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MICROSOFTOfficeMicrosoft Office Project 95 (4.1)
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Product Details
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NameMicrosoft Office Project 95 (4.1)(EXE)
File Nameen_project_95.exe
Size21,916,297 bytes (20.9 MB)
NameMicrosoft Office Project 95 (4.1)(ISO)
File NameMSPROJECT95.exe
Size26,093,568 bytes (24.8 MB)
Product Description

Use built-in workgroup features to assign tasks and gather staus updates from your team using email. Plan how and when you are goint to reach key milestones Create achievable project plans and make them look great. Communicate a variety of reports, including Monthly Calendar, to present your plan in a format that makes sense at a glance.

Microsoft Project 95 was the first to use common Office menus.
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