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MICROSOFTApplicationMicrosoft Internet Explorer 4.0
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Product Details
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NameMicrosoft Internet Explorer 4.0 (4.71.1712.6)
File NameMSIE4_00.iso
Size224,724,992 bytes (214.3 MB)
NameMicrosoft Internet Explorer 4.0 International Versions (4.71.1712.6)
LanguagesDanish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Greek, Hungary, Portuguese-Brazilian, Portuguese-Iberian
File NameIE40_INTL2.iso
Size672,301,056 bytes (641.1 MB)
NameMicrosoft Internet Explorer 4.01 (Includes Service Pack 1)(4.72.3110.8)
File NameMSIE401SP1A.iso
Size254,572,544 bytes (242.7 MB)
NameMicrosoft Internet Explorer 4.01 (Includes Service Pack 2)(4.72.3612.1713)
File NameMSIE401SP2.iso
Size183,269,376 bytes (174.7 MB)
NameMicrosoft Internet Explorer 4.01 (4.72.2106.9)
File NameMSIE4_01.iso
Size639,178,752 bytes (609.5 MB)
NameMicrosoft Internet Explorer 4.01 (Cross-platform)(4.01 for Win95/WinNT4.0)(4.0a for Macintosh)(4.0 for Win3.X)(4.0 for Sun Solaris 2.5)(4.72.2106.8)
File NameMSIECD.iso
Size352,481,280 bytes (336.1 MB)
Product Description

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 has released in 1997, especially for Microsoft Windows, but also with versions available for the Mac, and UNIX. Internet Explorer 4 is a compete departure from the way Web browsers worked in the past.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 is more than a traditional Web browser program. It is a flexible tool you can use to navigate your computer, network, or intranet, as well the Internet. By integrating Internet Explorer with your desktop, it turns your desktop into a personal home page, called the Active Desktop. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 effectively erases the line between desktop applications and the Web browser, making it easy for end users to work with Web tools, PC-based applications, and the Internet simultaneously. The primary components of the Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 Suite are Internet Explorer 4.0. Outlook Express, NetMeeting, NetShow Player, and FrontPage Express.

Internet Explorer 4.0 has supported the latest Internet protocols and standards, including Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) 3.2, Java, ActiveX, JScript, Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript), and Dynamic HTML. Several security enhancements have been added to the Internet Explorer browser, including support for security zones, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 3.0 and Private Communication Technology (PCT) 1.0 protocols, client and server authentication, and the Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS) rating system.
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