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PC GAMEMiscellaneousWindows 95 Game Sampler 2 CD
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Product Details
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NameWindows 95 Game Sampler 2 CD
File NameODYSSEY2.bin,ODYSSEY2.cue
Size775,572,000 bytes (739.6 MB)
Product Description

Following are vendors and titles included in the Games Sampler 2:

3DO Co. - Decathlon, Killing Time, Captain Quazar
Activision Inc. - Time Commando
Berkeley Systems Inc. - YOU DON'T KNOW JACK!
Blizzard Entertainment - Diablo
DreamWorks Interactive - The Neverhood
Electronic Arts - Road Rash
Epic MegaGames Inc. - Fire Fight
Inscape - (HOLD ONTO YOUR) NUTS!, Drowned God, Ravage D.C.X.
Looking Glass Technologies Inc. - Flight Unlimited
Microsoft - Hellbender, Close Combat, Monster Truck Madness
Mindscape Inc. - Necrodome
Strategic Simulations Inc. - War Wind
Tsunami Media Inc. - Free Enterprise
Viacom New Media - DeathDrome
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