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The Miracle of Love (DVD)

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NameThe Miracle of Love (DVD)
SubtitlesEnglish, Chinese
LanguagesEnglish, Chinese
File NameLove.iso
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Product Description

The saga of new human life, from conception to birth, as captured in never-before-seen footage by Lennart Nilsson.

One can only marvel of nature’s infinitely elaborate design. In 1979, The Miracle of Life was made by world famous photographer Lennart Nilsson and producer Bo G. Erikson, and we could finally see how a human child is conceived, develops and is born. That program won two Emmys and the Prix Italia. The Miracle of Love is the sequel to the Miracle of Life and takes its viewer on a fantastic voyage inside the human body. This beautiful program is actually filmed from inside the womb, using the latest revolutionary endoscopic cameras and electon microscope technology, and captures all stages of development of a foetus during pregnancy. The mysteries and awesome complexity of life are nowhere more clearly on display than in the drama of human development – an incredible journey!

It takes countless steps to turn a clump of cells into a baby. Lennart Nilsson brings it beautifully to light using new technologies, yielding new insights into life’s most closely guarded secrets and a deeper understanding of what it means to be a mother.

A must have for all parents-to-be and an excellent gift!
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