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CD(Lossless)MiscellaneousTriple: J Like A Version 8 (1CD+1DVD)
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Product Details
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NameTriple J Like A Version 8 (CD)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[03:01]01.Bluejuice - Video Games
[03:26]02.Hilltop Hoods - So What'cha Want
[04:52]03.Boy And Bear - Walking On A Dream
[03:21]04.City And Colour - Settle Down
[04:42]05.Missy Higgins - Hearts A Mess
[03:41]06.Electric Guest - Ritual Union
[03:50]07.Austra - None Of Dem
[03:38]08.Husky - Ned You Tonight
[03:31]09.Jinja Safari - Ignition (Remix)
[03:33]10.Josh Pyke - Endless Summer
[04:38]11.The Herd, Radical Son, Nooky & Sky'high - A Change Is Gonna Come
[03:23]12.Matt Corby - Lonely Boy
[03:44]13.Julia Stone - Feeding Line
[04:06]14.Deep Sea Arcade - Let Forever Be
[02:04]15.Jebediah - Apartment
[02:44]16.Ladyhawke - White Rabbit
[04:16]17.Bon Iver - Coming Down
[03:32]18.Active Child - Weet Dreams
[03:05]19.Cosmo Jarvis - Spinning Around
[03:58]20.Thundamentald - Brother
[03:50]21.The Medics - Blowin' In The Wind
NameTriple J Like A Version 8 (DVD)
Size3,011,852,288 bytes (2.8 GB)
Product Description

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