Office Groove Server 2010
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Take That - The Circus
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US5 - In Control
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Hans Zimmer - Broken Arrow
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Microsoft Windows 3.1
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Microsoft BOB
Price: $3.9
Some of the old software before 2010 may not be able to install/run normally on x64 or Windows 10 systems. Be aware of it before purchasing it.
Product Details
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NameMicrosoft BOB 1.0a (Repack)
File NameMSBOB.iso
Size38,830,080 bytes (37 MB)
NameMicrosoft BOB 1.0
File NameBETA1ACCRC5.iso
Size12,816,384 bytes (12.2 MB)
NameMicrosoft BOB Demo
File NameBOB_DEMO_CD.iso
Size12,322,816 bytes (11.7 MB)
Product Description

Microsoft Bob was released in March 10, 1995 and discontinued in early 1996. The program was intended to provide a more user-friendly interface for the Windows 3.1x, Windows 95 and Windows NT operating systems, supplanting the Windows Program Manager.

Microsoft Bob presented screens showing a "house", with "rooms" that the user could go to containing familiar objects corresponding to computer applications—for instance, a desk with pen and paper, a checkbook, and other items. In this case, clicking on the pen and paper would open the word processor.

You can run it on Windows 8(x86)/7(x86)/Vista(x86)/XP/98/95.
After installation, Copy "utopia.dll" and "uextra.dll" from CD-ROM to "C:\MSBOB\home".
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