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SOFTWAREEducationalDK Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Space and the Universe 1.0
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NameDorling Kindersley - Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Space and the Universe 1.0
File NameDKMMSPAC.iso
Size551,344,128 bytes (525.8 MB)
Product Description

The Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Space and the Universe is the ultimate resource for exploring the vast reaches of our galaxy and beyond. Spend a day about Skylab, explore the expertly rendered 3D model of Mir, even travel to the Moon’s mysterious dark side and scan the hundreds of unexplored craters! Easy-to-use navigational features, interactive animations, 3D models, and unique video clips from NASA give you the ultimate journey into outer space.


• 28 video sequences
• More than 60 colour animations
• 2 hours of audio
• More than 400 full-colour photographs and illustrations
• Over 200 key articles
• Hundreds of Data Boxes and Fact Files.
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