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DVD/VCDCartoonPingu Forever 2003 (DVD)
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Product Details
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NamePingu Forever 2003 (DVD)
File NamePINGU.iso
Size4,251,629,568 bytes (3.95 GB)
Product Description

Pingu Forever Was Released On DVD/VHS 2003. It Contains 24 Episodes.

DVD features: Continuous random play, photo gallery, episode selection, web link, animated menus.


01.Pingu helps with incubating
02.Pinga is born
03.Pingu goes fishing
04.Pingu helps deliver mail
05.Pingu is jealous
06.Pingu and the snowballl fight
07.Pingu plays fish tennis
08.Pingu runs away
09.Pingu builds an igloo
10.Pingu has music lessons from his grandfather
11.Pingu in the ice cave
12.Pingu's lavatory story
13.Pingu and the seagull
14.Pingu's first kiss
15.Pingu's family celebrate Christmas
16.Pingu's outing
17.Pingu's birthday
18.Pingu at the fairground
19.Pingu the babysitter
20.Pingu and the gift
21.Pingu's visit to the hospital
22.Pingu at the nursery
23.Pingu the painter
24.Pingu and the ghost
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