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MICROSOFTOfficeOffice Visio Professional 2002/XP
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Product Details
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NameVisio Professional 2002 Service Release 1 (SR-1)
File Nameen_visio2002_pro_sr1.iso
Size307,896,320 bytes (293.6 MB)
NameVisio 2002 Service Pack 2
File Nameen_visio_2002_sp2.exe
Size47,979,248 bytes (45.7 MB)
NameOffice Visio 2002 SDK
File Nameen_visio_2002_sdk.exe
Size6,437,984 bytes (6.1 MB)
Product Description

Microsoft Visio 2002 provides diagramming solutions that help business and technical professionals document and communicate a broad range of ideas, information, and systems.

Microsoft Visio 2002 features the following:
·Work with the new two in one solution
·Diagram software & database web sites
·Create building space and floorl plans
·Diagram IT infrastructures
·Diagram engineering schematics
·Smart shapes technology
·Generate detailed reports
·Add embedded data
·XML support
·Create scaled drawings
·CAD compatibility
·Drag and drop diagrams
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