MS-DOS 5.0 Shell
03/06/92 S13456 ww0514.exe Toshiba Printer Drivers
03/06/92 S13457 ww0513.exe Canon Bubble-Jet Printer Drivers
03/06/92 S13526 ww0515.exe IBM Execjet Printer Driver
03/06/92 S13540 ww0517.exe WW0517: Windows 3.0 Epson Printer Drivers
03/06/92 S13458 ww0511.exe Panasonic 9-Pin Printer Drivers
03/06/92 S13455 ww0512.exe Panasonic 24-Pin Printer Drivers
02/21/92 S13008 ww0314.exe Zenith Swapfile
02/13/92 S13244 ww0505.exe WW0505: LaserJet III Driver 30.3.86
01/16/92 S12941 ww0407.exe Remote Boot Workstations & Win/386 E
01/15/92 S15079 dw0057.exe Using Different Network Video Drivers
08/02/91 S15114 dwxep1.exe Word 5.50 Epson 24-pin PRDs
08/02/91 S15105 dwxbr0.exe Word 5.50 Brothers PRDs
08/02/91 S15113 dwxep0.exe Word 5.50 Epson 9-pin PRDs
08/02/91 S15111 dwxcz0.exe Word 5.50 Citizen PRDs
05/07/91 S14198 tbknet.exe Running Beethoven on Novell Network
04/12/91 S12977 wp0409.txt Resource Sharing
01/24/91 S15082 dw0386.exe Pause Patch for AWARD and DTK BIOS
11/27/90 S12819 dwxhp1.exe Word 5.50 Hewlett-Packard PRDs
11/27/90 S12824 dwxac0.exe Word 5.50 ACER PRDs
11/27/90 S15102 dwxan0.exe Word 5.50 ANADEX PRDs
11/27/90 S15100 dwxae0.exe Word 5.50 AEG PRDs
11/27/90 S15101 dwxal0.exe Word 5.50 ALSPS PRDs
11/27/90 S15103 dwxap0.exe Word 5.50 APPLE NON-PS PRDs
11/27/90 S12291 dwxge0.exe Word 5.50 Generic MSPRINT PRDs
11/27/90 S15106 dwxbu0.exe Word 5.50 Businessland PRDs
11/27/90 S15107 dwxca0.exe Word 5.50 Canon PRDs
11/27/90 S15108 dwxci0.exe Word 5.50 C.ITOH PRDs
11/27/90 S15109 dwxco0.exe Word 5.50 Cordata PRDs
11/27/90 S15110 dwxde0.exe Word 5.50 DEC PRDs
11/27/90 S15116 dwxhp0.exe Word 5.50 HP DeskJet PRDs
11/27/90 S15115 dwxfu0.exe Word 5.50 Fujitsu PRDs
11/27/90 S15112 dwxdi0.exe Word 5.50 Diablo PRDs
11/27/90 S15104 dwxas0.exe Word 5.50 AST PRDs
06/05/90 S15080 dw0064.exe Drivers for IBM 4216
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