PC GAMEStrategyKKND1 Xtreme
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KKND1 Xtreme
Price: $5.9
Some of the old software before 2010 may not be able to install/run normally on x64 or Windows 10 systems. Be aware of it before purchasing it.
Product Details
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NameKKND1 Xtreme
File NameKKNDXtreme.iso
Size572,905,472 bytes (546.3 MB)
NameWIN7 KKND Patcher
File Namew7ddpatcher
Size47,616 bytes (46 KB)
Product Description

KKnD, or Krush, Kill 'n' Destroy is a series of post-apocalyptic real-time strategy games by Beam Software.

Krush, Kill 'n' Destroy Xtreme, or KKnD Xtreme, is the Windows expanded edition of the original Krush Kill 'n' Destroy. KKnD Xtreme was released in October 31, 1997.

KKnD Xtreme is a stand-alone product that includes all 30 KKnD missions, Kaos mode, new multiplayer maps, and plus 20 new missions.

Use WIN7 KKND Patcher, you can run this game on Windows 7 x86/x64.
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