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MICROSOFTTools & ResourceMicrosoft Visual InterDev Web Solutions Kit
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Product Details
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NameMicrosoft Visual InterDev Web Solutions Kit
File NameVI_WEB_KIT.iso
Size339,558,400 bytes (323.8 MB)
Product Description

This kit contains all of the information, software, and sample code you need to begin building data-driven Web applications using Microsoft Visual InterDev. The contents on this CD will not only help you learn to build cross-platform, HTML-based applications, but will also provide you with the information you need to build dynamic applications that can give your business a competitive advantage. An extensive gallery of easy-to-use sample code, tutorials, technical whitepapers and a complete evaluation copy of Microsoft Visual InterDev will get you started right away.

In addition, this kit contains dozens of essential add-ins that have been designed by Microsoft and a variety of leading-edge software vendors to work with Visual InterDev. Whether you are building public Internet sites, internal intranet sites, or business-to-business extranets, get ready to rapidly create powerful, data-driven Web solutions.
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