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CD(Lossless)Miscellaneous'Weird Al' Yankovic - Off the Deep End
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Name'Weird Al' Yankovic - Off the Deep End (APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[03:43]01.Smells Like Nirvana
[03:47]02.Trigger Happy
[03:31]03.I Can't Watch This
[03:50]04.Polka Your Eyes Out
[03:30]05.I Was Only Kidding
[02:42]06.The White Stuff
[04:35]07.When I Was Your Age
[03:44]08.Taco Grande
[03:50]09.Airline Amy
[04:06]10.The Plumbing Song
[14:09]11.You Don't Love Me Anymore
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