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CD(Lossless)SoundtracksAlan Menken - The Little Mermaid:The Legacy Collection (2CD)
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Product Details
Views: 1991
NameAlan Menken - The Little Mermaid
Track listing
[01:41]01.Ship's Chorus - Fathom's Below
[01:26]02.Main Titles
[00:52]04.Kimmy Robertson & Caroline Vasicek - Daughters Of Triton
[03:12]05.Intro Ariel
[02:38]06.Intro Ursula
[01:49]07.Triton Reprimands
[00:44]08.Sebastian's Dilemma
[03:31]09.Jodi Benson - Part Of Your World
[03:19]11.The Storm
[03:03]12.Jodi Benson - Part Of Your World (Reprise) / Ursula Plots
[00:23]13.Ariel In Love
[03:24]14.Samuel E. Wright - Under The Sea
[01:40]15.Sebastian And Triton
[01:52]16.Destroying The Grotto
[01:47]17.Flotsam And Jetsam
[02:17]18.Ursula's Lair
[04:49]19.Pat Carroll - Poor Unfortunate Souls
[01:22]20.She's Got Legs
[00:28]21.Sebastian Relents
[02:22]22.On Land
[01:09]23.Miss Manners
[02:11]24.René Auberjonois - Les Poissons
[02:20]25.Crab On A Plate - Bedtime
[01:26]26.Tour Of The Kingdom
[02:40]27.Samuel E. Wright - Kiss The Girl
[04:09]28.Ariel Left Behind
[00:31]29.Jodi Benson - Poor Unfortunate Souls (Reprise)
[01:23]30.The Truth
[06:42]31.Interrupting The Wedding / Ursula's Defeat
[03:21]32.Happy Ending
NameAlan Menken - The Little Mermaid
Track listing
[02:15]01.Fathoms Below (Work Tape)
[00:56]02.Daughters Of Triton (Synth Demo)
[03:14]03.Part Of Your World (Synth Demo)
[02:10]04.Fireworks / The Gigue (Score Piano Demo)
[02:35]05.The Storm (Score Piano Demo)
[04:42]06.Under The Sea (Synth Demo)
[05:06]07.Poor Unfortunate Souls (Basic Synth Demo)
[05:32]08.Poor Unfortunate Souls (Final Synth Mockup)
[02:08]09.Les Poissons (Work Tape Demo)
[02:03]10.Les Poissons (Synth Demo)
[02:41]11.Kiss The Girl (Synth Demo B)
[02:31]12.Happy Ending (Score Piano Demo)
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